Were Feds preparing to fire on Americans at Bundy Ranch?

Part 2: BEHIND THE LINES – More Photos of ‘DC Federales’ – Preparing to Shoot Americans?

APRIL 16, 2014 BY  10 COMMENTS
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21st Century Wire 

When Clark County Nevada Sheriff Douglas Gillespie left the podium at Saturday morning’s press conference at the Bundy Ranch, he left Cliven Bundy and his supporters believing that federal soldiers working for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) would be ‘standing down’, only that didn’t happen.

Was this is ploy by the BLM – to create a chaotic powder keg situation only hours later?

Why the BLM would withdraw from Gold Butte on the Bundy Ranch, but then secretly plan an huge armed confrontation – against Bundy cowboys and their supporters who were heading over to reclaim their stolen property – is astonishing.

Reports on the ground that day also confirmed that even more armed Federal reinforcements were on the way, but luckily were caught up in stand-still traffic ten miles out from the scene. What were they planning?

Exclusive photos supplied to 21WIRE by a GMN photographer positioned behind federal lines at the Battle of Bundy Ranch, further reveal the scale and scope of Washington’s military operation on US soil.

Viewers can judge for themselves whether or not the US Federal government was playing a deceptive, deadly game with American lives – on both sides. 


LOS FEDERALES : BLM staging ground for military offensive.

FEDERAL CATTLE RUSTLING: Washington’s ill-conceived cow stealing operation ended in total failure.

EYE SEE YOU: BLM mercenary contractor spots our GMN photographer positioned on higher ground.

SIZING UP SITUATION: DC Federales begin to realize that citizens are determined to liberate Bundy’s herd stolen by BLM.

OVERWHELMING FORCE: BLM soldiers can’t work out whether they are in Fallujah or Nevada.

FINGERS ON TRIGGER: Federales ready to move, but not sure what they are doing (or why).

EMBEDDED MEDIA: Police escort for FOX News team and Bundy rancher talking on the ground near standoff.

‘HEY, WE WERE JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS’: BLM’s ploy could have easily ended in disaster – luckily no one was hurt this time.

OH S**T: Penny finally drops for BLM army as they finally stand down.

VICTORY: Cliven Bundy’s cowboys flanked by hundreds of determined supporters on foot, moving to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

SURVIVOR: Bundy herd member heads back home after being under federal incarceration.

HOW THE WEST WAS WON: Fearless and determined Cowboys driving their prize herd back to the Bundy Ranch.
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3 Responses to “Were Feds preparing to fire on Americans at Bundy Ranch?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to you brits for putting this up, its us today and you tomorrow.
    Word is they will be back and in a surprise attack take eveything.
    But luckl;y we have an insider who we hope will tip us off

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anon 4:16pm, thank you for keeping us informed.
    The same did happen to us in the UK, we were robbed of our Common Land and Common Grazing rights Quite a while ago, before the Internet was about.
    We were robbed of the right to own and carry pistols twenty years ago.
    Keep watching your back and don’t let them outflank you, it’s not over yet !!

  3. Anonymous says:

    John Wayne would be proud !!!

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