Euro elections were rigged. The system allows plenty of scope.

Agreed. I use an indelible cheque writing pen.
I made a complaint to the presiding officer about the EU ballots 

which were presented folded in a way to conceal the ukip entry.

The party at the top of the card was “An Independence from 
Europe” with the description “UK Independence now”. 
(This party was launched by Mike Nattrass after he 
was deselected as an MEP for UKIP)
The Electoral Commission should have disallowed this but 
unfortunately the Commission is chaired by a Common 
Purpose graduate, and they allowed the said previously 
unheard of party to be placed on the ballot at or close to the 
top due to the alphabetical sequencing. They captured 1.5% of 
the vote which was probably intended for UKIP. That 1.5% 
would have made ukip 29% of the national vote and may well 
have given them another MEP.

Today is Tues 27/5 and Tower Hamlets have not yet declared 
that’s five days late. Heads should roll.

Regarding the ballot boxes.
Some are now made of cardboard so they can be flat packed.
The metal ones usually only have room for a tie-rap. One black 

tie is very much the same as another.
I have seen just tape used to seal the boxes.
There is plenty of scope for fraud. 
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4 Responses to “Euro elections were rigged. The system allows plenty of scope.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    When Tony blair came to pwer he was bankrolled through david abrahams and lord levy from lord rothschild to build new labour into a hard left party for wars on particularly iraq.
    To this end money was taken from 2 leftish unions the NUT and the CWU.
    The CWU ( postal union ) run the sorting machines and were programmed with tory and other voters lists to throw out mail for these parties.
    Boxes of voting mail was taken toa sorting office depot in Dorset
    where it was hiden for some weeks
    when it had gone when the morning shift came in at 5.
    These votes were switched to new labour, which was seen as a homosexual party and operation ore would have exposed this

  2. Anonymous says:

    Heelo Tap, my family came from india in the 70s, and we run a small newspaper/tobaconists shop
    in central london.
    WE all voted UKIP because we have seen the area become ridden with young immigrant crime gangs, somalis jamaiicans romainians russians etc we see ourselves as british and we see a deliberate attempt to destroy the country
    through evil and racist government policies
    long live ukip

  3. Anonymous says:

    this short vid shows the treblinka
    camp to be a hoax
    many jews now admit it wasa hoax but say it was necessary at the time

  4. Anonymous says:

    Of course elections were rigged,
    look if you turn your ballot paper over you will see a number, each paper has its own number.
    In the days when the National Front had queues of people right round the block to join, the numbers were brought in so that government could know who voted for them, they were not bothered about leftish extremists just NF
    then those who had voted NF found they were on blacklists and could not get jobs etc, they were treated very badly.
    UKIP are the latest party to be demonised, we must not be deflected at all cost and we must get out of europe, i know the jews have been making threats
    but so what

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