Fylde residents, why are you still paying your Council Tax?

Reading the website http://stopfyldefracking.org.uk/residents-reports/, you wonder why Fylde residents in Lancashire are still paying Council Tax.  With local government offering no protection from the attack they are facing from fracking the ground under their houses, it must surely be time to stop paying COuncil tax for the whole town.

Or am I wrong?  Is the Council doing anything to help the residents?  Planning should clearly not have been given.  If your own government declares war on you and your property, why continue to pay them?


  • “I currently live in Cheshire and was intending to relocate to St Annes when I found out about the shale gas exploration/extraction. I have very strong feelings about the fracking process and the likelihood of it continuing (post BGS survey) would have a large bearing on any decision to relocate. ” (02/04/12)
  • “We found the house in St Annes we wanted to buy last weekend but cannot go ahead whle this issue prevails. There are many points which could be put to the estate agents on this matter but I will take just two: 1) With regard to Aberdeen, firstly it is an offshore operation. The recent leak from the Elgin platform would have produced a challenge had it happened on land and not at sea. In order to protect lives in such an event it is relatively easy to evacuate a handful of workers from a rig at sea and leave the well to leak at will into the atmosphere offshore. But what if it hadhappened onshore? It would be another thing entirely to ensure the safety of thousands of Fylde residents and visitors in the event of such a leak on land. 2) The estate agents will be aware of the numerous subsidence issues already associated with properties in St Annes. Do they really think that having Cuadrilla causing explosions at will in such a geologically fragile area will have no further detrimental effect?” (03/04/12)
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  1. Nollidge says:

    Tap:- Just found this.Suggest a read.Extract:-
    “US Congress legislation in 2005 exempted fracking companies from the regulatory supervision of the
    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under its the Safe Drinking Water Act. No other industry in
    is allowed to inject known hazardous materials near underground drinking water supplies.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    read this


  3. Anonymous says:

    The Elite who own most of the Fracking Company shares, will have BAPF the Congress or MP’s.
    They will mostly be Freemasons and care little about the working Families who live nearby.
    They worship Satan, so they do Satanic things, like poison the Plebs.

  4. Anonymous says:

    from echonet Australia
    A quick revision of our current global corporate management will show us who holds the cards and where to take action. Multinational bankers and related companies hold the potential earnings of the land and its people as security on the billions they manufacture and lend to the government in its endless cycle of debt. So effectively, their support of the mining companies and governments rely on the money you and I pay them in servicing our loans, credit cards, paying our taxes and rates etc. In fact this is the only real money that exists…. the rest is speculation and inflation, so we as the people have the power to demand change with a simple protest. There is only one language these people understand and that is Money. Ergo the only way to get their attention is to stop paying them, on masse.

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