Something big just happened. Mainstream media is ignoring it.

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You may be aware of Mark Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments” released last year which called for a “Convention of the States”. Article 5 of the Constitution gives the several states the ability to convene a convention in which the Constitution may be amended, changed, or even scrapped.

Last week Michigan’s legislature voted and passed a resolution calling for a Constitutional Convention. They are the 34th state to do so, and this should trigger the Convention of the States.

Pretty major, yet the MSM is ignoring it.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I Visit The Capital City – But Whose?
    April 28, 2014
    By Veritas
    I travelled to London yesterday on a private visit. I was born there. I am a true Cockney, born within the sound of Bow Bells.

    I wonder what that means to the majority of people now living in London and probably calling themselves Londoners?

    The moment I disembarked from the train and entered the streets I thought “Wow! Wonderful ! So many tourists – so good for our economy.

    Silly me. It’s not the tourist season yet! I no longer felt at home. I am now a minority in my own capital city

    So what? It’s happened in virtually every other big city in the UK. Why should London be any different?

    It’s all part of the plan to enrich us, financially and culturally. We could not have survived without it, we are told

    Well something seems to have gone amiss somewhere. Because, despite unremitting immigration for the past fifty years or so,our clever social architects tell us that we still need more of the same

    Obviously, not the same sort of immigrant we’ve got already because over the fifty years they have been here their offspring have been unable to develop the necessary skills to do the jobs

    It won’t wash any more. The tolerant Brit has had enough of being taken for suckers by a corrupt, depraved, decadent, treacherous political elite

    May 22 is the day we start to get our country back

    I’ll drink a cup of Rosie Lee to that !

    Here’s looking at UKIP !


  2. Anonymous says:

    Something Huge Just Happend and the Mainstream Media is Ignoring It

    caught this short vid a while back, may interest some?


  3. Anonymous says:

    bankers killing off their own
    We are next, they will be killing us off
    just like they did in two world wars

  4. Anonymous says:

    I heard it said on radio that the bankers ( rothschild ) funded Rupert Murdoch, and it is they who are looking to pay informers and 5th columnists to write bad reports on whistleblowers to put on the net.
    How dirty and underhanded these people must be ?
    susan foster

  5. Anonymous says:

    Re Anon 8:50

    Here’s looking at UKIP !

    Enoch powels river of blood speech got him deported to N Ireland, the powers that be had an agenda
    Enoch Powell’s Rivers Of Blood Speech

    “Rivers of Blood” The Great Betrayal. Full speech.
    Martin Willett


  6. Anonymous says:

    The british people loved Enoch Powell, but the rothschilds put in their man, the pervert Edward Heath “Mr Eddy ” to the 10 year old boys he used for sex.
    Enoch spoke the truth but the racists barraged him with hate
    RIP to a great englishman

  7. Anonymous says:

    keep calm
    and keep bending over for the crims in power

  8. Anonymous says:

    Did any one else see the party political broadcast by the BNP during the 6 o clock news this evening?
    I was surprised that ITV msm allowed it although it was interesting

  9. Anonymous says:

    The BNP are bought and paid for just like the rest.
    Gri££in is a Freemason like his Dad and Grand-dad.
    After the party had millions of pounds in donations pledged in wills, Gri££in collapsed the party.
    Vote UKIP in the Euro election, just once.

  10. Anonymous says:

    BNP ..ukip are state funded …so get a grip LOL all the sheep with now vote Ukip..No change than..

  11. Nollidge says:

    A US constitutional convention now would be a disaster & the final nail in America’s coffin.There no longer exist the kind of people who wrote the original.Instead you have a dumbed down populace corrupted by generations of Hollywood-think & riddled with political correctness.The US has spent over 10 years at war in countries which many Americans cannot point to on a map.There’s more than enough videos on the web showing just how ignorant & stupid the average American is,& the politicians are no better,all of them being owned in some way by Jewish interests.Might as well just hand the country over to AIPAC & be done with it.

  12. Nollidge says:

    As for Britain,much of the same.We now know just how intently ANY even mildly political movement is infiltrated,spied upon,& “guided” from behind the scenes,using corruption,blackmail,&,when that doesn’t work,arranging a massive smear campaign in the press.We know that every newspaper has informants in it’s office,& every protest has agent provocateurs in it’s midst to start violent trouble.We also now know just what kind of human trash worm there way into political office & what happens to anyone (Dr.Kelly,Stephen Milligan) who might present any obstacle to the elite’s plans.And no,I don’t know the solution either.

  13. Tapestry says:

    Michigan is aggressively enforcing anti-small farming laws. I’m not hopeful.

  14. Ray says:

    Well who is the source, please tell me where is it.
    Otherwise 🙁

  15. Tapestry says:

    follow the link in the post to source

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