Alternative VIew 5. Let’s make it a real party Ian!!

I’m at Alternative View 5 today, a conference organized by Ian Crane with a dozen presenters covering many topics of interest to Tap Blog readers.  It’s located near Daventry, and there’s about 250-300 people here all attuned to ‘the alternative view’.  Fracking is much mentioned so far but so too are many other aspects of the control system – mind control, geo-engineering, Archontic entities, and many many more.

I don’t think anyone will agree about a political initiative.  These people have learned to think for themselves and don’t believe in political organizations.  Most parties are indeed quickly penetrated and controlled from outside.  

Maybe we can start one and keep control of the reins by carefully controlling the kind of people we bring in.  The attempt to overpower the initial membership with plants can only be stopped by recruiting the right membership fast enough in big enough numbers that the party cannot be overpowered at public meetings which have to be called under any permitted constitution.

This kind of group would be ideal for starting a political party.  I tried to talk to Ian last night to see what his ideas are.  He agrees there’s a need for a political aspect to battle the system with.  But he’s acting as main host and doesn’t have time for anything else right now.  I’m sure there’ll be one other Tap Blog reader at this venue.  Can Ian be asked to consider turning his Alternative View conventions into the starting point for a political party.

The name Survive and Thrive would be easier to sell to the public. Alternative View would work too as a name.  The actual name is less important than the existence of a political party able to deliver campaigns into constituencies threatening sitting MPs as they line up to back tracking, and all the other aspects of Agenda 21 to ensure they get good pensions and jobs subsequent to their treachery at Westminster.

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  1. NPP says:

    Wish I were there, sounds interesting. Good luck.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Tap, just a side thought. Every time I hear ‘Survive and Thrive’ I can’t help but think of ‘Protect and Survive’ – the official Seventies policy in the advent of nuclear attack. It mostly involved crawling under the kitchen table and crossing your fingers.
    Not really an image I would like to associate with your excellent idea. But that’s just me, and I’ll get over it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    hi readers i am 86 years old and i remember a wonderful man who tried to organise something similar years ago, the commies the jews the racists and the haters all got together to wreck his meetings,and only after his death people realise what a chance they missed
    RIP Oswald Mosely
    Margaret Huntingford ( mrs )

  4. Anonymous says:

    As soon as all the hate spam emails began about Ian Crane i knew he was one of the good guys, its a weapon the scumbags 5th columnists and knobsuckers of the NWO and their paid lackeys always use.
    Good luck ian
    anybopdy seen this ?

  5. shirlz007 says:

    FIRST!!! @ Anonymous 9.18 Margaret Huntingford… 86 YEARS OLD!
    GO GIRL! 😀

    I doubt they’d allow myself to have anything to do with it… but it does sound like a great idea!

    Paedophelia! SATANIC PAEDOPHELIA and it’s connections to Security Services… that all I really give a shit about at this moment in time.

    Fracking, geo-engineering, chemtrailing, mass surveillance, institutionalised paedophilia and child abuse, 9/11 and 7/7 truth, banking and financial crime, media control (MURDOCH!), Palestine…

    • Anonymous says:

      Shirlz007 1000% with you dear have campaigned for year against pedophiles but no fffff errrr will listen even had a homeoffice meeting about child abuse yr ago. Shirlz007 if you wanna start a party I’ll be their . You are a breath of fresh air x

  6. Anonymous says:

    shirts007 i am voting for you and that wonderful 86 year old
    what a team !!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Re; Margaret Huntingford ( mrs )

    As an 86 year young I’m sure you have a wealth of experience to share with us and would love to from you.


  8. NPP says:

    Off subject…

    Made me laugh last night. Playing backgammon with a friend, radio on, they were chatting about the Oscars or Cannes Film or some such… suddenly some one mentioned Stanley Kubrick was nominated for a Razzie for Worst Director for his film The Shining. I thought of Jay Weidner, how he describes Kubrick’s Shining as an indicator of the truth about the Appollo landings. Yet he was nominated for a Razzie. What does this say about the film business and the critics… it just made me laugh.

    “Kubrick´s Odyssey How Stanley Faked the Moon Landings”

    Full film:

    The Shining (1980)

    Stanley Kubrick may be considered one of the greatest directors of all time, but in 1980, he was nominated for a Razzie for Worst Director for his film The Shining. Prior to its release, fans of Stephen King’s novel eagerly awaited the film adaptation—but Kubrick steered the narrative so far away from the source material that audiences were turned off. (King wasn’t pleased, either.) The Shining received a mixed critical response for not being a conventional horror film, and it was nominated for two Razzies.

    When The Shining was released on VHS, however, critics immediately re-assessed it: Roger Ebert said it was one of the greatest horror films ever made, calling it “strangely disturbing.” Today, there are numerous interpretations of The Shining, many of them documented in the film Room 237 which attempts to uncover the true meaning behind Kubrick’s vision.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love the idea of a new party,
    The film awards are awards by jews for jews in front of jews
    nuff said
    some good news for a change,
    the mums outside St Josephs school kept complaining to the head thata man was standing outside and continually trying to chat the boys up, the head said he had spoken to police and homosexuality was no longer a crime, and hanging around school gates used to be called poofetering, and is no longera crime, and to ignore it.
    So the mums led by susan Abbott
    Told the man do not be here tomorrow or i will deal with you, the man said “you and whose army ha ha ” next day susan and collen whitmore tackled the man while carol treacher puched him in the goolies, he went down under the wieght of several more mums joining in and with colleen bleding from the nose, when up ran little david tollidays grandmother well into her 70s and kicked him right in the face several times, he struggled up bleeding badly and ran down the road, we the people have been patient long enough
    Give us our own political party, one where the people have a voice and us mums will be right behind you

