Cease all payments of Council Tax to Shropshire County Council immediately

   Your money 
 your life?

You lose both

Methane for you, Mr Paterson?

Gassing’s for constituents only?

They tell us Dart Energy is Australian. 

China’s CNOOC is the owner of Dart Energy.  Appalling environmental and human rights record. Fu Chengyu the CEO. 

Can you  think of any more poster ideas?

To Shropshire County Council (SCC), which has said that no environmental risk assessment is necessary prior to fracking in Shropshire,  I say ,’All residents of Dudleston and other affected areas must cease all payments of Council Tax immediately.  If we have no council worthy of the name, and one which refuses to act responsibly with regards to the lethal risks involved in bringing methane to the surface by fracturing the ground beneath us, then we cannot and must not pay tax.   Our properties are unsaleable and worthless.  No tax can be collected on worthless property.  SCC is no longer a Council working for the people of Shropshire, but a sold-out agent of the Chinese Government’


Shropshire Star
A planning application for exploratory drilling at Brooklands Farm in Dudleston, near Ellesmere, may be submitted by the end of May, if the need for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is waived, the firm behind the proposal has said.
Environment Agency officials have said the pre-application assessment should not be necessary, though final say will lie with members of a Shropshire Council planning committee which will meet on April 23.
The proposals for methane drilling in the area were revealed earlier this month by multinational company Dart Energy, sparking fears from protestors it may pave the way for controversial shale gas “fracking” to take place in the county in future years.
The firm denies it has plans for fracking, but does hope to drill for coal-bed methane gas – though only if no environmental problems are thrown up by an assessment.

See the nightmare triggered by fracking at Fylde

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for deleting my post in an earlier subject Tap, telling the truth not good for your site then. free speech and all that.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Free speech does not include filth on this site.

  3. Anonymous says:

    israel you will pay a high price for this

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    Added on 03/04/2014

    we all note the increasing brutality of the global police force:


  4. Anonymous says:


    The City of London: livery companies the heart of its foundation – magic ritual impacts physical reality – ‘freeman’ to freemason

  5. Anonymous says:

    whistleblower fritz springmeir outs henry makow as a false flag operator
    yeees nice one!


  6. Anonymous says:

    filth henry ? did we miss something
    what you men the accusations about Ben fellowes being a rent boy ?
    i thought everyone knew these claims were baseless

  7. Anonymous says:

    watch nowhttp://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=97133

  8. shirlz007 says:

    I’ve stated many times, The French Foreign Legion has trained up hundreds (if not thousands) of Neo-Nazi militants from across Eastern Europe and the old Soviet Satellite states.

    But it seems Ukraine is considering forming it’s own Foreign Legion Mercenary Unit. (Im sure they can find the funds from somewhere!)… this is actually quite a scary read, when you consider the far reaching consequences of what could be unleashed in Europe.

    ”The use of foreigners as mercenaries in wars is a long-time military tactic…

    Ukraine, a geopolitical outpost of the battle against Putin’s imperialism, has every chance to engage quite a few mercenaries from the Baltic States, Central Europe, Transcaucasia and others for this battle, not to mention from the numerous Ukrainian diaspora. These are not only “soldiers of fortune”, thirsting for money, but also ideological fighters who oppose Russian expansionism. The main obstacles to this are a lack of funds and Ukrainian legislation, according to which, foreigners do not have the right to serve in Ukraine’s Armed Forces.


    In case of Russian aggression against Ukraine, many experts feel that it would be expedient to establish a Ukrainian foreign legion. According to information in public sources, quite a few foreigners would volunteer. Such initiatives have already come from the Karakalpaks (a Turkic community in Karakalpakstan, an autonomous republic in Uzbekistan – Ed.), Georgia and the Baltic States, not to mention the Ukrainian diaspora. Not to use this resource would be very short-sighted. All volunteers should not necessarily be in the military, however giving people of good will the opportunity to protect Ukraine in wartime is definitely the right thing to do. According to information obtained by The Ukrainian Week, some former and current officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are already preparing a draft law to create a Ukrainian foreign legion.

    Experts who are lobbying for the creation of a Ukrainian foreign legion, feel that in the current situation Ukraine could use a highly-professional albeit small special force units for specific operations. Units made up of people from Muslim countries could work in Crimea, while volunteers from the Baltic States and Central Europe could serve as strike force in Eastern Ukraine.

    The legionnaires must be given a guaranteed social package and a competitive salary, although the most important motivation should be the desire to participate in the protection of Ukraine.

    “From the military point of view, such a formation is more of a propaganda move,” says Serhiy, a former Ukrainian Army Colonel who worked as a military expert in many countries. “After all, Ukraine cannot afford such large units. Yet, we must now take every effort to show others that we are Europe’s outpost in the battle against Russian imperialism, like the victory of Kyivan Rus over the new Horde, etc. Accordingly, the existence of a foreign legion as a component of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is a good and necessary step. In addition, such a mechanism always offers the opportunity to get assistance quickly and legally from our foreign partners in NATO. Moreover, during peacetime, such formations can be used in peacekeeping missions abroad, which will increase Ukraine’s influence in the international arena.”


  9. Anonymous says:


    A South American giant bird that has been patrolling the fairways and greens of a golf club in Hertfordshire for the last month has been shot dead and will now be made into gourmet sausages.


    Will man ever learn to leave things alone? Has he always got to kill and destroy everything he sees and touches for the sake of it or profit.



  10. Anonymous says:

    For those that keep going on about David Icke won’t touch the subject of the jews here he is doing just that….


  11. Tapestry says:

    I have to delete a lot of stupid comments to keep the place reasonable for other visitors. I apologise if occasionally I identify a comment intended to be helpful as unhelpful. It’s bound to happen unless the intent to be helpful is made entirely clear.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Anon. 8.38pm … Wake up.

    David Icke (Your link is from 2011) talks about Zionism and Rothschild. He says Jews are victims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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