People on the inside who talk get ‘removed’.

How inconvenient people are ‘dealt with’.

Go to 3:13 for the punch line

This video covers a lot of ground:
1. The use of assassination as a ‘tool’ by the United States
2. The investment the US has made in developing covert assassination methods
3. The CIA assassination manual, originally compiled to assist the coup in democratically elected and run government of Guatemala in the 1950.
4. The actual methods the CIA recommends for killing people
5. “The most efficient ‘accident’ is a fall of 75 feet for more to a hard surface” Lots of bankers, and now a CIA guy, jumping off buildings lately, huh? All in the national interest? –

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2 Responses to “People on the inside who talk get ‘removed’.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    True. Tom Clancy was another one ‘taken out’

  2. Anonymous says:

    christopher story was another, david irving had several attempts on his life, more than most whistleblowers actually

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