8 Responses to “Surviving the next twenty years. This book tells you how to survive a collapsing urban environment.”

  1. paul maleski says:

    Evening all–hardly Dixon of Dock Green. Just how did we allow this chaos to happen? The nation is now infested with surveillance cameras, private security companies, X Ray paraphernalia and a paranoid public; increasingly, imprisoning themselves behind multi bolted alarmed doors. Is this what Western Democratic Freedom is really all about? The right to obtain anti-depressants on prescription! Good night all!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a copy of Preppers mag
    a US publication on advice for when israel pulls the financial plug on the USA and civilisation collapses, the PTB know people will have to drink rainwater and eat what they can grow themselves which is why they want to stop farms and make collecting rinwater a crime

  3. Anonymous says:

    Humans have an inbuilt survival instinct which kicks in automatically when threatened. It’s termed fight or flight. This causes blood to flow to the muscles in the lower half of the body and legs to enable strength for a rapid escape if the danger is too great to fight off, or blood to flow to the muscles in the upper half of the body – head, chest and arms, to enable strength to engage in battle.
    When human survival is threatened – as with any animal – it will do what is necessary to survive whether it’s a crime or not.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well here in the US its a crime to store rain water, and they can and do come and rip out all your vegetables, Rothschilds rule here too and if they say you eat our toxic GM or you dont eat, there is little choice.
    I read preppers mag and they have tried several times to close it down
    filthy jew bastards

  5. Anonymous says:

    talking of Dixon of Dock Green the BBc are working on a pilot to bring back the smash 50s hit Dixon of Dock green
    this time he is a black homosexual policeman who sings rap in night clubs on his days off

  6. Anonymous says:

    anon 11.49…
    lol! Your comment made me laugh.

    I can still remember the original programme…

    anon 10.52…
    Can you not move to another county? or country even?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I thought it was Rockerfella that ruled the us not Rothschild

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