Cast your vote with ink or biro not pencil. It’s easy to alter otherwise.


Myself and friends have known for over the past 10/12 years now that the elections are fixed .
Why when people go to vote do they still use the pencil provided in the booths???????? where the vote you cast can be erased???

Any small party should insist on putting their own seals on the vote box ,any number of cast votes have been known to be destroyed if they were from an unwanted party /candidate.

People/the population have no idea of the skull duggery that goes on at voting time

be warned next time you cast a vote ,mark it in biro,and if standing for a small party insist on sealing the box yourself.

Anonymous said…

You are not allowed to fix your own seals in most of UK.
The Councils usually keep the boxes of leaflets in a locked room overnight, to count the next day.
So it’s totally honest, I think?

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  1. Twig says:

    Agreed. I use an indelible cheque writing pen.
    I made a complaint to the presiding officer about the EU ballots which were presented folded in a way to conceal the ukip entry.

    The party at the top of the card was “An Independence from Europe” with the description “UK Independence now”. The Electoral Commission should have disallowed this but unfortunately the Commission is chaired by a Common Purpose graduate, and they allowed the said previously unheard of party to be placed on the ballot at or close to the top due to the alphabetical sequencing. They captured 1.5% of the vote which was probably intended for UKIP. That 1.5% would have made ukip 29% of the national vote and may well have given them another MEP.

    Today is Tues 27/5 and Tower Hamlets have not yet declared that’s five days late. Heads should roll.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the ballot boxes.
    Some are now made of cardboard so they can be flat packed.
    The metal ones usually only have room for a tie-rap. one black tie is very much the same as another.
    I have seen just tape used to seal the boxes.
    There is plenty of scope for fraud.

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