The conspiracy most people find impossible to take in, yet it’s entirely true

Hitler Debate Heats Up As New Evidence is Presented About His Escape to Argentina

21st Century Wire

Mainstream accepted history tells us that on April 30, 1945, deep inside a Berlin bunker, the infamous Nazi leader Adolph Hitler took his own life and that of his wife Eva Braun. That piece of history is now being serious challenged, but not without its share of controversy.

Recently unearthed evidence comprised of eyewitness accounts and other supporting FBI documents, tell a different story – that Hitler did indeed escape the bunker in the final days of the Fall of Berlin, flying to Denmark, then to Spain where General Franco supplied him with an aircraft to the Canary Islands, and finally to the Argentine coast by way of a German submarine. After settling in Argentina, Adolph Hitler eventually died of respiratory disease on February 13, 1962, at the age of 73. It would be an incredible story, if it wasn’t so compelling.

Controversy and disputes over how the evidence has been presented threaten to mire the debate, but one thing is very clear – it’s opened a can of worms for mainstream historians who had stood by the orthodoxy of a 70 year old ‘official’ narrative. Last week, the mainstream media coverage by London’s Express Newspaper added fuel to the debate citing more claims that theFürer had escaped to Argentina. 

The Express crowed on April 18th, “Adolph Hitler escaped by submarine to Argentina, where he lived in a heavily guarded ranch at the end of the Second World War suffering from asthma and ulcers, according to sensational claims contained in newly released FBI files”.

According veteran investigative journalist and co-author ofGrey Wolf: The Escape of Adolph HitlerGerrard Williams(photo, left), the information contained in those FBI files and other sources are neither new, nor are they necessarily ‘sensational’, but due to some shoddy mainstream journalism, many facts are being misinterpreted by mainstream journalist who have suddenly happened upon the story.

Filmmaker and author of Grey Wolf, Williams, explains, “The files have been available for 10 years. We investigated them extremely thoroughly in Grey Wolf and reference in detail the most interesting ones.”

“The Express only needs to look in its own files for the period post-war and they will find many references – as did we, to Hitler’s escape, reported by their own staff and by Reuters and the AP.”  

“This FBI Story is very lazy ‘journalism’. The story appeared, and not for the first time,  on Red Flag News and was simply lifted, over a month later, by Owen Bennett at the Express. If they want to treat the story with the seriousness it deserves I would recommend they read Grey Wolfand listen to the report from the BBC’s own Thomas Cadett, embedded with the Soviets when they took the Bunker in Berlin. It still amazes me that anyone is still taken in by Trevor-Roper, a medieval Historian put in by British intelligence to solve one of History’s greatest mysteries. Why not Scotland Yard or the FBI?  The man famously went on to authenticate The Hitler Diaries, which were a complete fraud”, added Williams.

1-grey-wolf-bookMost certainly, one of driving forces behind the renewed debate and the establishment buckling on this historical sacred cow has been the surprise international success of the book Grey Wolf, co-authored by Gerrard Williams and noted war historian Simon Dunstan. The recent discovery that Hitler’s alleged skull in Moscow is actually that of a female – as well as a number of newly uncovered documents, has provided additional support for their case. Their book is the culmination of 14 trips to Argentina, and Berlin and to the Kew Archives, and the collation of other research and local sources. Since its release in 2012, it has been translated into 16 languages in over 30 countries, including English, Russian and Arabic, and has already has received a number of positive endorsements and reviews. 

This year the story may go into into additional overdrive. A sister documentary film to the book is being released this year, available on DVD and Download in the UK from May 18th, and with distribution deals ready for the US, Canada and Scandinavia. It has already been available in Australia and New Zealand since the beginning of the year and has already been broadcast there by the History Channel, and also in Serbia. 

21st Century Wire was one of the first outlets to give British and world audiences an early peek into the story when it featured its interview with Williams in a 1 hour special ‘Fourth Reich in the Sun’, which aired on SKY’s PSTV in 2012. Watch his interview with 21WIRE host Patrick Henningsen:

(Continue here with Part 2 and Part 3)

As this heavily guarded piece of history begins to unravel, more people will be compelled to ask that fundamental question: if one of the most important historical conclusions of the 20th century has been covered-up, then what else have we been lied to about?

Certainly, that’s a question we would all like answered one day.

