‘The Palestinians are doing extremely well’

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British Report – Israel has continued its violations of international law

Note that this report doesn’t stipulate if any action will be taken against israel?

Mere words am afraid and we have heard them many times before. Why can we not cease immediately the 6 billion aid package to israel and divert that to the Palestinians?Anonymous

 jjs110 said…

Absolute nonsense. For one thing, what violations are we exactly talking about here? Throwing about blanket accusations without substantiating them is sheer slander. Second, how come we’re still hearing of the alleged plight of the Palestinians, who are doing extremely well compared to their Syrian neighbors being butchered as we speak? Can we drop the Palestinian fixation and address instead the real massive human rights violations going on in so many other countries? Enough already.

2:58 am

jjs110 @ 2:58….

I would not engage in forwarding nonsense if i believed for one second that was the case.

I suggest without intending to offend you:
Read the multiple REPORTSsssssssss (how many?) relating to israeli abuses against Palestinians currently and historically for yourself.  Slander?? baloney! Go ahead and see how many people you would need to implicate and be prepared to lose big time as everything out there in the public domain is beyond proof by way of volumes of evidence and eye-witness testimony!  

The reason we keep talking of the plight of the palestinians is because they are being injured, disenfranchised, punished, murdered on a daily basis by a hi-tech state using every strategy in the book (often only faced by youths with hand-held catapults) including the use of WHITE PHOSPHORUS!I (a war crime in itself!) for which they should have been prosecuted many times over but have not because the same regime buys every politician in the west and/or utilizes joint nationalities within the inner workings of those governments to blackmail people and enforce their own agenda and foreign policy, beneficial only to themselves and to the detriment of ALL others!  I’m sure that given the chance those persecuted, subjugated and murdered by the israeli state and it’s supporters would cry, ENOUGH ALREADY! 

Your comment: The Palestinians are doing extremely well compared to the Syrians” is simply astonishing in it’s callousness and disregard for humanity! 

Strange is it not that the Syrian people are suffering being butchered and all manner of medieval type tortures BECAUSE of covert & overt, illegal acts by israel, uk/usa/eu+ “others”.  The assad regime may not be pleasing to foreigners for whatever the reasons, sincere or otherwise but the facts are the Syrian people themselves do not want this outside interference and cutting thru’ the outright lies/propaganda from the west per-se it’s now obvious that Syria has nurtured a long and ancient practice of harmonious existence for their multi-religious peoples only to have this balance shattered by the same criminally devious and manipulative forces intent only on central bank control and asset-stripping.  

The lies and propaganda which fools no-one anymore are propagated by a maniacal genocidal cabal (as aforementioned) intent on corporate/personal gain at the expense of indigenous populations, even to the extent of training, paying, arming and physically supporting what can only be described as the most base, crude, cruel barbarians in the guise of “rebels”.

We are told this is to “prevent the abuse of human rights etc” what a joke that would be, If not so absurd and consequently tragic for those common people forever on the receiving end.  
The israeli backed (blackmailed?) western regimes today have no moral compass, sense of reality, compassion or indeed any interest in the well-being of their own nationals, never mind “those brown foreign people – over there”!  
I don’t need to fabricate anything but merely pass on what i have read across many blogs/fronts/commentators etc.  BTW, i do listen/watch the MSM to gain insight from their side but sadly they almost exclusively are mere mouthpieces for their own govt. or that of their israeli/jewish owners. 
“stay close to your friends but stay closer to your enemies”…. Sun Tszu. 
For example the once revered bbc is now openly referred to as the ‘british bullshit corporation” in relation to it’s total lack of truth in reporting politics/world events or 
the “british buggery club” in recognition of all things pedophile and rotten within the bbc & uk establishment at many levels today. 

You ask what violations?

To name but a few:.
Preventing Palestinians from even fishing in the ocean so they can feed themselves. It’s a fact that israeli gunboats almost always open fire on peaceful fishermen forcing them ashore without any catch.
Continually expanding settlements at the expense and to the detriment of the Palestinians and Bedouin, some of whom have been there for many decades. 

Continued harassment in the form of roadblocks/checkpoints even preventing the sick and birthing mothers from passing thru’.  Everyday supplies of food, fuel, & cooking oil prevented from passing thru’ leaving the unfortunate inhabitants no choice but to dig tunnels so they can have the basic necessities of life?  
Settlers stoning Palestinian schoolgirls (3 days ago) while the so-mighty IDF stand and watch.  The physical abuse and threats and shooting of innocent people by the IDF who believe they have a God-given right to assume nazi-like tactics and behavior simply because they can. 

There is NEVER any accountability for those crimes committed by the israeli state and it’s organs…..just the usual reports and the all-to-familiar expressions of shock and the crimes being  “NOTED”!  Well whoopee for that! 
They have the military, the guns,  
and a perverse sense of injustice coupled with their usual and all-to-familiar weapon of emotional blackmail relating to “the holocaust”.  If the holocaust actually happened as claimed, it certainly was not the fault of the Palestinians so why is there a terrible inhumane calamity being perpetually waged on them by israel?  
I would expect if a person or race/nation had been victimized/murdered to the degree as claimed, they would surely become a great, wise people, a nation of tolerance, a people who could stand above the need to engage in terrorism within their own borders and abroad.  The true facts however are there in plain sight for anyone who WISHES to see.

1. The infamous “dancing israeli’s’ on 9/11 who openly admitted on israeli tv they had gone to New York to cover that event.  

