Child stealing by the State on the increase

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Revoke social services implied right of access to your property. You do it formally in writing. That way they have to go through a court or usually don’t bother and move on to the next mug. Also get the name of any social worker harrassing you and report them to the Police.. the Police have a duty of care (apparently… ha!) To protect the public.

Happy children are being taken from responsible parents by the State.

Child Stealing by the State

This is truly horrific news. In Britain today a secret court system is stealing and trafficking people’s children. It’s summed up as the ‘Gulag of the Family Courts’ in Jack Frost’s book, and as ‘Child Stealing By The State’ by other journalists. This uncovers a brutal conspiracy between Social Services, the police, the courts, government and public authorities, to unlawfully take children from their parents and pass them into a frightening and often abusive Social Services system. That conspiracy still exists; so does the evidence. 

When a small community newspaper, the UK Column, was set up in Plymouth with the mission of exposing massive public sector fraud and corruption, its volunteers were shocked at reports of child stealing sent in by parents across Britain. It was hard to believe at first, some of the stories, but the evidence became overwhelming. Files of letters, court documentation, emails. There were lies, perjury, falsified medical evidence, false psychiatric assessments, kidnapping, psychological pressure, police threats, blatant collusion of defence and legal teams of prosecution against the parents, failure to prosecute the perpetrators of child abuse and medical incompetence, and victimisation of innocent mothers. The courts had taken no notice of the child’s wishes. This horrible tarantula web of a system is secretive and powerful; local councillors cannot challenge their own Social Services departments about their actions. 

Social Services are UNACCOUNTABLE to anybody and hide behind secret family courts and confidentiality. They use the courts to gag parents and suppress exposure. Governments offer local authorities more money for more children they can get into care; they set targets. 25,000 children a year are being taken in this way. Here’s one case, the latest case brought to the UK Column: that of a young Down’s girl who was repeatedly raped and abused, causing physical injury. The girl knew and identified the abusers; no charges were ever brought. But her mother, who fought to protect her daughter and seek justice, was committed to a psychiatric unit. Many would assume this a mistake or failure of the care/court systems. The facts suggest otherwise. Template cases reported from across Europe, USA and Britain reinforce this. These events are orchestrated. Support and Common Purpose are at the highest levels. Common Purpose goes into schools to re-train children and also uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming on the police. 

The BBC is heavily involved in Common Purpose and James Rennie, who abused 3-month old babies, was Common Purpose trained. There are secret family courts, into which the public are not allowed. They are very dangerous in that the public have no track as to what’s happening to people. And they are under the total control of a single Judge, who knowingly or unknowingly relies on false evidence, and a district judge can come out with a gagging order and put people in jail for trying to tell the story. There have been 200 people put in jail through the secret courts. It is creeping piece by piece. 

The children are taken and the child snatch cases are gagged under family court ‘confidentiality’ rules and data protection. The appeal process is corrupt and circular, much like a revolving door, and held in secret, so the victimised parents and children find themselves denied justice. Pathways are blocked. Threats are used to get parents to back down. Children are put on one of three data bases – (i) contact point; (ii) social services; (iii) MPs and celebrities. They are being fingerprinted even for going into lessons. Siemens, the German CCTV company, provide social services with the software to get close to our children. Also parents being told they’re not ‘bright’ enough to have children (I heard of a case of a 17 year old girl on the run for this same reason to protect her child) – this is the start of eugenics, which is being taught in schools. 

Goldman Sachs funds this amongst other 3rd sector quangoes and charities. Eugenics is here in our children’s schools; it has a registered charity number 1099782 (UK) under the regulator for charities in England and Wales, founded by Laura Huxley wife of Aldous Huxley. Aldous Huxley supported sterilisation to “prevent the sub-normal from having any families at all”. There’s an agenda to re-educate and re-engineer children into a new society. (Barnardos supports the adoption of children before they are born.) Those trained in psychosynthesis are now in UK schools: under the ‘Teens and Toddlers Project, Part 1 of Children: Our Ultimate Investment’. Counsellors are being placed in schools each offering a day of 5 or 6 counselling sessions, that’s 50 counselling sessions per school per week, the parent never knows what happens in these sessions; ‘Project Caress’ was an objective, to develop ‘caressing rooms’. 

Many reports have arisen of children hanging themselves. Something is being done in the schools. Industrial Military private companies are running Academy schools and ARK (Absolute Return for Kids). Children are encouraged to use laptops, there’s heavy use of Wi-Fi . Newspapers are gagged. The UK Column helps parents and children tell their stories, and in doing this, it has received no less than four injunctions so that they can’t report in so much detail of this agenda to break up families. One recent court case, the court used the Peter Wright MI5 ‘Spycatcher’ official secrets act case as the precedence case to prevent the other publishing her story of child kidnap. Endless reports document social services officials as being cold, like emotionless robots, and the truth began to unravel. What happens to these children when they are placed in ‘care’? 

