3 Responses to “Council rapacity drives small shops out of business.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    ‘They only want tescos’?…. The last I knew was Tower Hamlets was mainly a muslim area with their own sharia law courts. When did it all change?

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey come on the muslims are only here because the jews are packing them in, they want friction between the two, remember the jew motto
    “divide and conquer “
    tesco want it all, we should be boycotting them

  3. TMWKTMBNE says:

    THE CORPORATION (there is only one) who control business and governments, do not want the competition.
    Every penny spent with any business they do not own and control, via the banks, is a an offence to them.
    What’s the logical end of corporate business model?
    That ONE corporation owns everything, through buyouts and competition.
    Q: Why don’t corporation go to war, as an extension of ‘competition’, for markets, resources?
    A: I believe that there is only one corporation, that’s why. They arrange for nation states to go to war, because it creates profit and advances the plan to own control EVERYTHING.
    Back to the medieval world, when the Catholic Church in Rome did own everything, placing ‘vassel’ rulers in power.
    It was only the Reformation that ended this control and ownership of everything; nations managed to break away from the power of Rome.
    The Jesuits were formed by the Roman Catholic power to re-claim what was lost.
    The Jesuits were allowed back into Britain in 1870’s by an act of Parliament.
    Previous to this, they were recognised as being responsible for The Gunpowder Plot and countless wars and revolutions across the world.
    Their power is so great now, again, they almost re-own everything.
    Governments (and Local Authorities) are controlled by them and do their bidding.

    Watch this, Jesuit Secrets Revealed:


    Just as the bible states, they are the power behind everything.


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