Paterson Must Go (updated)

Let’s talk about fracking
Over many years Owen Paterson has acted out the role of a caring and loyal constituency MP. Until last year he was liked well enough.  But today he’s abandoned his constituents, and they’re angry.  
Paterson is backing the destruction of our farms, businesses, livelihoods, communities and health by fracking.   The release of methane gas and other poisons across North Shropshire’s beautiful towns and villages, into our air, water and soil, will be nothing less than catastrophic.  The water table beneath the ground will be destroyed forever.  People and animals will be made sick, and forever after, we will have to rely on water supplied from outside, leaving us vulnerable to exploitation and shortages.
The drilling has yet to start but already houses, farms and businesses near proposed drill sites are unsellable.  The other effects of fracking will soon be felt if it goes ahead –
  • earthquakes, vibration, subsidence of buildings  (
  • poisoning of ground water, soil and air (Watch Fracktured Future on Youtube)
  • people becoming sick, deaf, blind, shaking and vomiting, and dying. (TIMES 29.4.2014. pp30)
Let’s hope local opposition groups are successful in stopping it.
Methane’s invisible, odourless, and is known as ‘the silent killer’. It attacks the nervous system, disrupts DNA and the endocrine system, one of the most poisonous gases on the planet.  Yet Paterson wants you to laugh it all off with stories about cows farting, backed up by his ‘dodgy dossier’, concealing the known inevitable consequences of fracking.  Read
Many scientists believe the mass extinctions of species 250 million years ago and 50 million years ago were caused by vast methane releases from under the sea.
Fracks are, in effect, small scale extinctions.  Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, with twenty times the greenhouse effect of CO2.  


Invited to become a Bilderberger, he has abandoned us and agreed to deliver the agenda of the powerful. His reward is a high position in David Cameron’s government, and doubtless other inducements.

What is the Bilderberg agenda?
At the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, The Agenda for the 21st Century (Agenda 21) was agreed. Agenda 21 was adopted by the United Nations, and signed into by countries like America and Britain. This Agenda places nature above mankind, banning all human activities that are classified as ‘unsustainable’, requiring the following measures to be taken by governments (Watch ‘Agenda 21 For Dummies’ on Youtube) –
  • the clearing of all people from the countryside into cities
  • the rewilding of the countryside
  • large reduction in the world’s human population
  • the ending of all private property, including private cars
  • the end of the nation state
  • the removal of children from their families and their raising by the state
Fracking is simply a weapon designed to clear the countryside as required by Agenda 21, which classifies farming as ‘unsustainable’.  Coal mining is made impossible by fracking.

The worst thing about fracking is the total consumption and permanent destruction of water reserves.  The Great Lakes are being drained in the USA.  In Australia, the Great Artesian Basin is disappearing.  Underground water is made unusable for anything at all, in perpetuity.  
Water is being deliberately made a scarce commodity worldwide, and is being used as a weapon.  The people of North Shropshire must rise up, stop the drills at the well-heads if it gets the go-ahead, (as others have legally done in other parts of the country), and save our Country’s water and land, not to mention ourselves and our way of life.  

The North Shropshire Anti-Fracking Association

email –

This leaflet explained onYoutube

Watch this video – Ian Crane in Fracktured Future – and then you might start to get it.…

(Henry Ford was building viable electric cars over a hundred years ago.  VW has a car which will do 300 miles per gallon.  We don’t need all these hydrocarbons.  Electric trams were got rid of by the Rockefellers.  Taxes on hydrocarbons are the way the corporatocracy funds itself, and keeps people poor.  Cars can run on water.  Such breakthrough inventions are bought up and suppressed.  Or they’re eliminated in ‘other’ ways. 2 hours 25 minutes)

1 hour 26 minutes.  Australian footage of pollutant effects on peoples’ properties in NSW/Queensland used in fracking in the last seven years.  In the US fracking has been going on about two decades.  Methane gas migrates to the surface, an odourless poisonous gas, which has to be detected by a device.     It’s very easy for the energy companies and governments to deny it’s there.

In Australia they just lie, and deny it’s in the water, when videos of setting the water alight with a cigarette lighter proves it is there.   
(1 hour 40 minutes)  The farmer whose land is affected in the Aussie video started collapsing, and suffering loss of coordination.  Methane is a neuro-inhibitor.  It is also a DNA disrupter and an endocrine disrupter.  Land is becoming less and less habitable.  Check out ‘Split Estate‘ on Youtube.  