  10. Anonymous says:

    In W W II the jews all went to the jewish doctor and got excused war service for flat feel short sight and other fake health conditions, and we had armies of jews walking the streets, the wide boys spivs fences black marketeers were all jews, any extra food for the children etc the jew could get it, at a price,- the interest would creep up and next thing the home was lost to the jew.
    So many of these men were in the country that churchills freind the occultist Dennis Wheatley asked if an army could be made up of just jews, but churchills handlers would not hear of it.
    We were so grateful for the blackshirts who protected us where they could.
    The jews would rob homes and business in the blackout and set it alight and saya stray german bomb must have destroyed everything, mr mosely put blackshirts to guard our property from the jew but there were never enough and thes emen were usually too old for war service.
    we listened to william joyce on the Radio “germany calling”
    no one lsiutene dto the BBC “bullshit time the troops called it “
    wiliam joyce wrotea book which is on the net its called
    “twilight over england “
    everyone should read it
    margaret huntingford ( mrs )aged 86

  11. Tapestry says:

    The name of a party could be anything really. The difficulty is stop the infiltration of the public meetings and the packing of the membership with MI5 types who then vote off the original leadership as happened to UKIP, when New Britain kicked out Alan Sked and subverted the party, unknown to most people today. Worse than that the London office was broken into and all the computers removed and the party was run from the private office of Mike Natrass in Solihull, one of the former New Britain leadership.

  12. Anonymous says:

    crikey i did not know that about UKIP, but what choice have we got ?
    I would like to take issue with whoever said throw out all the shirtlifters, instead i would like to lock them all up ina large cell to bugger our crimonal politicains

  13. Anonymous says:

    hope today goes well henry, here is john kaminskis latest
    and its always up to a superb standard

  14. Anonymous says:

    Satanic Subversion of the US military.

    Hmm… does this also occur in the British????

  15. Anonymous says:

    people criticise the boy-nobbers but that is the way they brought the IRA to the peace table
    expose the queers among them, including gerry adams and his brother who had sex with kids, name and shame them, show the people what shits they were and it worked
    Brian P

    • Anonymous says:

      His brother Gerry !!That C..T knew his own kids where being abuse ..Ff Murdering scum ..but you know he will get away with it …kisses the Queens arse ..urrr Vile. They have a Royal warrant the IRA ..Lol….

  16. Anonymous says:

    there is no legal remedy in this google
    kate of gaia and find out why any use of the legal name is fraud

  17. Anonymous says:

    Does any one know any thing about the earth being flat? There seems to be a growing school of thought that the earth is flat. What is your thoughts on this.

  18. shirlz007 says:

    OKAY! Let’s start our own political party then! LET’S PUT IT INTO ACTION!!!
    ‘The reluctant hippy party’! :D… something with the word ‘Alternate’ in. The Alternate Approach Party, Alternative Politics Party.

    A political party, with alternate media support, draw up a Constitution and a Manifesto… let’s make it happen.

    -Institutionalised child abuse and snuff rings, and British Security involvement
    -GCHQ mass surveillance
    -Fracking and other environmental issues
    -GM crops and Monsanto
    -Chemtrailing and geo-engineering
    -media control and manipulation (Murdoch, BBC)
    -banking and financial crimes (HSBC, Libor, Forex, Gold and commodity rigging)
    -British Foreign policy (Middle East and Ukraine)
    -False flag inquiries (9/11, 7/7 etc)
    -The EU and Brussels (finance/benefit to Britain)
    -UFO and other unexplained phenomenon that the MOD know about

    And if you want to quickly roll off some ‘policies’…
    – Investment into clean, green, renewable energy sources (scientific and academic research, investment, implementation), become a world leader in alternate energy use.
    – A new banking system (changes to)… Glass Steagal Act
    – Britains housing crisis (millions of empty homes being renovated and reused)
    – Investment in infrastructure (Britain’s infrastructure highways is about to collapse)
    -Withdraw Family Guy from British terrestrial TV… it’s gay and not funny
    – Abolish The House of Lords and Monarchy
    – Diminished workers rights
    – An investigation into British Security Services and their roles in numerous murders
    – A review of the role of British Armed Forces, their role, duty, OATH! ;), psychological help and support, readjustment to civy life
    – A review of the police forces (investigation into Freemasonry!), their role, duties, powers.
    – A review the role SOCA and National Crime Agency can take a bigger role security and tackling organised crime… FINANCIAL!

  19. shirlz007 says:


    Im joking! kinda :/

    A FULL CRIMINAL INQUIRY INTO THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY!!! (French and British)… their links to intelligence agencies, financial fraud, Iraq Invasion (Ahmed Chalabi meeting with N M Rothschild and Sons, in London leading up to), their alleged control of Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of England, IMF… the other families and individuals involved

  20. Most people have there singular radical ideas , but it’s
    Just all about clear transparent and even the ability
    To apologetic when the wrong choices are made
    I’m not a Green Party supporter ,but I do believe we have
    A chance to build into all new properties ,solar, ground source heat pumps, and we have water lots of it , wave power , hydro , Not fracking ,or methane extraction,
    Which will devastate our fields , for a short gain, poison our water, deep drilling for shallow thinking ?????

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