My awakening. How fear gave way to hope. Adam.

Dear Henry/Tap

A few thoughts going round my mind, you might find interesting just for yourself, or the Tap readership generally.
I try to make sense of this world, since I took the red pill in May 2013. 

At first, I feared the worst.  911 was the catalyst of change in my mind, when I saw cracks in the official matrix around us. I feared these hideous 911 people masquerading as elites and factions everywhere, pretending to be protecting us, were going to wipe us all out by the autumn.  I feared the worst then.

Ive since developed a much more complex, refined, adaptive, ever changing picture in my mind now. I didn’t realise, a year ago, how much a part, red herrings and disinformation is employed, to confuse. I’m now much more discerning.  I’ve noticed a characteristic of awakened people. They aren’t hypnotised or brainwashed.  Is there tendency to not be bound by rigid beliefs?  Hence, im sitting on the fence.

Are there genuine Alien UFO presences and all the William Cooper pale horse stuff?   Or, is it simply all 20th century disinfo,  just evil elites planning one day operation bluebeam?
We know Tesla discovered tremendous technologies, from Natural Law.  It’s possible we are alone, and all there is, is the hidden antigravity free energy tech kept by the military industrial complex.
However, its also possible, a lot is true, and there really might be pleidians, ETs on Mars, and millions of ships surrounding earth now, as Cobra says.

Look at Teslas technologies. Frequencies, vibrations.  This means spirituality and other dimensions are real.  Wheres the crack of light in the curtain that says this is true?  Anyone who has genuinely seen antigravity crafts UFOs.  There’s the proof that all the rest is true.

Paul Laviolettes 1hr20 min youtube lecture ‘secrets of antigravity propulsion’, changed my life in summer 2013.  T Townsend Brown in 20th century, the superfast speeds, the free energy. Mars in 5 days.  Alpha centauri in 3 months. Though that was classified by US govt in 1950s. The tech has apparently moved on much more since.

Anyway what’s my point with this, what do i want to say? 

2 things

–  I believe what Cobra says, that Putin is a normal man. Its just his agenda coincides with the agenda of the military white hats and Light forces.  Putin may well have been intended as a NWO stooge. He may well have family connections to illuminati.  But that doesn’t mean he hasnt been influenced by the Light, and is now trying to do the right thing.  

On the other hand, I’m aware that Putin and Russia Gazprom have every motivation too not to allow free energy to take hold.  Neither does Iran with MT Keshe. 

– The last thing to say is, the recent Icke bashing on aangirfan.  Im flexible and open minded. If Icke is a disinfo man, I’m  prepared for it, as I only look for Truth.  However lets not forget, a lot of disinfo has truth in it.  Not only this. David Icke resonates as a man that means well, and I sense he hits a lot of nails on the head.  He may be unwittingly fed disinformation.  George Soros and other illuminati create such a haze of confusion, it becomes hard to separate truth from non truth.

As i try to separate the 2, I’ll say this.  There’s obviously some substantial, powerful white hat presence, that’s stopping these evil globalist NWO people rolling out their plans as quick as theyd like to. Otherwise, we’d be living in 1984 now.  No, theres some resisting force, thank god. 

On a final note, I hope the free energy technologies can come out soon. Aouchtam Morocco has been the latest place they’ve made a QEG 15kw quantum energy generator.   This is a grass roots up method of attacking the Illuminati pyramid from the bottom so it topples- free energy.  So please post this on your blog, lets keep the fight up spreading awareness

Best wishes
Adam, Newcastle

TAP -Thanks for letting us know your thoughts, Adam.  Have you read any of David Icke’s books?  He gives many sources and develops the themes that interest you.  He’s been at this a lot longer than we have.

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12 Responses to “My awakening. How fear gave way to hope. Adam.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw Putin shaking hands with the Pope, that tells me where he gets his marching orders from. He owes his position to the Vatican, it is quite obvious. Rule by secrecy. I can never see them having a one World Government, because how will they be able to continue playing us off one another. Unless they plan to depopulate us to the point that there will be hardly any of us left to play off each other. When it comes to these secret societies, they sure seem to have strange bed fellows. I am thinking of George W. Bush when he was Governor of Texas, only one convicted killer ever got a reprieve, and that was a well known Satanist/ serial killer. No doubt, that at the secret meetings at say, the Bohemian Grove for example, this killer could be the Grand Wizard, which is higher than any stupid public office that serves the goyim.

  2. Nollidge says:

    Tap{-I posted this on your “I’m off on holiday post”,but this seems a more suitable place.

    Tap;have you seen this?.
    THE WHITE HATS REPORT – April 28, 2014

    Which links to this:-
    “Stories of Our Cabal Shadow Government Thieves, Global Criminals and a Tale of Treason”
    (A VERY long read)

    And also to this:-
    “BLACK PROJECTS : FOLLOW THE MONEY”.”Six decades of classified expenditures (and other forms of
    secret spending) have provided ample resources to apply principles and technologies that have remained sealed off from the rest of humanity. This development alone is enough to justify the
    greatest secrecy.”