2. The owner of the world trade centre and building 7, one larry silverstein…(jewish) who re-insured those buildings a few short months before the collapse and subsequently made billions in the aftermath.  it has become obvious from his behaviour, comments & statements before, during and after 9/11 that he was “in on it” together with other american traitors (inc. dov zakheim…very american?) and many other foreign murdering criminals.

3. The supply, installation and maintenance of the security system/cameras etc. in the world trade centre was from an israeli company.

4. The security systems in London on both the trains and the bus (stagecoach co.) were supplied and maintained by an israeli company, (same co. as in trade centre perhaps?) and by coincidence no cameras were working on that day, (7/7)….oh really?

Hint: stop looking at & blaming young british Muslims and ask how did SOMEone know enough to warn netanyahu not to venture from his London hotel that morning!? …..Mossad/Mi5 perhaps?

Finally i would submit to you that indeed there are many human rights abuses going on worldwide but that does not mean we have to overlook any one case or incident or indeed multiple abuses over many years as in Palestine and simply move along.  If i’m not mistaken there are ongoing human rights abuses happening in israel very recently in relation to Africans being disenfranchised and beaten in the streets by soldiers and civilian mobs alike.  Maybe they are just not wholesome enough, or maybe their “jewishness” is being called into question. 

Peace, tolerance and respect for my fellow man is what i want to see in my lifetime and not the satanic greed and all consuming lust for even greater riches and power/control orchestrated & implemented by any nation or cabal.  We the People are the most important and valuable asset on this planet but we need to purge ourselves of the filth, the corrupt and genocidal from our midst, whether they are individuals, corporations or governments.     Mark my words, the Goyim have now awakened and will in good time, demonstrate their vengeful wrath.     reiverdave 

‘Over the last five weeks, the trend in BBC reporting to ignore events that show Israel in a negative light, while affording coverage to tenuous claims from the Israeli army that it has uncovered Palestinian “terror” plots, has become quite glaring.
On 19 March, a 14-year-old Palestinian child, Yussef Shawamreh, was shot in the back and hip by Israeli soldiers as he foraged for edible wild thistles on his family’s land in the occupied West Bank.
The child bled to death. His two friends, aged 12 and 17, were seized by soldiers dressed in black fatigues and wearing black face masks, and taken to a nearby illegal settlement, in handcuffs and blindfolds. There they were beaten for failing to answer questions in Hebrew, a language neither understands.
By any standards, the cold-blooded killing of a 14-year-old by soldiers, and the subsequent abuse of his young friends, is appalling. The media outcry if the boy had been Israeli and his killers Palestinian can only be guessed at.
As it is, with the dead child being Palestinian, the BBC ignored the story.’

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How can our dual Passport Government hope we cannot see the deception against the UK people.
    At every turn the Jews have the upper hand, they own the Media, TV, Newspapers and the internet.
    The Truth always plays second fiddle to the lies of the pushed story.
    £6 Billion is a lot of our money, where does it go, what does it do, who gets the Lions share ??
    Well said reiverdave.

  2. Anonymous says:

    world famous artist banksey shows how GCHQ spy on their own people


  3. Anonymous says:

    french people cheer as jews leave france, we must do the same


  4. Anonymous says:

    Good comment from Icke. But when are we going to hear about the staged event in Woolwich from Icke or the Tap?

    Chris Spivey (whom I have nothing against) is taking too long to write his account.

    SCAM CAM productions on Youtube put out a very credible synopsis days after the alleged murder. Most British people still think the soldier was beheaded. Watch the video. A child on the bus says “there’s another little FILM SCENE yet”


  5. Nollidge says:

    If Mr. Spivey wishes to keep “tilting at windmills”,then good luck to him.The “great British public” have been told that the brave WHITE trooper Rigsby was callously murdered by 2 black moslem nutters.It was on the telly so that’s final,right?.There are so many more genuine matters that he could use the power of his website for but,it’s his site & don’t you dare argue with his genius,or you’ll get thrown off.

  6. Nollidge says:

    Old joke;How do you get a Jew to lie?.Just ask him to tell you the history of Israel.

  7. Anonymous says:

    One got to read this to coincide with today lunar eclipes which would not be seen from Isra-hell=>
    Quotes from Judaism
    < href=’http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/quotes-from-judaism.html’/>


  8. Tapestry says:

    Re Woolwich, I refer you to Spivey’s work. If the story had had no attention or the official version hadn’t been questioned, we would have kept digging. As it is,we copied across the key parts of Spivey’s analysis. Once you know an event is false, it becomes less interesting to write about – unless there are new developments. It can take years for the fuller version of a false event to become clear, and it is likely other angles will come along over time.

    I try to monitor comments when I get the time. And yes that means deleting. I cannot get a comment onto Conservativehome, where once I was active and haven’t been able to do so for years. So far we haven’t blocked any internet IDs from commenting at all. That is real censorship.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The more someone is attacked by trolls and shits usually the more genuine they are, Chris spivey is a huge hero to londoners, and the more shit thrown at him and the more lies told about him, the more we love him
    PS i am 85 years old and my generation have not fogiven the jews for W W II yet

  10. paul maleski says:

    How do you get a jew to lie? You don’t!

  11. salty says:

    Study: At least 78% of humanitarian aid intended for Palestinians ends up in Israeli coffers

    March 8, 2016.


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