Many people in the USA are suffering early dementia from contamination with methane from fracking. (1 hour 45 minutes).   There are many other chemicals being pumped into the environment by fracking.  These costs are not being taken into account by our politicians as they are either not even aware of them, or they are party to the secret agenda to destroy human health.   Owen Paterson is already guilty of destroying life by his promotion of GMOs.  Fracking in Britain is pure Russian roulette.  People will die.  These are weapons of Agenda 21, designed to reduce population and drive people out of the countryside. 

2 hours 5 minutes – property prices crash when frackers move in.  Blackpool property prices collapsed when fracking moved in, and two earthquakes hit, and they will remain completely depressed until the threat of fracking is removed.  Same in the USA.  You can only horizontally drill for a few hundred yards, and drills are now moving into towns, whereas they started in the less populated areas to start with.  6-8 vertical drills per square mile are needed.  Each well requires 400 truck journeys.  We don’t have the infrastructure to cope with this. 

No buildings insurance will be available.

2 hours 15 minutes.  The UK’s Growth and Infrastructure Bill enables fast tracking of fracking, now passed.  Local opposition can now be overruled.  Many tracking applications were delayed waiting for the Growth and Infrastructure Bill, which is now in place.  The only opposition left can be direct action, yet the Police are using maximum brutality on people demontrating at fracking drills.  (2 hours 20 minutes).

Britain won’t be able to grow crops and farm animals.  We won’t have clean water except as supplied by the corporations.  Houses will be need to be hermetically sealed, and clean air will be supplied by utilities, and paid for (2 hours 33 minutes).  

Agenda 21 requires the population to be driven into cities and off the land, which is to go to waste.  Fracking is not about cheap gas.  Gas prices won’t ever go down.  They’ll offer money for local community centres and so on to try to stop people thinking about the risks involved in shale gas.  Opponents of The Dash for Gas are being demonised, called ‘eco-mentalists, socialists, hippies’, and so on.(2 hours 40 minutes).  The mainstream media will not let the real message out.  The blogs have to make the fracking threat as well understood as chemtrails have become through alternative media.  The useful idiot/corrupt politicians must not be allowed to get away with destroying our country, our health and livelihoods.

Water, essential to life, is worth more than gas, and health has a higher priority than energy company profits.  People have to wake up fast.  The bastards are pulling a fast one and need to be stopped.  
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35 Responses to “Paterson Must Go (updated)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, you forgot to keep the target as the main centre of hate.
    First find who his friends are, as birds of a feather flock together.
    Then we need to know if he has any strange hobbies.
    He certainly is not bothered about replying to letters. What firms BAPF him in his rise to power.
    Keep your leaflet short and in larger print with a nice photo.
    When you have them printed we will be there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Spoke to some Tap readers from Yorkshire today.
    We have a team ready to assist you.
    How many voters are in the target area, give us a postcode, we will print our own maps.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Your elections are coming up soon so get prepared to ask some serious question of you local candidates. Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes.

    What’s your stance on fracking?
    If they are for it tell them to frackoff.

    What’s your take on geoengineering?
    If they don’t know what your talking about tell them they’re not fit for purpose.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tell me I am a fool if this is a stupid idea BUT, can we break this hold of the 3 main parties by voting only for independent politicians thereby forcing a broad coalition government ?

  5. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for feedback. This is wok in progress.

    Owen’s big break was GMOs. His BAPF will no doubt be someone like Monsanto. It could be BP if he’s successful with his tracking campaign. He’s been exposed in the Daily Mail in secret emails with lobbyists planning to hoodwink the public. Blogged a few days ago.

    His constituency is Shropshire North.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Individuals standing alone would be too vulnerable and be easy to take out. You need to be as big a group as possible but without infiltrators from MI5 and the like moving in on you. Be wary of outsiders offering money.

  7. Anonymous says:

    from david irving website

  8. shirlz007 says:

    Bollocks to ya all! 😀
    Il start my own blog… CIA/MI6/FSB and Freemasonry free!

