Cameron’s frack-bribes betray his ignorance and his inhumanity.

Properties within two miles of a frack site are not compensatable with money.  They are unsellable at any price.  I visited a neighbour yesterday to discuss the PR efforts of Dart Energy (presenting itself as a Scottish energy company, in fact owned through a series of subsidiaries by the Chinese Government’s CNOOC) trying to persuade our village to consent to our underground water being poisoned in perpetuity, our health being ruined and our farms made unproductive for the first time in the thousands of years since they first began.

The neighbour I visited was trying to downsize and move to a small bungalow as he’s no longer needing his big house.  He had an offer and the buyer was dead keen.  Then suddenly two weeks ago when the Dart Energy environmental impact assessment waiver by Shropshire Council’s dumb and dumber planning department was publicised, the buyer ran away.  A house that was worth £500,000  two weeks ago is suddenly be worthless and unsellable at any price.

The fact is there’s no price which would be sufficient to compensate for the loss of Britain’s countryside.  People who are dead don’t need money, and people who fear for their health don’t need money either.  Land which will be made permanently unusable for the production of food cannot be repaired with money, and water permanently poisoned is not repairable by pieces of paper with the Queen’s face inked onto them.

Cameron is beyond ignorant.  The market value he’s destroying by fracking is not in the ballpark of his compensation offers.  The housing stock, and the farms and animals in the village once lost would be worth nearer £100 million than the £800,000 he’s offering.  The lost future of the families and the loss of their health is beyond estimation.  Their value is beyond any financial calculation

The richest people I know own blocks of flats in Chelsea.  I don’t know what monetary value these have.  Nor do I care, but if their sick child could be made well, they’d give the whole lot away tomorrow morning.  That’s what money is worth relative to health, and life.  Could someone please inform this ignoramus who claims to be responsible for our country that he can place his money somewhere appropriate.

Fracking is a weapon designed to clear the countryside of human beings and farm animals to achieve the objectives of Agenda 21.

PICTURE – Notice the double arch.  Masonic symbolism at its best.  Farage has to support fracking to get Murdoch’s support.  There’s no point backing UKIP.  They’re traded into the system.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, when I had trouble with the Rates on a property, they, the Inland Revenue, sent out an agent.
    During the course of our problem the Lady said “we did not need customers, as the Rates were decided by the value of the property “.
    So if the value of Property goes down the Rates should follow.
    There will be of course a rule somewhere which would negate this.
    It’s worth an enquiry.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Valuations are historic. I can see many refusing to pay once tracking starts its path of rural destruction. Councils will be bankrupted, but central government does;t care about Councils. They want them gone too.

  3. shirlz007 says:

    we ALL know Cameron took three illegsl nuclear weapons from South Africa in 89, and lost them to the black market (David Cameron, Ken Warren, Mark Thatcher and late Dr David Kelly)… that undoubtedly makes him a psychopath in my opinion.

    BUT! (I am not the only one saying this, Gordon Duff has said it, and I KNOW WITH 100% CERTAINTY… I am not the only one from British Intel thinking it)…

    Are you sure David Cameron didn’t sacrifice his own child to The Illuminati in order to prove his loyalty to The Illuminati/Rothschild/Zionist Cabal?

    I know how sick that sounds without any evidence, to some of you… but let me tell you now… I AINT THE ONLY ONE THINKING IT!!!

    Last PM was Tony Blair, possible illegitimate Rothschild, who conducted a genocide in Iraq (no conscience)… Cameron is a known Rothschild agent…

    The harder WE push… the more they ensure their puppets are blackmailed and ensured to do thy bidding. In 09, the first thing ALOT of British Intel thought when they first heard David Camerons child had died of Cerebral palsy… was… DID HE SACRIFICE HIM?

    (I have no reason to say something without meaning it, or thinking it… it’s the way British Politics works!!!) :'(

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your health is most definitely your wealth.

  5. shirlz007 says:


    ‘What do you know about me?’

    ‘Their too dangerous’

    ‘Mankind will turn on us’
    ‘not if WE stop a war’

    ‘Would they do the same for us?’

    ‘Should WE have too hide?’

    ‘We have it in us to be the better men’

    ”Peace was NEVER an option”

  6. shirlz007 says:

    out of interest… doesn’t it EVER wake YOU in the middle of the night? NDAA? UK Secret Law?…

  7. Anonymous says:

    There is no alternative to UKIP.Not voting for them or not voting at all,will simply benefit the 3 criminal main parties.

  8. NPP says:

    Double arches? Does some one choose such a photo with such intent? This arch photo was everywhere. It was his local voting venue.

    ‘There is no alternative to UKIP.Not voting for them or not voting at all,will simply benefit the 3 criminal main parties’

    I agree Anon.

    BBC R4 reporting extraordinary UKIP gains 6.30am UK.

    3 main parties are already fracked-in TAP. Farage can at least be informed and attitude changed. The vote was yesterday. We, I had to vote with pragmatic intent. Hit the main 3 and make a difference from the same old same old was first immediate priority.

    I hold no illusions about UKIP. I totally agree with you re fracking / Agenda 21 concerns. Huge concern.

    BBC R4: Yesterday lightening hit the London Shard + UKIP surge.

    Any political party gaining public interest will attract Murdoch interest.

    PS last night BBC Question Time constant UKIP=racism and Putin blamed for Ukraine. One UKIP supporter in Question Time audience the most articulate clear public voice, even clearer than the panel. This morning BBC R4 same anti Putin propaganda.

    Once we know UKIP have made a difference, write wrıte, lobby lobby, shout shout re fracking, foreign interventions, GMOs…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I had 2 new labour candidates knock on my door to try to bullshit me into voting for them
    i told them they were war criminals and terrorists, their leader was tony balir a known psychopath and they had racist wars on brown people for profit, and now they had the jew milliband parrachuted in on them i picked up a broom by my door and chased them down my garden path shouting get off my property you filthy racists i am voting UKIP
    Margaret aged 86

  10. Tapestry says:

    Do you doubt Farage is a Freemason? See his handshake with Helmer. The pressures on Farage to conform will be extremely powerful. He must be fearful of a landslide. He knows how to be the naughty boy at the back of the class. Does he know how to handle real power? People who 15 years ago accused me of racism for supporting UKIP, are now themselves voting UKIP – teachers and the like. Let’s create the opposition to UKIP now as there will only be pressure for UKIP to become the Conservatives with a new name. Did you notice Farage said yesterday that there will be joint UKIP/Conservative candidate at the GE. Is he about to pull up the white flag, terrified by his own ‘success’?

  11. Anonymous says:

    farrage may be a freemason but hes not a boy-nobber
    neil Copeman

  12. Anonymous says:

    Just came across a firm called ‘Fleet street letter’ who are pushing Fracking.

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