Check out the bloke testing Henry Ford’s ‘plastic hemp car’ with a hammer from 1941. Ten times stronger than steel.

I just typed to leave a comment, it just flowed, but typed too much!
“Your HTML cannot be accepted: Must be at most 4,096 characters”
I’ve no idea how to count the characters.

In case there’s anything of interest…. comment is thus:

Good one Tap. Good luck.

Ian R. Crane should at the very least be offered to appear live on the BBC to present his take on fracking. He is ex oil industry and does appear experienced and knowledgeable on the issue of extracting materials from the earth. I understand he avoids lamestream media unless live and unedited.

However, I intend to vote UKIP 22 May – out of the EU, Farage lobbied against foreign intervention in Syria, a ‘protest’ vote against the rest. Who cares who NPP votes for? Ah, just taking a break from painting and have a keyboard at hand.

I am fully aware of UKIP apparently supporting fracking, GMO, Israel, seemingly friendly toward the city and corrupt fractional banking system, Farage is a Freeman of the City and a Thatcher fan… These are issues I hope can be addressed later, though I don’t bank on it. All the parties apart from Maurice Strong’s neo Nazi Greens support fracking, so UKIP are my only option on 22 May. I want out of the EU fracking Agenda 21 superstate and at least a stop to more war.

I’d like to think Farage can be informed about these alarming issue and simply so far he has not had time to consider them properly. I suspect UKIP will be the same old same old, but what to do? Vote for no one? I want the established 3 out and UKIP are the strongest option for that end.

As a potential UKIP voter I am not concerned with national identity, being English / British, the monarchy or church. I am concerned with my family, friends, local community and wider world community. I am concerned for the neighbour given 6-9 months terminal cancer yet because of general programming it is useless my recommending her G. Edward Griffin, Bruce Lipton, Natural News, Dr. Blaylock, Forbidden Cures of Cancer… if the BBC would present these ideas, my neighbour would take notice. If the BBC would address so many subjects, the public would take notice. Unfortunately, we live in times where people do not think for themselves.

This on-going ‘Jewish’ thing – What is Jewish? What is British? What is the definition of any ‘national identity’? I don’t care, but then again, I do invite ‘adult’ discussion on such questions. Yes, I have listened and watched numerous content on this question…. John Lamb Lash is an example:

Jewmanity – The Archon Satanic Narrative 1 of 5:
Jewmanity – The Archon Satanic Narrative 2 of 5:
Jewmanity – The Archon Satanic Narrative 3 of 5:
Jewmanity – The Archon Satanic Narrative 4 of 5:
Jewmanity – The Archon Satanic Narrative 5 of 5:

I seem to be human, but hey, may be I’m going to be informed otherwise on that too; some kind of biological hybrid from down the ages?! May be we are all GMO beings.

I find it silly perpetually equating immigration with racism. We are NSA-ed / monitored left, right and centre in every way every day, so why can’t the government tell us how many in and how many out? It has bog all to do with skin colour or cultural origins. It is purely about counting physical bodies and apparently the inept government does not or cannot keep tabs on such a task. Yet again, I suspect there is / are agendas at play.

I find it scandalous projects like fracking are thrust upon us without properly informing the public, let alone seeking public acceptance. It is an agenda already decided upon like so many agendas. It is bloody shameful that independent bloggers such as TAP are left to air the issue and attempt to present proper information to the public in between holding down a daily business / job. Again, well done TAP. I appreciate your efforts. I want a BBC, a public broadcasting system. I’d welcome a free market economy. I seem to be left wanting on both accounts.

An important detail in the Crane video, and I do not have the time to check through it again now, is when the military official (arsehole) threatens Crane to stop asking questions about the Kuwaiti oil fires; “… aren’t we paying you enough Crane?”
As Crane said, it scared him.

The details about Ford’s electric cars and water engines are so mind bogglingly frustrating – I mention these things to others and others simply go oh yeah and tell me how Claudia Winkleman has been given the Strictly Come Dancing gig. Aaaahhhh!

Check out the bloke testing Henry Ford’s ‘plastic hemp car’ with a hammer from 1941:

Gender? Race? People are people and some are arseholes and I’d like to think most just want to live and let live.

