UKIP confidently answers Times ‘fishing type’ allegations, as party decimates Conservative and Lib Dem vote, and levels with Labour

The Times launches new attack on UKIP as the party surges further upwards in the polls, threatening the grip of the political establishment

The newspaper known as the mouthpiece of the political establishment is about to launch yet another attack on UKIP following new polls showing that the party is on course to win the European elections next month.

The Times is set to make more allegations about Nigel Farage’s use of European parliamentary allowances, many of which rely on claims made by convicted fraudster Jasna Badzak who is currently serving a suspended prison sentence.

The latest attack comes after opinion polls published at the weekend showed Mr Farage’s approval ratings soaring and UKIP easily ahead of the Conservative Party and neck and neck with Labour in voting intentions for the European elections.
Set out below is UKIP’s detailed response to new smears being peddled by the Times, which has run wave after wave of attacks in recent months:

“Nigel Farage is confident that he has abided by European parliamentary rules at all times when spending allowances.
“The Times has raised a number of “fishing type” allegations, all of which lack substance as to their formulation and provide no substantive questions needing to be answered. In fact many of your questions are probably just as applicable to any of the other political parties contesting the forthcoming European Elections with figures and statements duly amended to suit.

“The Lyminster office is not the sole address that incurs expenditure in the pursuance of Mr Farage’s job as an MEP, though it is the most important one. It is quite wrong to claim that he did not declare the rental arrangement with J. Longhurst LTD. until 2013. It has been in the register of members’ interests since 2003.

“Jasna Badzak is a convicted fraudster serving a suspended sentence, whose allegations are unfounded and vexatious. She has never been a press secretary or confidant of Mr Farage’s. To allege that he has transferred EU funds to an offshore account is entirely untrue. Your use of her indicates that you are writing an article with a defined end by inventing a road to achieve that end.

“Mr Martin Haslam never had any responsibility for EU money. He was, for a brief period responsible for the UKIP South East accounts.

“In relation to UK based staff paid from EU funds, they are approved constituency managers in line with advice given to us by the members’ services in Strasbourg.

“You are expected to quote this statement in full in any article you choose to publish.”

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9 Responses to “UKIP confidently answers Times ‘fishing type’ allegations, as party decimates Conservative and Lib Dem vote, and levels with Labour”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The public want UKIP for these reasons.
    1 IMMIGRATION, the main parties are way too racist for the man in the street who wants Imigration stopped.
    2 JOBS It is known the government pressure the CBI to employ foregn labour first, excuses are made that foreign people work more cheaply, this is a lie, Engliah people want equal parity for jobs.
    3 THE EU, this is costing way too much and we want out, politicians use the excuse of opressive laws to pump loads of unskilled foregn people into the country, German and france dont alow them in and they are members, so why should we ?
    4 ACCOUNTABILITY the british people are sick of the gravy train
    attitude of most politicians, with their snouts in the trough
    they want transparancy and people who are sexually normal.
    This is why we are screaming for UKIP

  2. Anonymous says:


    The case of Ben fellowes cannot be seen on its own, if you look at the hundreds of cases of mainly boys, many now adult men who have come foward with identical stories, we can see why both child protection and the public believe this 100%
    Many of these kids phoned esther rantzen at childline only to be fobbed off, this “leave it with us to investigate ” never got any further than the waste bin.
    The abuse of young boys has been described by experts as occurring “on an industrial scale “
    and what makes it worse is the hounding of Ben Fellowes by certain NWO trolls and supporters
    who keep banging on that Ben is a liar a nutjob and a fake, Ben was hounded ut of the country and its time Ben and all the others had their voices heard.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It should be made clear that 35,000 new homes were planned in norfolk lincolnshire and cambridgeshire, these are not for our people but for the huge armies of refugees now living in tent cities in sangatte france.
    There is no jobs for these people, and many of these homes are being built on flood plains
    very little new infrastructure drainage etc is being provided,
    The government tell us they cant support the amount of people here now on social security so why import in more ?
    madness. vote UKIP

  4. Anonymous says:

    Immigrants who commit violent crime should be sent home immediately

  5. Anonymous says:

    UKIP are as corrupt as the other Puppets.
    The difference is, they say we should leave Europe and the Common Market.
    Common Market, what suckers they made of us.
    Vote UKIP, just the once, to see if they are true to their words.

  6. stedra rulz says:

    Vote UKIP to send a message of disapproval to main political parties. They don’t care if you don’t vote.

  7. paul maleski says:

    Psephologists have seriously underestimated the number of disenfranchised traditional Labour voters who will switch onto UKIP. As for me, I am Old Labour National Socialist; got to admit Andzej Lobaczewski and his understanding of ‘evil’ (ponerology) as the number one driving force in our farcical democracy fascinates me. Our Parliament is shallow and ‘image obsessed’ underpinned by well financed, ‘interests’ based on force-fed selfish lookatmeism; too many of our money-grabbing politicians are in situ: not for what they do or did do or will do. As Solzhenitsyn wrote, nobody elects the media. And this is the problem–their media and its inherent toxic jewish self promoting propaganda!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well said, everybody on this page.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Anon 02.17
    With every respect my friend I am with you 100% with regards to the misery that millions of children – and adults – have suffered at the hands of these non-humans.

    With regards to Ben’s incident however, it does bare being examined on its own merits, particularly as this was essentially how he came into the AM spotlight.
    I am certainly no NWO troll or supporter, I just find his actions unusual and a little suspicious. And to use my divinely given intuition, (plus 20 years as a bobby) he doesn’t FEEL right.

    Aangirfan ran a story on his home location being within a complex of flats used by UK Govt officials – and the next thing Ben was ‘on the run’ – from who? What transpired? I am aware of the general ‘threats’ but what did they consist of? Have they been logged and which Police Force /Dept was informed? If this a series of targeted attacks he is as entitled as anyone to protection. Did he seek it? Did he report the crimes/obtain crime numbers/ log them all with a solicitor?

    I was also perturbed,as were others, that he was getting ‘close’ to high profile activists such as the excellent Bill Maloney, and could see a McAlpine developing.

    BF ‘escaped’ to France, was quiet for a long time when Bill Maloney made the MSM news confronting our finest politicians – suddenly Ben came out with his Knights Templar gem and now the PM is on Lanzarote BF turns up there and is suddenly going on hunger strike.

    You have to at least admit that it’s just a little bizarre. And hence the suspicion.

    I sincerely wish you and yours health and prosperity and success to all the genuine human beings who stand up for a better world for all of us to live in.

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