The catastrophic Canonization of a Judas Pope

The “Catastrophic Canonization of a Judas Pope”

April 10, 2014

Pope John Paul II told the Voodoo priests of Benin in Africa that their Satanic traditions contain “seeds of the Word.”

John Paul II’s imminent canonization  proves the Church of Rome
is the vehicle for “the damnation of souls,” says Michael Hoffman,
an expert on Judaism and the subversion of the Church. 

by Michael Hoffman
Three Points of Departure from Magisterial Dogma

On April 27, 2014 in the course of the allegedly “infallible” process of saint-making (canonization), the Church of Rome will confer on Popes John XXIII and John Paul II the supposed mark of sure salvation as an alleged model of a miracle-working life of heroic sanctity worthy of eternal emulation by every Christian.

koran.jpgPope John Paul II is the pontiff who reverently kissed a copy of Islam’s Koran, and who told the Voodoo priests of Benin in Africa that their Satanic traditions contain “seeds of the Word,” after which the barbaric practice of Voodoo in that blighted land nearly doubled.

John Paul II permitted the Tibetan Buddhists to place a statue of their idol on the altar of the Church of Assisi and this pope prayed with them to their “god(s).”

Pope John Paul II taught that Judaics have an irrevocable covenant with God by virtue of their alleged racial descent from Abraham and therefore this carnal “Israel” need not be evangelized for conversion to Christ.

Pope John Paul II was the patron saint of serial child-molestation facilitators such as Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado, Bishop Skylstad, Cardinal Law and Cardinal Mahony and thousands of others like them. Many of the most unconscionable waves of horrendous victimization of defenseless children occurred on his watch.

Pope John Paul II permitted these molestations to be shrouded in secrecy. He granted safe haven to fugitive molestation facilitators such as the notorious Cardinal Bernard Law who was wanted in Boston by the authorities and rewarded by Pope John Paul with being named archpriest of a prominent basilica in Rome.

John Paul II was the first pontiff to enter a synagogue and encourage the deluded people in spiritual bondage within its walls to continue in their sins, which include rejection of Jesus Christ as Messiah and Savior.

This evil Judas will soon become “Pope Saint John Paul II” and his “heroic virtues” held up for all Catholics to imitate. This demonic mockery and incomprehensible catastrophe is not a Second Vatican Council aberration!

timef.jpgWhile it is now public knowledge in the “Who am I to judge [gays]?” pontificate of Pope Francis that the Church of Rome is the vehicle for the damnation of souls and not the salvation of souls, “traditional” Catholics have misdirected millions of people by pointing to Vatican II, Kant, Rousseau, or the French Revolution as the root of this decline and fall, thereby concealing and exculpating the occult popes of the Renaissance and the Neoplatonic conspiracy that has guided the Church of Rome for more than five hundred years.

We are at work on a booklet which we hope to publish by April 27. It is titled The Renaissance Church of Rome: Three Points of Departure from Magisterial Dogma. The Three Points are: • Judaism and the Occult • Equivocation and mental reservation • Usury.

We will endeavor to demonstrate from the documentary record that the smoke of Satan entered the Church of Rome clandestinely in the 16th century and went from victory to victory, culminating according to plan in our 21st century, in this, the final stage in the alchemists’ ritual peregrination, the Making Manifest of All that is Hidden.

Pope Francis is the public face of a formerly covert occult process initiated by the popes of the Neoplatonic conspiracy, which is showing forth its true face to the world now that “Christendom” is sufficiently processed to accept it.

Yes, we well know that Jesus Christ declared that the gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church. There is no question of that. The question is, where is His Church on earth today? We can only find it if we have the courage and vision to proceed from Thomistic first principles, not by mistaking symptoms of rot for the root of the rot. Myopia disguised as Catholic truth will only produce more confusion and defeat.

Hoffman8.jpgMichael Hoffman, left, is the author of Judaism Discovered  and Judaism’s Strange Gods.

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7 Responses to “The catastrophic Canonization of a Judas Pope”

  1. paul maleski says:

    I was always led to believe that the Polish/Lithuanian Pope was born a jew! Was the Pope a Catholic? I don’t think so!

  2. Nollidge says:

    Jews have always regarded Christianity as their No 1 enemy.They’ve spent centuries infiltrating Christian churches,starting,or financing the start-up,of rival Christian sects,& generally trying to fragment Christianity as much as possible.Of course they have long since infiltrated Catholicism,often as “converts”.But no Jew ever truly converts to another faith.After all,if you’ve been brought up to believe that your tribe,& your tribe alone,are Gods chosen people,why would you take a `step down’,unless you had an ulterior motive?.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Both paul maleski and nolidge are correct but exactly as robert maxwell said ” we set up christianity and its turn the other cheek dogma to serve our purposes”
    400 years after the death of christ, and the jews book of the old testament is still in the front of the christian bible, why ? would we have the upanishads or koran there ? no.
    teachings such as if you have 2 blankets keep one and give the other away , mean the jews are able to financially exploit the teachings, the miracles are said to have been inserted some time after, and any new papyri found in the holy land is confiscted by israel, and only that which coincides with what they want taught gets out, all esle is destroyed

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think what you meant to say was that the new testament was written 400 years after christ died which is true. You make a good point about why is the old testament stuck in front of the christian bible.
    maybbe you are right and the jews do still control it

  5. Anonymous says:

    Pope Francis Bergoglio is a Jesuit

  6. Anonymous says:

    The jews do not control what goes in the bible, the Canons do.
    The Bible is canonical selectum. They decide which books are included in the Bible and which are removed, hence the books of the Apocrypha being removed from the bible with the punishment of 1 year in prison for anyone found reading from a bible containing them or printing them. This ban was then lifted 5 years later after the death of Alexander.

    Not all bibles contain the old testament one can buy the new testament only bible also

    The canons also instruct the ‘correctors’ on which parts of scripture are to be altered and how they will be displayed.
    The canons have full execution on this and always have had.
    It is an area of control that is never up for negotiation
    The reason the old testament is in the bible is to explain the history of mankind, the creation of the world and the ruling kings at the time up to the arrival of Jesus.
    If there was no old testament then any one new to christianity would not know the background of the coming Jesus.
    Any one that has read the old testament would know the jews would not be in control of it’s content as the story of the Isrealites puts them in a very barbaric light. Moses sanctioning rape, pillage and murder to any one that resists their attempts to take over their village ( a little like Palestine today).

    The catholic authorities are responsible for the content of the orthodox bible.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The quran is practically the same as the old testament. It was taken from the old testament. The difference comes in the new testament whereas the bible is the teachings of Jesus and the quran is the teachings of muhammed

    If you want an alternative version of the old testament try the Popul Vu or the Enuma Elish.

    The Ethiopian bible is the full version. It contains all of the books ever translated.

    The bible has 66 books within it (NO, not a coincidence that was a deliberate number) and the Ethiopian bible has 91 books. within it.

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