As I type BBC Radio 5 Live are pushing the fear of Katt… they are such small minded pathetic presstitutes. For goodness sake, stuff grows in the ground and we each have the choice whether to consume it or not. Do I require ‘permission’ to grow and consume tomatoes or lettuce? Agenda 21 will suggest I do need permission! They are also going on and on about Premier football exec Richard Scudamore and ‘sexist’ e-mails. I don’t frigging care. Stop pushing this victim mode you BBC idiots and the twerps calling in.

Where are these politically correct liberal wankers each time Obomba kills another with his drone programme? I even heard the ‘sexist’ word in question: GASH! I laughed out loud. I used to share digs with a friend at college with a surname: Gash. Should he change his name to appease these poor little sensitive victims in today’s unenlightened 2014?!? As I type, BBC 5 Live’s Victoria Derbyshire won’t say ‘gash’ again because it is so ‘grim’ and sexist. The world is bloody mad. This woman gets paid by the taxpayer while TAP finances off his own back a free blog trying to present proper and useful information. Derbyshire is now asking if it is just Scudamore’s generation mind set? Hey, Victoria, did you watch 9/11 unfold? But, don’t think about it too much when we can discuss the sexist implications of the word gash all bloody morning.

Ah, having a rant… TAP, your post about the soldier being arrested for mentioning the common law arrest of the Queen sadly sums it up. I’m going to send you the lyrics to Burlington Bertie later as and when I remember… oh, they are so anti-Semitic! What is Semitic? I still smile about that post by Stuart Wilde when his typed Jews Jews Jews Jews Jews….

Contributor to the Victoria Derbyshire show: if you use sexist words you are sexist.

Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash Gash…………

Back to painting and going to check videos by Mark Passio on Natural Law:
I have not watched this yet, but am sure it is a must for all anti-Semitic fascist anti-fascist communist marxist ageist altruist sexist deist evangelistic homophobic misogynist xenophobic blobists… blobism is my idea; I once added ‘ism’ to ‘blob’ (of paint) and told a newspaper it was my ‘style’ having been asked what I called my ‘style’. They printed it. Even repeaters have their uses! X

Vote For The North Shropshire Anti-Fracking Association !

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

20 Responses to “Check out the bloke testing Henry Ford’s ‘plastic hemp car’ with a hammer from 1941. Ten times stronger than steel.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hear – and get- all your concerns my friend.But UKIP? No other choice? Just don’t participate in the game . Do all you can to protest against fracking but don’t endorse the controlled opposition. BE the opposition. On every front.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Must be at most 4,096 characters”
    I’ve no idea how to count the characters.”

    Ans: Copy what you typed in comments and paste to your “Word,” Office” or
    “LibreOffice Writer.” Go to TOOLS and there you will see “Word Count,” just press it and hey presto.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It has been the rothschild agenda since the 1930’s that europe would be brought into one power block and the rest of the world into 3 others, then reduced to one
    under the banking package, to fight against europe is to fight against rothschild, the building is already there in israel where he says the world will be governed from…. unless we say no

  4. Anonymous says:

    all shirtlifters should be done away with

  5. NPP says:

    BURLINGTON BERTIE FROM BOW (William Hargreaves)
    Allegedly composed by Harry B. Norris in 1900
    Some interesting lyrical references; race, bloodline, class, sexual inuendo, gender, even sleeping with horses and mention of just having ‘a banana with Lady Diana’. Some video links of the song below.

    Plus, if you’ve not seen, this is a classic must watch including the stock exchange post-Waterloo story:
    The House of Rothschild 1934. Full Movie:

    Ella Shields – 1915:
    Julie Andrews – 1962:
    Sheet music:

    Musical intro…

    I’m Bert, p’raps you’ve heard of me
    Bert, you’ve had word of me
    Plodding along, hearty and strong
    Living on plates of fresh air

    I dress up in fashion
    And when I am feeling depressed
    I shave from my cuff all the whiskers and fluff
    Stick my hat on and toddle up West

    I’m Burlington Bertie, I rise at ten thirty
    And saunter along like a toff
    I walk down the Strand with my gloves on my hand
    Then I walk down again with them off
    I’m all airs and graces, correct easy paces
    So long without food, I’ve forgot where my face is
    I’m Bert, Bert, I haven’t a shirt
    But my people are well off you know
    Nearly everyone knows me from Smith to Lord Rosebr’y
    I’m Burlington Bertie from Bow

