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  1. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely brilliant!

  2. Anonymous says:

    He’s been reading our blog.
    Good luck and start eating food again.
    You need to be in good health to win the seat.

  3. Anonymous says:

    At truthjuice we have been talking about Ben and good luck from us all.
    There are several people attacking whistleblowers just now
    Ben Felowes Chris Spivey Maud Dib etc
    we believe at truth juice its a man called either Elliot Tailor or Ellis Tailor who has been caught doing this in the past
    any info let me know

  4. Anonymous says:

    Its open season on whistleblowers and i hear money is paid by a small office subsidised by rupert murdoch in holborn.
    no big money i am afraid you are lucky to get 35 quid

  5. Anonymous says:


    of Main street Gunthorpe Nottinghamshire


    David Bennett. Religious Education Teacher, Babington Community

    Technology College, Leicester. For services to Education. (Leicester, Leicestershire)

    Another mason Given a MBE !

    Savile’s mate
    ran a kiddie’s holiday away camp in wales (for his mates?)for decades web site now hidden or closed (kingfisher)

    was vicar at saxendale church St Edmunds

    just like savile but still ALIVE decades of secrets, never challenged or dealt with untill?


  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh, come on, Mr Tap…

    Now Sonia Poulton is in on the act- a dedicated follower (or should that be ‘fellower’) of Ben ‘Jackanory’ Fellows!

    You know, the ‘truth movement’ (never join ‘movements’, if you want to retain your own mind and set of principles) is all on the Fellow bandwagon; major ‘red flag’!

    I predict (based on Ben’s other pie-in-the-sky schemes) that he will NOT contest Clarke’s seat (any number of excuses will be made).

    Refute my charge that Ben Fellows’ G4S story is complete and utter bunkum. G4S did not exist until 2004- ten years after the alleged incident inside Kenneth Clarke’s office. Ben Fellows said that Clarke commented about the Dollar sign being about the ‘4’ on (standard) keyboards. Fellows alleged that Clarke said that that was the reason for the name ‘G4S’.

    This is from their website:


    Securicor merged with Group 4 Falck’s security businesses to form Group 4 Securicor and began trading on the London and Copenhagen Stock Exchange”

    People need to remember that prior to that, Securicor and Group 4 were separate companies- and again, this is TEN YEARS AFTER the alleged Clarke/Fellows incident.


    Now Ben Fellows is saying that the BBC: “could be”, “maybe”… etc. etc. making a sit-com about him. Ben Fellows is a delusional, paranoid person who needs to see a psychiatrist.

    The fact that the UK Column, Sonia Poulton, Patrick Henningsen, Icke?? (I’m not sure about that one) etc. are all backing Fellows’ story is indeed, very suspicious.

    Ben Fellows has made all kinds of grandiose claims about what he’s going to do, what has happened to him, but he has no evidence (or follow-through) whatsoever.

    Now he’s in Lanzerote with Hannah Remmington. Nothing about his ‘hunger-strike’ in Sonia Poulton’s latest broadcast/interview with him:


    Have you seen this:…?


    (UK Budget 2014: Bill Maloney & Sonia Poulton confront Nick Clegg )


    I’ll tell you why that was a lame publicity stunt- watch the security guard (the bald, black man who is with them throughout the video).

    Watch where he goes at the end of the video- it was a pre-arranged publicity stunt.

    Sonia Poulton is on mainstream television, writes for mainstream newspapers. The UK Column and her have hijacked the public opposition towards the alleged paedophiles. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that paedophilia is still going on today, amongst high-ranking individuals.

    I am just saying that the ‘truth movement’ is working for them. That’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

    They are steering the agenda- or ‘driving the agenda’, as Brian Gerrish likes to say.

    They are the aurthorised ‘good shepherds’ who are making sure that the masses are appeased by their ‘daring’ publicity stunts.

    Look at Poulton, she was thrust onto the ‘truth’ scene after her fake argument against Icke. People who are (quite rightly) distrustful of Icke, will FOLLOW her.

    It’s like WWF… sorry… WWE wrestling- it’s fake!

    Again, Ben Fellows will NOT run against Clarke next year- this is more BS to keep his bandwagon moving.

    Has he taken the “once a day and twice on Sundays” lie-detector (polygraph) test?


    Bill Maloney is either incredible naive and gullible or he is just as corrupt as the rest of them. I hope that it’s the former, and not the latter…

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