    Il start a blog… Il name names in child abuse! LEON BRITTAN, PETER MANDELSON! Il tell everyone it’s British Security orchestrated! (Elm Guest House, Kincora, Grafton, Haut de la Garron, Brin Estwyn)

    -Il shit on Israel for orchestrating 9/11 (Saudi, Pakistani and CIA will not be left out).
    -Il go after Mexican Drug Cartels and their links to the two previous administrations.
    -Ritualistic Satanic Abuse (US and UK… Europe! Netherlands)
    – 7/7, Armenia Gas Plant, numerous other false flag attacks (Mohktar Belmoktar is DEAD!)
    – The WHOLE ‘Arab Spring’ (Egypt, Libya… SYRIA!)
    – Missing nukes
    – Banking… terrorist fiancé (LIBOR, HSBC Money Laundering) Max Keiser shit
    – Glencore, SCC Lavalin, BP

    (Il keep the Satanic/ET stuff on a different section… not that I don’t believe… but let’s approach this from bottom up)

    and you Hippies can help me out! ;D

    I don’t know anything about chemtrails, geo-engineering, fracking, Monsanto, GM crops, disappearing bees, global warming…

    OH YEAH… MH 370!!! WATCH THIS!!!


  9. shirlz007 says:

    I don’t call them ‘The Snowden Documents’… there the ‘Booz Allen Documents’ thankyou very much… Ed was only a small part of it! (sorry pal)
    Hey!!! I wanted Amber Lyon and ‘Muckraker’? to have them! Remember… the UK is as much a part of ‘Mass Surveillance’ as the US… did you not work CIA once upon a time Ed? :/
    No Guardian… no story! 😀

    Nat Rothschild just lost a billion from the Bumi accounts!!!
    ‘Invisible throne’???

  10. Anonymous says:

    Tap, what is this new party you mention? “survive and thrive”

  11. Anonymous says:

    Using the information from Anon 10:22pm, what do you think Tap.
    What about Internet Party, instead of ” survive and thrive “.
    We need a series of leaflets, just keep delivering them each week until Owen Paterson is gone.

  12. NPP says:

    Must watch and share:
    Sandy Hook School Board Meeting with Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer, and Others (05/06/2014)

    People are speaking up.
    Just the last guy says shame on ‘conspiracy theorists’
    Among YouTube comments:
    “these people have absolutely no respect for the school board or the families of those slain children. these people should be thrown in prison for the rest of their lives.”

    It really is an extraordinary piece of footage which is out there on the net.

  13. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for all the suggestions. The party name and leaflet are ‘work-in-progress’.

    Re name.

    The problem with explaining to people what really lies behind fracking, chemtrails, GMOs etc is that they get depressed, quite understandably, and need to lie down. Finding out you’re being attacked deliberately and that these things are not mere administrative incompetence can act as a body blow.

    You therefore need a name which gives hope that it’s not all one way traffic to doom, and offers some psychological support, or most people will just fold.

    The problem is that a name like Survive and Thrive is not ‘cool’ on the ear to those who don’t know what the party stands for. A name like the ‘internet party’ would sound quite interesting, but offers no hope.

    Maybe there’s something else. Any other ideas?

    The other problem is that the internet, and the virtual are great but in the end you need to be based on real world relationships, and structures. It’s only a communications device like a telephone, a very good one, but that’s all the internet will ever be.

    In the end, that’s the inspiration for starting a party – to give us a chance to survive and to thrive once more. I like words that say what you mean.

  14. NPP says:

    The Common Sense Party as per Thomas Paine?

    I know this is off track from Shropshire, but further Sandy Hook…
    … including audio with Jeff Rense.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Owen Paterson has a lot to answer for.
    HE is the one who invited MONSANTO in for GM food and seeds In the UK. Europe defused.
    And Fracking….he is on a destructive path and we have to
    take his power away.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This may sound strange but a title can have a lot of power or none.
    Short,informative and easy to remember have the most impact. The title needs to be one that will stand the test of time and progressing changes. Also bearing in mind the name will get shortened like ukip

    Here’s a few to get some ideas flowing

    Environmental Party (E.P)
    The Peoples Independant Party (P.I.P)
    Protecting Earth Party (P.E.P)
    Global Earth Party (G.O.P)
    The Alternative Party (T.A.P for short) 😉
    Peoples Alternative Party (P.A.P)

  17. NPP says:

    New movements / parties…. should it be useful, inspirational, feed further name ideas:
    Gerald Celente has initiated:

    Re-Occupy Shropshire Party?
    Not BAPF Party

    Hey, just brainstorming.

    Only 6 hours 40 mins(!), but an interesting lesson:
    Michael Badnarik Constitution Class Complete

  18. Anonymous says:

    Forget the rest UK first party

    what a refreshing change


  19. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for all your thoughts.

    The need is for a party that discusses the agenda of those that are attacking our way of life, homes, businesses, jobs and health. That’s the ‘survive’. But that’s not enough.

