Filipinos face trebling of electricity prices in a month!!!!

A friend just sent us this from Mindanao, Philippines.  It’s the same story everywhere.  How can the electricity prices suddenly be trebled overnight with no warning, explanation or reason?  The bills suggest the price being paid is exactly the same as before, and that everyone there is overnight using three times what they were last month.

In the west they are attacking us with chemicals and poisons, chemtrails and fracking.  In the poorer countries they don’t have the infrastructure in place to deliver massive doses of poison so easily.  They achieve the same ends (depopulation) with tsunamis and economic weaponry.  The people are crushed down with a different kind of poison, extreme poverty.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I went through this, with many others, in SE Qld just after the global financial crisis.


    all the above bills went thru the roof, at the same time the Premier quit without warning, dumping the Premiership in the lap of Anna Bligh, who is now ‘journeying’ with cancer.

    In the meantime, Anna Bligh had to cope with floods, and deaths that should not have happened, including an ‘Enquiry’ into the operations of a Dam which should have let out water, BEFORE the FLODDS that killed and destroyed.

    Long story short
    our government was BANKRUPT


    Good people got hurt
    and BUSINESS people are BUYING UP.

    It is the AGE OLD story without seeming end.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Saw this one coming ages ago Tap and the plan is always the same. Cause a catastrophe, wait for the cry for help, in comes the troops, the IMF, TWB and of couse the salivating imperial corporations all out to drain your life force with “foreign aid” which enslave a nation to debt. All resources are taken over and prices rocket. Ukraine is already experiencing the same.

    Cooking needs energy, take that away and people starve.


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