5 Responses to “Daily Express turns against UKIP”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nothing new here the, Just vote UKIP, just ONCE.

  2. stedra rulz says:

    Sure, vote for the Tories at the next European Election; vote UKIP to tread on their toes for this election. They won’t respect the electorate otherwise.

  3. paul maleski says:

    I have never trusted Nigel Farage from day one. I can reasonably presume that he is a senior Free-mason and has close links with the ‘City jew’ and I have no doubt; whatsoever, that if he achieves electoral success, that he will do a deal with the majority party and do his utmost to prevent a referendum on EEC membership; in order, to cover his backside and further his long term political ambitions. Despite, his hypocrisy, and his future sell out, a massive vote for UKIP is a step in the right direction. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey!

  4. Anonymous says:

    some good comments today from paul maleski and chelie drake.
    I wa shocked when the BNP took israeli money and agrred to suport israel, only the national front so far refused to sell out,
    but just maybe UKIP will be what we ned, so what choice do we have but vote UKIP

  5. Anonymous says:

    I bet the jews dun it

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