    I stroll with Lord Hurlington
    Roll in The Burlington
    Call for Champagne, walk out again
    Come back and borrow the ink

    I live most expensive
    Like Tom Lipton I’m in the swim
    He’s got so much ‘oof’, he sleeps on the roof
    And I live in the room over him

    I’m Burlington Bertie, I rise at ten thirty
    And saunter along Temple Bar
    As round there I skip I keep shouting ‘Pip Pip!’
    And the darn’d fools think I’m in my car
    At Rothchilds I swank it, my body I plank it
    On his front door step with ‘The Mail’ for a blanket
    I’m Bert, Bert, and Rothchild was hurt
    He said ‘ You can’t sleep there’ I said ‘Oh’
    He said ‘I’m Rothchild sonny!’ I said ‘That’s damn’d funny
    I’m Burlington Bertie from Bow’

    I smile condescendingly
    While they’re extending me
    Cheer upon cheer when I appear
    Captain with my polo team

    So strict are my people
    They’re William the Conqueror’s strain
    If they ever knew I’d been talking to you
    Why they’d never look at me again

    I’m Burlington Bertie, I rise at ten thirty
    And reach Kempton park around three
    I stand by the rail, when a horse is for sale
    And you ought to see Wooton watch me
    I lean on some awning while Lord Derby’s yawning
    Then he bids two thousand and I bid Good Morning
    I’m Bert, Bert, I’d buy one, a cert
    But where would I keep it you know
    I can’t let my man see me in bed with a gee-gee
    I’m Burlington Bertie from Bow!

    My pose, tho’ ironical
    Shows that my monocle
    Holds up my face, keeps it in place
    Stops it from slipping away

    Cigars, cigars, I smoke thousands
    I usually deal in The Strand
    But you’ve got to take care when you’re getting them there
    Or some idiot might stand on your hand

    I’m Burlington Bertie, I rise at ten thirty
    And Buckingham Palace I view
    I stand in the yard while they’re changing the guard
    And the queen shouts across “Toodle oo”!
    The Prince of Wales’ brother along with some other
    Slaps me on the back and says “Come and see Mother”
    But I’m Bert, Bert, and Royalty’s hurt
    When they ask me to dine I say no
    I’ve just had a banana with Lady Diana
    I’m Burlington Bertie from Bow

  6. Anonymous says:

    excellant about burlingtton bertie and we agree about shirtlifters
    children must be protected but what concerns me is where does UKIP stand on the jewish problem ?
    will he give the british people equality with outsiders in our own land ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    the jewbankers tried to sting ford and take his car firm away so he fought them, and so can we
    but watch this film on what the jewbankers say we owe, remember we did not run this debt up the government did

  8. shirlz007 says:

    I LOVE YOU! ๐Ÿ™‚

    ‘Gnostic Intel (the use of the term ‘Intel’ in Esoteric knowledge!) , Templar ‘knowledge’, Jesus faking his death, Satanism, Archons’

    (Im new to this… Ive been taking the piss for past few years I adfmit!)…

    Im now watching Mark Passio links…


    Nice suite Tap

  9. shirlz007 says:


    I can quite honestly say he is one of the most amazing men I have ever heard talk! (50 mins into first video)…

    Im willing to sit through 6 hours of this!

  10. Anonymous says:

    cowardly israeli soldiers still killing palestinian children
    watch this

  11. Anonymous says:

    Steven Hager’s observations on Passio and a couple others.

  12. Anonymous says:

    shirlz007- another one for you Illuminati past and present – John Lash
    Intra-species predators

  13. shirlz007 says:

    Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!


    Im half-way through Mark Passio’s ‘Natural Law’ presentation.


    What he’s saying about the ‘New Age movement’ is spot on, it’s a religion of cowardice and surrender…

    What he’s saying about ‘Scienceism’ is spot on! The intellectual/scientific community becomes a religion when it becomes rigid and dogmatic in what it ‘teaches’

    WOW! Everything he is saying RESONATES AS TRUTH TO ME!

    bringing balance to the force!

  14. shirlz007 says:

    I’ve always said im going to name my daughter Sophia!!! I HAVE ALWAYS HAD THAT NAME IN MY MIND SINCE A TEEN, AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE IT CAME FROM.
    (Shirley Hurley was a joke… I wouldn’t really be cruel enough to name a daughter Shirley Hurley!)

