Frack Off Scotland. Gas from the north sea is plentiful. Why ruin the land?

Hi Tap,

Further to your article “Let’s Talk About Fracking. “What The BBC Failed To Broadcast.”” Three thoughts came to light while at work today.

1). Do we really need Fracked gas when we have North Sea gas?
2). How long will North Sea gas last?
3).What’s the Fracking proposals for Scotland?

To save much ado I’m sure you’ll find the links below of much interest and would add that our First Minister Alex Salmond’s constant rhetoric about a green and sustainable future for Scotland fairs no better than Westminster’s decision to allow Fracking on England’s green and pleasant land. 

Kind Regards,

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12 Responses to “Frack Off Scotland. Gas from the north sea is plentiful. Why ruin the land?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, you have just given a splendid account of yourself and your concern about the Countryside.
    Another downside of fracking is that it would make Coal Mining impossible.
    Because the ground is fractured, it looses strength, so it would be unable to support the roof for mining.
    Hence this is why fracking causes earth movement and earthquakes.
    Well done Tap lets have more video when you have time.

  2. Chris Jones says:

    Congratulations on your first official video. A brilliant, informative and intelligent presentation

  3. Anon says:

    Apparently there is a vast amount of oil and gas on the west coast of Scotland, but the Ministry of Defence won’t allow exploration there because it would interfere with its nuclear sub and other activity on the west coast.

  4. shirlz007 says:

    Im NOT saying anything more, until I become fully attuned and initiated 😉 to Mark Passios work inside out (may take a while)…

    but he has given me a name for my website!!!

    Think about it, the choice NO-ONE is wanting to consider is fast approaching!!! I don’t want combat, I don’t want to have to defend myself… but WE have the RIGHT under NATURAL LAW to defend our lives, liberties and properties!

    The Philosophy Of Liberty :'(

  5. shirlz007 says:

    ‘Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge is power. You can’t have both. One cancels out the other. SO which is it going to be? On the face of it, bliss sounds like the it is by far the better option. But what good is happiness unless it’s sustainable? And if the only way to sustain it, is to remain ignorant, well, you see the problem. Power is not as much fun or as comforting. With power comes responsibility and that can be a real pain (IN THE ARSE!). But knowledge is also a form of wisdom – and wisdom can be most soothing. Open your eyes TODAY’

    – A message to The Pentagon, General Martin Dempsey and the joints Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Military Commanders and U.S. Military Personnel of ALL rank and file…

  6. Anonymous says:

    cambridge green belt to be fracked then built on.
    Thouangds of low cost homes will be placed on the areas to be fracked to welcome in immigrants from bilgaria romania etc.

  7. Anonymous says:

    There’s still plenty of coal under Wales too, mostly going to waste. Supposedly a century’s worth of fuel for Britain’s needs. Shame really, plus the CO2 would be good for the plants and trees.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You got it in one, Anon 6:55am
    It was stupid to close all the Mines.
    All those jobs lost.
    All that value for the Country.
    It never happened by chance.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am woried about intended fracking in my area,
    i feel very let down by various governments, i did my time as a soldier fighting for the government, and i have never once cheated one penny on my taxes.
    My wife and i moved to a small cambridgeshire town, there was no crime at all and everyone said hello and helped each other.
    But the government started packing in immigrants, a teasco sainsburies and all the whole jewish supermarket conglomerate, our shops closed the pub closed the church and post office closed then the bus service.
    Women now go out in fear for abuse from drunken foreigners hanging about, no one speaks anymore, and you rarely hear english spoken.
    The government must be the most evil racist bunch of shits ever and thats why we voted UKIP

  10. Nollidge says:

    Anon 6:55am;It was all about the de-industrialisation of the west,especially notable in the U.S.
    Remember Thather’s “leaner & fitter”-this from a female d*ckhead who had no idea of manufacturing whatsoever.
    This nonsense crept in “under the radar” & we’re all now to be making a living from the “service economy”.The old biddy was totally surrounded by get-rich-quick Jewish barrow boys of the Hansen/White/Goldsmith types.Her constituency in Finchley was assured by Lord Rothschild that her election would be “good for the Jews”.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The last word….

    Shirlz it is a privilege to witness Your enlightenment. Some of us here have matured to the point where we have the capacity for needed patience, while you reflect, contemplate, digest your most recent ‘learnings’.

    All our Paths are so unique, there is no right, wrong or otherwise-just Your path and My path and his and hers etc, without JUDGEMENT.

    You have found Your Freedom, while others found theirs some years ago, and here we all are.

    My spiritual director has a chapter in one of his books-it is never the end.

    He is brilliant, as I am sure You are.

    But we are all in this mess together.

    It is up to each one of us to figure out our role and purpose/mission.

    Not one of us can save the world
    But by standing together, with humour and LOVE

    we shall OVERCOME.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Nollidge 6.22. Bang on the money.

    The de-industrialisation of the west into service areas was a very carefully planned act of treason.

    Thatcher in my mind was the bringer of Armageddon, sure, vile perverts such as Ted Heath had started the process, but The Milk Snatcher ushered in the new age of darkness with the beginnings of the surveillance state and the para militarisation of the police.

    And you are right, it was the first trully in your face dual national cabinet, in fact so much so that some of the Tory bigwigs thought it too unpalatable.

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