Why should I pay seat belt fine?


A speed camera photographed me in my works van not wearing a seat belt. Police want to find out who was driving. The official letter says its a nonendorsable offence. But it has depressed my friday night, as a fine of perhaps 60 pounds I will be hit for
I work hard all week, moneys tight, and try to get ahead.  Also, if it was speeding, i could understand, as by and large, innocent pedestrians need protecting
But a seat belt?  Whats this country coming to? And how shocking that intrusive cameras can tell if we wear a seat belt now.
Is there any advice you or your readers could please give?  I feel this is criminal activity, of a money grabbing police state, stealing from me.  I presume this process is happening via Maritime law?
Can i just ignore it and not pay, and invoke Common Law? 
This fine has depressed me and im having trouble getting over it, because of the sheer unfairness and intrusiveness of this theft
Thanks Adam
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Not wearing a seat belt is a minor driving offence and carries no penalty points. If you don’t pay the fine you’ll be summoned to court and have to pay court costs plus your fine for not wearing your seat-belt. Best judgement is to pay your fine and put it under your belt as experience and move on.
    Best wishes,

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where is all this money going?

    A friend works in the finance department of a local council, she has been trying to establish where large ammounts of grey money are being held and their eventual destination. This inludes council tax surplus (vast ammounts) and revenue collected from illegal activities such as motoring fines etc.

    She has been joining dots and believes there is a correlation between dual national CEO’s, their large salaries and the exporting of massive ammounts of money to a certain middle Eastern country.

    She has recently fallen foul of Common Purpose entities within her workplace, who are on her back continiously. She thinks its connected.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Adam – you will probably get further by going to Get Out of Debt Free (http://www.getoutofdebtfree.org/) and joining the forum, where you should get lots more info and advice than here.

    I was in a similar position re a parking ticket on my m/c 3 years ago. But I refused to pay it on principle and stuck to my guns, and eventually the council dropped it.

    Gordon, with respect, your view is the reason we are in the position we are in in the first place. Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can they actually identify you from the photo? Sometimes a photo only shows part of the body and not the face in which case it can be argued that it was not you driving the vehicle at the time of the incident.
    If they have not already forwarded a copy of the photo to you then the first step is to request the photo and full accompanying details of the offence ie: date / time/ place/ etc before doing anything else.
    If the photo is not clear identification then you can retort you were not the driver. They have to be able to prove you were the driver at the time of the incident

    Google the problem and you’ll find quite a few sites that cover this in more detail

    • Anonymous says:

      “police want to find out…..” Well, that isn’t your problem. Do NOT deny that you were driving, never lie to the police. Ask for evidence that you were at the wheel, keep records of everything, and say you will pay the fine upon receipt of proof that it was you driving. The only reason why they want you to admit ie confess that you were driving is because they don’t know.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I wasn’t aware they had started using cameras to catch people driving without a seatbelt. That tells me they are desperate to make up their funding.
    Since the conservatives made cutbacks to all authorities I’ve noticed a rise in fines and parking tickets being handed out.
    They are obviously using every option available to get more money in to cover the shortfall.
    As if they don’t take enough from us in taxes already

    I’ve always had a theory that if no one breaks any laws the police would be redundant. So if we give them no reason to issue a fine they can’t get more money out us

  6. Anonymous says:

    The letter they sent to ‘You’ should appear in Capital letters, it is also the case that they need to get the name exactly the same as how it appears on the ‘Logbook’ that displays the information that is held by DVLA, for instance, DVLA will hold: JOHN JAMES DOE, if they sent the notice to Mr J Doe, then query whom they are attempting to contact. Query the information they have been provided with if the name appears in other than CAPITAL letters. I did this for an alleged parking offence, I also questioned the source of info at either DVLA and the Authority issuing the ticket and suggested that an offence may have been committed at both Legislated and Common law with regard to incorrect information being supplied by an official body.