    And why doesn’t Prince Charles fuck off? Your not going to be King, your not going to be anything! a trumped up gardener with a miserable wife, ONE son and a bastard, who will always know in their hearts your family killed their mother! Your a failure… pipe down!

  15. shirlz007 says:

    I have more chance of being Head of State than Charles has!

    King Danny of The House of Hurley

    Why don’t we see if we can get a celebrity boxing match between Charles and Putin?

    Noncey Prince Charlie ‘The English Corgi’ V Ex KGB ‘Russian Bear’ bear hand assassin Vladmir Putin

    DING! DI… oh! KO’d by Putin – 0.14 Second knockout

  16. NPP says:

    Happily Walking the Plank maritime Law / Common law:
    Coca-Cola CEO to accompany Patriarch in his meeting with Pope in Israel (what a load of bollocks):

    Reminder to watch if you have not:
    The House of Rothschild 1934. Full Movie:

    At Rothchilds I swank it, my body I plank it
    On his front door step with ‘The Mail’ for a blanket
    I’m Bert, Bert, and Rothchild was hurt
    He said ‘ You can’t sleep there’ I said ‘Oh’
    He said ‘I’m Rothchild sonny!’ I said ‘That’s damn’d funny
    I’m Burlington Bertie from Bow’

    So strict are my people
    They’re William the Conqueror’s strain
    If they ever knew I’d been talking to you
    Why they’d never look at me again

    I’ve just had a banana with Lady Diana
    I’m Burlington Bertie from Bow


  17. NPP says:

    Oops, that last comment submission went pear-shaped, meant to say:

    Responding to some comments.

    Not participating in the ‘game’. I’ve tried that. I know plenty of people who have dropped out of the system and do not vote. I chatted with 3-4 the night and suspect I will be the only of us who votes 22 May. If more participated and voted for the minor parties we might make a change. I meet so many who moan and groan, yet do not participate. I understand and sympathise and I frequently moan and groan. However, if just 50, may be 25 people wrote to my MP about e.g. fracking, it would make a difference all arriving on his desk one Monday morning. He would have to respond. Apathy does not work.

    I attended a local Tory open meeting and was surprised at how easy it would have been to influence the meeting; may be 1/6 dozen friends and / or like minded asking pertinent questions.

    May be it will never get fixed, then again I am inclined to think all things change. If more were aware and more did vote… it would be interesting. I am not even sure the vote is not rigged even in good old ‘fair play’ England (I jest!.
    Are UKIP really likely to do that well? Is the establishment really likely to allow UKIP to do well? If UKIP were to do well, does that merely indicate another opposition being controlled or about to be controlled? I don’t know.

    I support TAP’s attempt to join the game in Shropshire; it ain’t easy. It is easier not to. It is easier not to comment on blogs, but if TAP can be bothered, so can I. As with most things, a sense of humour is good to hang onto.

    Thanks Anon – I tired the Word doc count, but that counts words, not characters / individual letters, as far as I could determine. I’m sure there is a solution, but by the time my head comes up and I’ve typed more words than the TAP comments can cope with, I think must get back to work; get back to painting pictures; watching paint dry!
    Time was of the essence, so I send to TAP as a mail and TAP does what TAP decides.

    An article on Maritime vs Common Law in Veteran’s Today:
    Happily Walking the Plank maritime Law / Common law:

    Plus, Turkish CEO of Coca Cola International to accompany the Patriarch in his meeting with Pope in Israel?!

    Cheers X

  18. shirlz007 says:

    Excuse me… but who are you? :/ if you don’t mind me asking?

    Male/female? Age? Occupation? Knowledge? ๐Ÿ™‚ … your views on what The Illuminati is/was/should be? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Do you know anything about the following website? (which has changed considerably since last time I checked… 2011?)

    This video which remains pn Youtube was taken from the above website…

    How did you know of Mark Passio? Do you know Mark Passio? Who do you know? Do you know who I am? (Danny Hurley)… who are you?


  19. Anonymous says:

    ๐Ÿ˜€ if you call your daughter Sophia she would be still be a SHurley lol! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. shirlz007 says:

    Sophia Sara Suzanna Hurley
    SSSHurley ๐Ÿ˜€

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