Bras and breasts. Dressed to kill……yourself

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Almost twenty years ago, my partner Soma Grismaijer and I announced the results of our 1991-93 Bra and Breast Cancer study in our book, Dressed To Kill.
Bras, we discovered, are the leading cause of breast cancer. Like corsets, they constrict and interfere with circulation. Lymph fluid cannot easily drain from a bra-constricted breast. This stagnant lymph fluid cannot be adequately flushed away, concentrating waste products and toxins in the slowly toxifying breasts. Backed-up fluid results in cysts and pain. Ultimately, this can lead to cancer.
Essentially, a bra-free woman has about the same incidence of breast cancer as a man. The tighter and longer a bra is worn, the higher the incidence of breast cancer. 24/7 bra wearers have over 100 times the incidence as a bra-free woman. These findings have been recently confirmed by studies in China and Venezuela. A 1991 Harvard study also found a significant bra/cancer link.
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2 Responses to “Bras and breasts. Dressed to kill……yourself”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What about cross-dressing men then?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Spot on Tap.

    My beautiful and seriously intelligent younger sister died age 45 of breast cancer. That is a whole Other story.

    I, on the other hand, have had several Near Death experiences, and just keep on breathing, and Learning.

    Long Story Short-
    just past 60 I visited a naturopath who taught me many things.

    One is to keep the body alkaline
    and the second was about the bras we women wear.

    Underwire is the big no no.

    these days, so many good quality sports bras, but definitely the main issue is to keep the lymphatic system properly drained.

    Overall, for me YOGA is the breath and elixir of LIfe.

    And LOVE.

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