Chinese CNOOC takes over ownership and control of UK fracking, Dart Energy, Island Gas and Nexen.

Fu Chengyu head of CNOOC, the Chinese energy corporation with an appalling human rights and environmental record.

The website in the link below catalogues the disasters that fracking has inflicted on Fylde an area of Blackpool.  The list is horrendous, and does not include the long term health effects from breathing poisons in the air, and drinking chemicals lodged in the water.  The nightmare is only just beginning.

Just in case anyone is about to ‘get’ the real horror story of fracking into the media and start targeting blame on the companies involved, the ownership of these companies is being spun through a washing machine of rapid share sales, until no one will be able to trace who’s actually carrying out this destruction of our towns and villages, except with a lot of trouble finding out who own who.

Take what the media cheerfully calls ‘Australian’ company Dart Energy, which is the company claiming to be obtaining licences in our village to drill, one of these sites just yards from my own business in the village of Dudleston, North Shropshire, Owen Paterson’s constituency.  

Is Dart Energy actually Australian? Listed on the ASX, the Head Office is located in Singapore.  The business, on the other hand, is run from Mason in Michigan, USA.  Marginally Australian at best.  More correctly American.  That wouldn’t look too good in the local paper, and neither would Singaporean.  So Australian Dart Energy it is, as required by PR.

In any case, Dart Energy was sold earlier this year to Island Gas PLC, which is listed in the UK.  The media is behind the curve by about 10,000 miles, it seems.  But then again, only this month, Island Gas was also sold en bloc to Nexen, another energy company, of which the largest shareholder is CNOOC, the Chinese National Offshore Oil Company, a business with many cooperative trades done with BP, the former British oil major,  now the biggest hydrocarbon company in the world.

It seems that the company that should be picking up all the opprobrium for destroying British towns and villages is none other than good old BP, the perpetrator of the Deepwater Horizon environmental catastrophe in the Gulf Of Mexico.

WIKIPEDIA – CNOOC was advised by Goldman Sachs.[6] CNOOC Limited had a reputation for acting independently of the Chinese government, and had not notified government officials before bidding for UNOCAL.[6] 

CNOOC Limited faces challenges in the domestic market. Its rivals, CNPC and Sinopec, have been permitted to conduct offshore exploration once monopolized by CNOOC Limited. In accordance with the commitment by the Chinese government to join the World Trade Organization, the oil market will be opened to non-Chinese companies (such as Exxon Mobil and BP) by the end of 2006. 

Nexen acquisition[edit]

Adding 61 percent to Nexen’s July 20, 2012 stock price, on July 23 CNOOC agreed to buy Nexen for $15.1 billion (China’s largest foreign deal).[7] The Canadian government’s Investment Canada Act was used to determine if the sale was a “net benefit” to Canada.[8] In addition to Canadian authorities, the acquisition had to be approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.[9] On 7 December the sale was approved by the Canadian government,[10] and on February 12, 2013 it was approved by U.S. regulators.[11]

It’s time to stop buying petrol and other products from this evil operator.  The company’s former Chairman Lord Browne is the person David Cameron appointed to expedite fracking in Britain.  Don’t worry about any names they are using for their PR campaigns.  We know who the real perpetrators are.  Here are the fruits of their work, listed by Fylde residents near Blackpool.

  • Elswick (13/03/14):  The earthquakes we had caused damage to our house through Fracking. We received no compensation not even a sorry from Cuadrilla, had to claim on house insurance which me and the wife refused as it was Cuadrilla’s fault. They do the drilling we pay for the damage, it’s just not on. We are thinking of moving cause of all this. Or is there anything we can do ?
  • Greenhalgh (19/08/13): I am contacting you for some assistance. We live in Greenhalgh – Medlar Lane, and are experiencing frequent minor tremors within the house, particularly in our back bedroom which looks out across the fields to Elswick. When I say frequent, it occurs several mornings each week. Cracks have begun to appear in the plasterwork in the room below this. Whilst there is building work going on currently in Medlar Lane, these have been occurring since the fracking began. Do I have reasons to complain, and if so, how do I go about this?
  • Warton (18/08/13):  Had a phone call yesterday it was a survey. Do not usually do such things but I was not thinking fast enough to get out of it . The questions were about my hopes for the area e.t.c. Environment issues. Employment, Manufacturing, training for the young. I was the one who brought up Fracking first. Then lots of questions about my knowledge of fracking. Also my trust in national and local Government. Right at the end of the survey I was asked if I would be surprised if she told me that Cuadrilla were doing the survey.
    I said I was but I would not put it past them, and there the survey ended.
  • Preesall (13/08/13): I live in the village of Preesall and on my way home on the 13/08/13 at around 17:00 I followed what appeared to be a wagon full of drilling piles which was causing a major tailback due to it’s size on the small roads. It finally went down Back Lane by the Saracens Pub which would be towards one of the planned sites you’ve identified. This obviously concerns me as a Preesall resident, especially as this is the area that we’ve been battling Halite energy Group to store gas in underground caverns! I believe Halite are still trying to put this plan into action, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out these two facilities in close proximity would be catastrophic to say the least! Admin: We subsequently investigated this site and discovered that it is being developed by Halite, who are currently carrying out a geophysical survey in Wyre. Halite were refused permission by the Government so we believe that they are appealing and have extended planning permission to carry out their survey. Cuadrilla have told us that they are not planning to use the gas storage facilities.
  •  Fylde (08/13): I have been contacted on two occasions by a survey company commissioned by  Cuadrilla. I took part freely having established early on in the conversation  who the company were and who was paying for the survey. I undertook to educate  the surveyor of some of the notable negative aspects of the fracking process,  recommending they more fully research the process and impact. Both researchers  enjoyed the survey – to what purpose this research is being sought I am  unclear
  • Weeton (04/13): We have received reports of people suffering from severe asthma attacks in the Weeton area and are currently investigating these claims. If you know or have heard of any people in the Weeton area who have suddenly developed asthma or are suffering more severe attacks than usual please get in touch with us asap at
  • St Annes (02/13): I live in St Annes and our water was off again the other Saturday – it was also off in FY8 a few weeks ago. United Utilities said both cases were collapsed mains. I have also noticed that there have been several collapsed sewers in St Annes over the last few months. Seems a big coincidence because the area has been drilled by the frackers and I would guess that this has made the ground liable to collapse. Have you done any research locally to see if the drilling has caused it. ADMIN: Unfortunately, we are unable to carry out research like this. However, we have consulted a geologist and a drilling engineer and both have said that it is very likely that the vibrations caused by the drilling have contributed to collapsed mains and sewers, especially as the ground has been very wet for months. We have also been told of a land slip near Balham Road. We believe proving that any of these land slips have been caused by drilling would be very difficult . We are, however, recording any occurrences that are reported for future reference. Click link for hundreds more like these.  Sent by James.

Paterson doesn’t even know the difference between an oil well and a gas fracking operation.  Give me strength.

Then Gordon adds – 

Hi Tap,

Hope you find these links of interest concerning your local Fracking. Ultimately,I would like to see your councillors ousted in your local elections later this month as a lesson to any further ideas about Fracking.

Fracking is not good news, however, looking on the bright side the exploratory results may prove of little economic benefit. Let’s hope and pray.

Kind regards,

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