  3. Nollidge says:

    Anon 12.19.There was also a vid on youtube in which a senior Chabad Lubavitch rabbi told how he’d met & talked to Putin & had been told by hin that he-Putin-would always act favourably to Jews because he remembered their kindness to his family when he was a youngster.
    C.L. are very well established in Russia.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seems the ‘ Wellaware1 ‘ site is having difficulties in getting the word out.
    It’s worth a look to see the other side of the coin, it’s mainly the US readers who know the players.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Adam, perhaps these thoughts may help:

    – Tesla believed in the conservation of energy – he thought it was a ‘beautiful’ concept.
    – Tesla did discover a method of harvesting energy from the earth’s own capacitance – and that is what HAARP was originally designed for:
    – HAARP can make the ionosphere resonate with a known period. This would make it possible to build a tuned energy-receiver circuit from a capacitive-plate-antenna:

    – You will find, that all conspiracies rotate about one central point: To deny what Jesus *actually* taught.
    – He taught: No government. No money. No Judgement.
    – But more importantly – Jesus taught that death is avoidable and unnecessary. (And he proved it by bringing his own dead body back to life after 3 days…)
    – BTW: If you doubt the veracity of Jesus’s existence & resurrection – check it out. There’s enough independent mention of him outside the bible to prove it’s true. Just see what the jews have written about him for example…

    The true message of Christ is that we all can and should be like him – i.e. perfect & eternal.

    That message scares the crap out of the satanists… Any one who denies it is a satanist. Icke, I think, denies that Jesus existed at all – which makes it clear who he really serves. (Funny how none of his own fortune has gone into the TPV, eh.)


  6. TMWKTMBNE says:


    What Tim above commenter says about Lord Jesus Christ is correct.
    If you keep digging for the truth, you will pass through all the dis-info. from Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, Michael Tsarion and the rest of the New Age freak-show.

    THE TRUTH HIT ME LIKE A TRAIN (!!!!) in Feb 2011 – and it didn’t take long to work through all that New Age stuff…it’s all demonic.

    Aliens? They are devils, demons.

    Look at a Christian you tube channel called ALIEN RESISTANCE.

    ‘Alien abduction’ can be STOPPED by using the name and authority of Lord Jesus Christ. Difficult to believe, I know. Check it out and see.

    Also, have a look at Chris White’s film (available on you tube) called ‘David Icke de-bunked’.

    He meticulously goes through everything Icke claims and demonstrates that he is just being used by these devils / demonic forces.


  7. Anonymous says:

    so what is meant by “disinfo” is non Christian, according to all the Jesus freaks. Any conspiracy theorist that identifies the Christian church as just another control mechanism or who doesn’t pay homage to JC is dubbed a disinfo agent. Don’t you think it’s possible to be a non-believer and still not an agent of “the dark side”? Maybe Jesus is “Lord” but just because most astute people don’t accept the Christian dogma doesn’t mean they don’t believe in the same “Christian” (for want of a better term) principles such as the power of universal love, illusion of the material realm,ect. Practice what you preach and try to love your brothers rather than slagging anyone who happens to disagree with you on what the true source of that love really is. PS: Why does it seem Christians are taking over the truth movement? And sparking a lot of conflict? Maybe you’re the disinfo agents (whether you’re conscious of it or not).

  8. Anonymous says:

    The true message of Christ is we all can and should be like him, problem is none of us are or ever will be like him. We humans are to stupid, Jesus Christ would have been better off selling is message to group of cows. Modern humans are becoming dumber and weaker each generation. Our collective ignorance is leading us towards mass extinction. Maybe Jesus and his Father God will have better luck with our eventual replacement.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Anon 2:33 pm, you have two mistakes in your comment. Selling his, not is. And to a group of cows, not to group of cows. Your right though, we are getting dumber.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Anon 2.07 Couldnt have said it better myself

  11. shirlz007 says:

    oh dear! (im gonna get a lot of hate cos of this… here goes!)

    – David Icke does not resonate as man with good intentions with me! (any threat to the system does not get prime time slot to express his views).
    -The White Hats are a CIA Psy Op (much like Anonymous!), set up to deceive even those within the intelligence world (let alone the alternate media!)
    -Putin ain’t no ‘good guy’… he’s an ex-KGB psychopath! (let’s not mess about!)
    -Jesus may have very well have faked his death, with the help of his politically connected uncle, and fled to South of France (2nd largest Jewish population after Jerusalem), married Mary Magdeline, and the bloodline continues today (Merovingian)
    -Before you go jumping into ‘Ancient Aliens’/Annunaki (whatever)… consider the theory of Atlantis. Who was starting up civilisations simultaneously around the globe at around the same time? Aliens? Or the survivors of a lost civilisation!

    -IT’S SATANIC!!! :/ like bloody Omen or something! Satanic cults exist across UK and US… and it reaches the top! (the ‘criminal’ argument won’t hold!)

    I don’t discount the ET agenda though (there’s too much PHYSICAL evidence in abduction cases, military interactions)

    Its true what a lot of these hippies have been saying though! (sorry) 😉 … the solution is LOVE and POSITIVE ENERGY! 😀
    (anything else just benefits the Illuminati agenda… and comes back to bite your in the arse!)

    ALL of us here have an idea of what’s going on… but NO-ONE can seem to agree, and come up with a definitive solution!

    Im going with the following (a lot of it is what Icke says, but just without the BS)… it resonates with me!
    After four/five years, trying to approach it from a ‘criminal conspiracy’ angle… I’ve come to the conclusion it’s ALOT bigger, more evil than most would care to imagine!

    Once you go past the Rothschild, Zionist, Geo-political banking bullcrap… YOUR IN DEEP WATER BUDDY! 😀

  12. Anonymous says:

    shirtz007 I think you describe the situation well. I think the ritual sacrificing of humans, has something to do with bringing or invoking spirit entities into this realm. I read a comment by Napoleon, during his campaign the priest’s that surrounded him told him their kingdom was not of this world. He thought this was odd since they were so involved with the death and destruction of this world. I have herd some say the spiritual realm is way bigger than this physical one that we are living in.

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