They are often used for drug testing. Often body parts are disappearing in hospitals. There is the case of Helenor Bye. Body parts were stripped out of her – provable. The case of Hollie Greig – her mother was forced to the ground and had a needle inserted in her. She was placed in a psychiatric unit. The case of Linda Lewis – she was never allowed in a court to say she wanted to go home and was put on a cocktail of drugs and told her mum never loved her, people were laughing at her and her pain was imaginary. Sabina – the case of a 10 year old son taken, and Corinne Gouget – this case was twisted 180 degrees. They destroyed her mental health so much she was treated as a mental case. Ian Joseph wrote a book, ‘Forced Adoption’. They falsify documents, lie, bully, and turn children against their parents, having been taught how to use psychological bullying using NLP programming; the Nazis did this. Look up EU Child Snatching Roelie Post – who worked in Romania, and the trafficking of Romanian children, in laboratories wired up with electrodes; Col J R Rees – ‘Mental Health’ links to Tavistock; also Tavistock links to NHS. 

This shadow group, Common Purpose, here gets spookier when they use phrases like ‘Our networks will soon be very important’. They are seen now joining UK networks with networks in Europe. Gordon Brown and Barack Obama have been heard using the expression ‘common purpose’. Never contact social services. Never sign anything. Refuse assessment by psychiatrists. Stay away from these people. The extreme cases are all about re-engineering children into this new society and taking a few children away in the thousands is testing the waters. 

This was presented by Brian Gerrish, ex-Naval officer and anti-submarine warfare expert from Plymouth and who I have deep respect for, who discovered a strange organisation called Common Purpose operating in the city which he fell upon when he was involved with a group in Plymouth helping people find jobs; one of their projects was restoring wooden boats. It was a success, everything was going fine. 

And then it suddenly changed. The Council withdrew their support. Brian and his team tried to carry on with it alone. But within a short time key people were being threatened. What went wrong? They were shocked to find that Common Purpose was encompassing so many groups of people who did not declare themselves and that operated throughout the structure of the city – they found them in government offices, in the City Council, in the police, in the judiciary, it was everywhere; something underlying, evolving, like an elitist secret society which doesn’t want to show itself to ordinary people and talks about ‘creating new leaders’. He and his colleagues started to dig. Regarding the nature of the children’s cases at this conference Brian could not give quite so much detail as he used to do at previous speeches due to receiving injunctions to silence him. Links:
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  1. Anonymous says:

    UK Column 2010

    Gibraltar Court IVF Child Snatch
    Daughter stolen after Isle Of White Social Services & police protect paedophiles

    On 26 May 2010, unreported by British mainstream press and media, yet another ‘Child-Stealing by the State’ case occurred in Gibraltar. A 10 year old IVF girl was snatched from her mother (Ms G) in a secret Court, and immediately flown back to UK in the custody of Isle of Wight Social Services. What was the mother’s crime? To try and protect her daughter (Miss X) from paedophile abuse she had suffered from the age of two. What was the little girl’s crime? – to try and tell the truth about her abuse.

    Sources close to events report an unprecedented effort by authorities in England and Gibraltar to take the girl from her mother. In fact, so high profile was this case, that despite massive cutbacks in British public sector budgets, an English High Court Judge was appointed to the Gibraltar Court, and Isle of Wight Social Services hastily flew in a team of three case workers to fight the costly extended legal action against the isolated mother. Taxpayer’s money is clearly readily available when the State decides to take our children. In contrast, the mother has expended her life savings on legal costs.

    Full story at

  2. Anonymous says:

    Child stealing by the state is by no way a new thing its been going on for years ,my mothers experience started in 1944.
    My dearly beloved mother had my three siblings age 4,3,2, stolen from her in 1944(I was born in 1948)my siblings were stolen and my mother was never to see her daughter and two sons again,my sister passed away in 1969 and no one had the decency to inform my mother,who only found out her daughter passed away in 1987 ,the year I traced my two living brothers.
    My mother was denied access to her children ,I also have a younger brother born in 1954,and we were denied the right to be brought up with our siblings ,who we were never given chance to meet,nothing will ever change in this evil land

  3. Anonymous says:

    Institutional paedophilia can be described more or less as such….
    FREEMASONRY, JEWRY, PEDERASTS. Look at the PEDERASTS … they are disproportionally JEWS. Jewish men are harming are young boys. All the care home scandals are about BOYS. Look at the homosexual charities such as Stonewall – they are Jews who run them. It’s not just about pederast politicians, powerful Freemason homosexual businessmen like young boys too.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Revoke social services implied right of access to your property. You do it formally in writing. That way they have to go through a court or usually don’t bother and move on to the next mug. Also get the name of any social worker harrassing you and report them to the Police.. the Police have a duty of care (apparently… ha!) To protect the public.

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