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TAP –  People can’t get this one.  If even Hitler was false event, an agent of a cabal placed into position to lead Germany to obliteration in WW2, then our whole concept of history is out of date and must be changed.  The cabal has manipulated everything.  Did the cabal lift him out of Berlin, because they were pleased with the results of his work?  The book gives a more monetary explanation.  Only Hitler and Gorman knew where all the valuables had been placed, including gold.  He was probably an illegitimate Rothschild and bloodline, as was Churchill, the illegitimate son of Edward the seventh, grandson of Queen Victoria, daughter of Nathan Mayer Rothschild.  That could have also been a reason, though it wasn’t covered in Grey Wolf, which I read two years ago and recommend in tap Blog books.

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

10 Responses to “The conspiracy most people find impossible to take in, yet it’s entirely true”

  1. Anonymous says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Virgin Blue passenger plane hijacked and forced to land at Bali airport

    Passenger tried to enter cockpit after plane took off from Brisbane


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hitler lived on like all so called War heroes they all survived because they never fight they Run and hide. Cowardly arse holes. What the ffff did all them die for? This Government and Others are War Criminals .Whens the Court case !!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    An old Historian Scholar friend of mine once told me about a collection of letters that are kept in the archives of the British National Library.

    These letters detailed a conversation between Hitler and Churchill whereby Hitler was appealing to Churchill to allow his ships to pass through British waters.
    The ships were to take people out of Germany to safe ground as famine and disease ravaged the country. (Medical and food Supplies to Germany had been stopped and were being prevented from entering the country by the British forces).

    Churchill refused Hitlers request.

    Hitler pleaded again to allow the ships through explaining that many people were dying through starvation and disease.

    Churchill again refused.

    Hitler wrote again to Churchill saying …” Then You have sentenced these people to death”

    If anyone was responsible for the deaths of people in Germany – jews, Germans, Polish, British and others in world war 2 it was Churchill.

    I don’t know if these letters are still in the archives it’s very probable but I do know some years ago access to them was very difficult to obtain. That may have relaxed these latter years.

  4. paul maleski says:

    Hitler was not insane and he did not try to conquer the world. If anyone was a (queer grovelling), nutcase it was Winston Churchill who took his orders directly from the Rothschilds and Sassoons, the de facto controllers and owners of the British Empire. Bongo Bongo land Imperialist bullies in the Armed forces could not even handle the white Americans; (even with the help of German mercenaries) in fact, they nearly always struggled against well armed European adversaries. A comparative handful, of tough determined Boer farmers brought jewish mining interests, and their lackeys Churchill and co. to their knees. And all the vicious jew could do was to order the slaughter of their dogs and livestock, burn their farms, crops and terrorize their wives and families in cowardly reprisal. Think Palestine! And now we got a joker journalist who has worked with the kosher BBC/Reuters spewing out more diversionary crap.I want to see all jewish journalists in the Western media wear the ‘Yellow Star of David’ anybody out there got me a spare Swastika!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Off topic, but part of the grand Communist/zionist/Agenda 21 plan nevertheless.

    Our banking cartels are now demanding to know what plans potential mortgage applicants have regarding children and their old age (I bet the Common Purpose councils are involved in the old age bit, planning to steal property via their “care” pathways).

    The Agenda 21 angle is very clear, no one will be owning their own homes.

    And isnt one one the zionist ideals that they will be the sole owners of all property in occupied gentile lands?.

    And I heard recently that The Land Registry (a private cartel owned company now) are no longer issuing paperwork but keeping your records online. HOW LONG BEFORE DEEDS GO MISSING AND PEOPLE HAVE NO EVIDENCE OF OWNING THEIR OWN HOMES?

    Humanity is literally being farmed from the cradle to the grave. The master plan is becoming very clear now. The beast of zion is preparing its new world, one where we have no property rights whatsoever.

  6. paul maleski says:

    I think the ‘Star of David’ is more their style. After all Phil’s mum is buried on/in the Mount of Olives! They are pumpernickel kosher Saxe Coberg Gotha/Battenburg fraudsters. We ain’t had a legitimate Anglo Saxon Orthodox Christian monarch in nearly a thousand years.

    • Anonymous says:

      ya the star of David to ..but let be real the Jews of today are not those Jews of yday they are impostors .The Queen and the rest of her dolelites Family should be Ousted from this country or be put in the Tower …umm Off with their Heads just a thought .

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