    We need to negotiate with the powers in control of us to permit us to thrive as well. There’s little point in surviving to become mere slaves to Agenda 21. There is good and evil in the universe around us. We have to try to tip the balance, as we’re currently getting a severe dose of evil.

    This is the nitty gritty. Whether we’re UK, not UK, one race or another race makes little difference. These are the fundamental human aspirations, and yet currently our government ‘led’ by BAPF sock puppet Paterson intends to destroy our homes, farms, jobs and businesses and us. This is not even getting to first base of basic human aspiration.

    We want to survive and thrive. We have to stand and fight back, or die in our beds.

  20. Anonymous says:

    there are so many stories of how the websiteaangirfan spins stories away from the truth
    a colleague gave them info which they have altered to bring in natzis the vatican etc intoa pedo ring in australia
    they even now say hitler wasa pedo when we all know damn well it was churchill
    aangirfan should be boycotted until they tell the truth

  21. NPP says:


    A fab interview over 2 hours long Jeff Rense, Jim Marrs & author Harry Cooper: Hitler in Argentina:
    Rense says Gerrard Williams’ Grey Wolf and other recent Hitler revisionist authors took from Harry Cooper. Fascinating listening.

  22. Anonymous says:

    why did hitler bring in such strict child protection laws ?
    read here what is happenong here

  23. Anonymous says:

    I like ” The Alternative Party “
    Tap is nice and remember-able.
    We are getting closer.

  24. Tapestry says:

    We need to make an impact, and win arguments with heavily dug in and well-financed PR organisations. I’ve had an idea this evening – The ‘Don’t BMAD’ Party – BMAD – Breathe Methane And Die.

    If they try to argue that methane isn’t harmful and they do, they’ll lose.

    If they try to say the methane won’t leach up into the soil, water and air, and they do, they can be proved wrong.

    That’s a strong footing to be on. The other arguments will be in addition to this basic anchor point.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Since we like the truth.
    ITP, Internet Truth Party.
    BMAD is a one issue party.
    OPO, Owen Paterson Out, is a one issue Party, we don’t want to stop at one MP.

  26. julie says:

    PPP “Protect the People Party” Protect the people from chemtrails, GMO, fracking, paedophila, criminal corporations and banks, pay day loan sharks, secret courts, corrupt pharmaceuticals, child and sex trafficking, protect people FROM CORRUPTION.

    A new party has to encompass all these things and more … but especially proper JUSTICE.

  27. Tapestry says:

    In a way it is a one issue party as UKIP is a one issue party, but ‘Don’t BMAD’ could extend to other issues, whereas UKIP finds it very hard to find an identity outside of its original concept.

    GMOs – don’t bmad.
    Chemtrails – don’t bmad
    borrowing from central bankers – don’t BMAD
    inside the EU – don’t BMAD

    and so on

    The phrase – ‘don’t be mad, get even’ – is suggested, but that phrase has the American meaning of mad = angry, whereas we Brits think mad = nuts.

  28. Tapestry says:

    I agree with you Julie about Protect The People. But who are we to say we are able to do that. People have to fire up, join the gang and protect themselves.

    Legalising paedophilia – don’t BMAD. The phrase adapts well to any topic. A bit like UKIP claims to be the party of common sense, but still manages to support fracking and GMOs, and denies the existence of chemtrails. Better to go one step further, and say ‘don’t bmad’ – or ‘don’t be mad’.

    Our comments crossed over!

  29. Anonymous says:

    It’s The LAW Party (Land, Air, Water).
    And Owen Patterson better not break it.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Don’t B’MAD, Peoples Party.

    PP, DB’MAD.

    PP for LAW.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 1.27pm I had a super creepy feeling at Aangirfan recently, that the ‘new’ Aangirfan is NOT the Aangirfan some of us came to respect.

    To this day, I have not returned to the ‘new’ Aangirfan site, for the simple reason that there is now something very rotten….

  32. Tapestry says:

    Aangirfan’s started attacking David Icke also. I wonder if he’s been taken over, as I wonder about Jim Stone’s output.

  33. Tapestry says:

    Don’t B Mad was a bit of fun, not really the thing for a serious political party. It’s a good slogan/poster idea to work on.

    Breathe Methane And Die.

    U must B MAD…..(extend letters south – breathe methane and die)

  34. Anonymous says:

    web-party=wp just a thought,im from Shropshire if you need any help

  35. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for your idea. Leaflet teams are starting up. Which town are you in? Reply by email?

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