Climate report “scare tactic designed to excuse Obama’s agenda of centralizing power in Washington, making energy more expensive, jobs harder to find

More Obama Climate Lies

Author By Alan Caruba (Bio and Archives)  Wednesday, May 7, 2014 

More Obama Climate Lies

The continuing drama of a President willing to lie about the climate continues with the release of a report, the National Climate Assessment. It is a repeat of all the lies that have been generated by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
“The climate report,” said Dan Kish, a Senior Vice President of the Institute for Energy Research, “bears a strong resemblance to the IPCC report, only with less science and more rhetoric.” It is “just another attempt to justify more government intervention in American’s lives and more attacks on affordable energy and economic growth.”
Like Obamacare, the new report is, said Kish, “intentionally confusing and misleading.”
“Throughout his entire presidency,” said Kish, “Obama has promoted policies that have discouraged the use of our vast energy resources, including blocking the Keystone XL pipeline, slowing energy development on government lands and water, and forcing new restrictions on all forms of energy that Americans have used to become the number one economy in the world. Under this administration, even cows are not spared as emission sources that must be controlled in Washington.”

‘Climate Hustle’ or ‘American Doomsday’?! Obama climate report panned by scientists – ‘Pseudoscience’ ‘sales pitch’ ‘follow the money’ ‘total distortion’ ‘false premise’ ‘outdated & wrong’ ‘failure’

Heartland Institute’s James Taylor: Obama climate report exposed: ‘Leading authors of this report include staffers for activist groups like the Union of Concerned Scientists, Planet Forward, The Nature Conservancy, and Second Nature’
Prominent scientist reverses belief in AGW‘One of the most eminent climate scientists, the Swede Lennart Bengtsson, has defected to the camp of climate skeptics’ – Bengtsson’s conclusion: ‘It would be wrong to conclude from the IPCC report and similar reports that the science is settled.’
Climatologist Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. denounces ‘failure’ of new Fed Report: ‘That much of the media accepted the NCA without questioning its findings and conclusions either indicates they are naive or they have chosen to promote a particular agenda and this report fits their goal’
Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry rips Obama climate report for ‘false premise that any change in the 20th century has been caused by AGW.  Worse yet is the spin being put on this by the Obama admin.’ 
1974 State Of The Climate Report ‘1974 climate report said that global cooling was going to cause floods, famines, extreme weather, and would kill us all.’
CEI’s Marlo LewisObama Climate Report ‘designed to scare people and build political support for unpopular policies such as carbon taxes’
Meteorologist Anthony WattsReport ‘looks more like a glossy sales pitch from a company that is pushing a product they know people may not need’
Physicist: ‘Another work of science fiction has been produced by global warming alarmist ‘scientists’
Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer pans – ‘Follow the money’ – Part of report ‘is just simply made up’ – ‘There is no fingerprint of human-caused versus naturally-caused climate change’ 
Climatologists: PAUL C. “CHIP” KNAPPENBERGER and PATRICK J. MICHAELS‘The idea that human-caused global warming is going to increase heat-related mortality is simply outdated and wrong. In fact, the opposite is more likely the case—that is, a warming climate will decrease the population’s sensitivity to heat events as it induces adaptation.’
Meteorologist Joe D’Aleo Rips New Alarmist Report: ‘Get ready for more Junk Science from the highly paid Obama psuedo scientists this week’
Prof. Roger Pielke Jron new fed reportClaim: ‘Risks associated with extreme events like hurricanes are increasing’ – Pielke Jr. Rebuttal: ‘Actually: US hurricane landfalls have decreased by ~25% since 1900′
Climatologist Dr. John ChristyObama’s climate report ‘does not bring out in clear view for the public to see how poorly climate models have performed’
Weather Channel Co-Founder John Coleman slams Federal climate report:’600 page litany of doom’: – A ‘total distortion of the data and agenda driven, destructive episode of bad science gone berserk’
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