  7. Anonymous says:

    follow up to 12:42
    I’d also like to add that Governments exist to regulate trade and subject the same trading activity to taxation. You may not have a leg to stand on as you were as stated in a commercial vehicle at the time. Regardless of whether it feels comfortable ideologically, that is what Governments are for, and they introduce Acts & Statutes that apply to Commercial entities (Persons).
    You shuld do some work on establishing your ‘Private’ side, then you can differentiate between public (Birth Certificate Person) and Private (Man Person).

  8. Anonymous says:

    Update to 12:54
    I would have thought that a Speeding Camera activates when the speed in which the vehicle is travelling exceeds that, to what the camera is set at, so it must have caught you speeding also? If it didn’t then you need to make further enquiries, as there are ‘Statutory’ Laws and regulations in place governing their operation. Was the picture clear? were you wearing dark clothing which would make it debatable as to the validity of the image i.e. seatbelts are traditionally black, so if you were wearing dark colours it would be hard to distinguish the belt over your clothing.
    (I don’t think I’ve anything else to add lol)

  9. Anonymous says:

    I was thinking along the same lines as anonymous 1:56pm: That is what sort of ‘speed camera’ takes a photo if you are not speeding but can then fine you for not waering a seat belt? Whilst it may be that in the end you will have to bite the bullet and pay up, for now, to proplong the process and give the idiots who have these ‘non-jobs’ something to do in order to earn their money, I would write to them and ask them questions along the lines of what sort of camera does this? Where in law does it say a ‘Speed Camera’ can do this? Why would a ‘speed camera’ be taking pictures if you are not speeding? and make sure you ask for the photographs….I had a letter ten years ago saying I went through a red light by 0.6 of a second but I wrote back advising them of the weather conditions, the unfamiliarity of vehicle I was driving, (a two ton fully laden van) and of how dangerous it would have been in my judgement to have slammed the breaks on in pouring rain…….and I got never heard from them again! Furthermore: please don’t let them depress you and ruin your weekend…..that’s how these Common purpose fools work: Fear, Intimidation, Unfamiliarity with the system and them being in control…you can retake control of the situation by not being in fear, intimidated and suggesting they may not have the right to do what they are doing! Good Luck Adam and please keep us posted.

  10. Rob Frost says:

    I just took up cycling after being harrassed one too many times by the police. There’s no seatbelt on a bike 😉

  11. Anonymous says:

    Grow a pair.

  12. Anonymous says:

    BIGMAC ina radio bradcast last year explains that huge tracts of money illegally taken from taxpayers is funnelled off to isreal, they have a firm grip on our laws etc, its time all this ilegal money gathering was stopped.
    PS a lot of people believe this finacial harvesting in the form of fines goes to pay for all the foreigners coming in to the country, this is partly true too

  13. Anonymous says:

    Anon 11.29

    Yes! I did the same. The best policy for me was to ignore tham totally and when I had a letter from the bailiffs I went to getoutofdebtfree.com, downloaded their letter and followed the procedure.

    A few months later I had a letter from another bailiff’s company – they had sold me debt on. I repeated the procedure and then nothing happened – they went away.

    Job done!

    You are quite correct that if we don’t start hitting them where it hurts – and doing it en masse we are in doo doo.


  14. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou for everyones kind and helpful comments. I dont fancy the hassle of court and court costs. But will certainly ask them for proof and enquire and challenge it that way. Strange how the lettermakes nomention of speeding, only seat belt. Ill makeuse of the useful suggestions above. it never occured tome i had a corporation presence, and a man presence as well with regards to the law and society

  15. paul maleski says:

    I gave up on internal combustion. For years I have had an ‘electric’ bike but I suspect that the Government is planning to ‘charge’ my battery with some global warming, climate change money grabbing green tax.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ignore the law, according to our bill of rights circa 1649 you cant be threatened with a fine or levy in this country until you’re found guilty in a court, hence all fines are illegal.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I was accused of throwing litter from my company vehicle and threatened with a £80 fine by Coventry City Council, I phoned them and because I wouldn’t admit to it they did nothing. It was only a tiny bit of gum.

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