Corporate records set ablaze at several different locations around the world

At least 4 Iron Mountain facilities previously hit by fires

The owner of the storage facility that suffered a fatal fire today in Barracas, Iron Mountain, has seen at least four other establishments set ablaze in various parts of the world. 

Two of the fires occurred in the United States, where the information storage company has its headquarters; while another took place in London and in Ottawa, Canada. 

A BBC report dated July 13 2006 notes that “A huge fire has ripped through a six-storey paper storage warehouse in east London,” adding that “close to 100 firefighters” tackled the blaze. 

The same article reveals that just one week previously a facility in Ottawa had set alight, with thousands of boxes of data inside. 

On March 21 1997 it was the New York Times who published a report concerning a “mysterious blaze” that destroyed a “warehouse of corporate documentation” in New Jersey; two days after another fire in a nearby facility, both belonging to Iron Mountain. 

The newspaper quoted fireman Robert Davison, who declared that he was “sure that the first of the fires had been set intentionally,” and that it was probable for the second. 

In none of the fires have injuries or deaths to employees been reported.

TAP – No idea what this is – Goldman Sachs?  J.P.Morgan?  Someone fearing discovery and exposure.

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6 Responses to “Corporate records set ablaze at several different locations around the world”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s not that easy to burn paper. Try getting a sheaf of A4 to catch light.
    Plus there is all the climate control, alarms, sprinklers, CCTV, 24 hr . security staff etc.
    Not an easy job at all. But four times?
    That’s really unlucky for somebody.

  2. Anonymous says:

    well whatever the cause you can guarantee there is an agenda been conspired at the top of it

  3. paul maleski says:

    Larry Silverstein started this insurance scam big time on 9/11. It is rumoured sic.; that the Authorities have interviewed all four arsonists, presumed responsible for these inexplicable incinerations. But by some weird coincidence, all four of them had cast iron alibis during these conflagrations; they were all visiting their dermatologists.

  4. TMWKTMBNE says:

    BTW, the new London office for J P Morgan is now on Shoe Lane, just off Fleet Street.

    Shoe Lane has been closed to public vehicles, the building displays no signage or to indicate that it is a J P Morgan office.

    The corporation are beginning to realise that the people are growing highly suspicious of them and their motives and actions, and they now wish to remain as anonymous as possible. They are not on our side.

    The Shell building on London’s South Bank is now also like a fortress, closed to the public, security guards everywhere and what look like anti-tank emplacements outside, just as at the Houses of Parliament, to stop any supposed ‘drive-in vehicle-bomb attacks.

    The Glaxo-Smith-Kline building on the A4/M4 in Brentford, MIDDX, is also like a fortress, with different levels of security and access, and anti-vehicle emplacements.

    They look like they are preparing for a war.

    Or, maybe they now understand that people have finally realised that the corporation has been conducting warfare against us, for ever. I’ll say it again – this is Satan’s world…

    If it were legal and they could make a profit, the corporation would probably turn many of us into tinned pet food.

    What better way to rid the nation of the long-term unemployed, sickly OAP’s, disabled people, criminals, people on welfare / benefits, chavs & the underclass etc..? And they would certainly make a nice profit.

    It seems to be the raison d’etre of the MSS – to make people hate and blame other groups in society for everything – instead of turning the spotlight on those who control, own and run everything.

    (I emailed TAP a post / article all about this last week, but he didn’t put it on his blog.)

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