MERS outbreak in Saudi Arabia. Reports designed to panic people.

The MERS (Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome) ‘pandemic’ is spreading across Saudi Arabia.  Official statistics reveal the infection has a 30% fatality rate, killing nearly 1 in 3.

Here’s the latest news on this fast-spreading pandemic:

(By the way, Traditional Chinese Medicine using Ma Huang formulas tends to be very effective against respiratory infections… this knowledge could help save many lives)

TAP – Raw garlic is a powerful anti-viral.  Not great with children though, as they won’t take it willingly as a rule.


(Reuters) – Saudi Arabia confirmed 26 more cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), which has killed nearly a third of sufferers, and said 10 more people have died from the disease.
The confirmations follow Egypt’s announcement on Saturday that it had confirmed its first case of MERS in a man who had recently returned to the country from Riyadh, where he was working.
Saudi Arabia, where MERS was discovered around two years ago and which remains the country most affected, has now had 339 confirmed cases of MERS, of which 102 have been fatal.

The 143 cases announced since the start of April represent a 73 percent jump in total infections in Saudi Arabia this month.
The new cases were announced in two statements published on the Health Ministry website on Saturday and Sunday.
The 10 confirmed on Saturday included seven in Jeddah, the focal point for the recent outbreak, two in the capital Riyadh and another in Mecca. Two MERS patients died.

The 16 further cases confirmed on Sunday included two in Riyadh, eight in Jeddah and another six in the northern city of Tabuk. Eight MERS sufferers died on Sunday.

The acting health minister, Adel Fakieh, said on Saturday he had designated three hospitals in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam on the Gulf coast as specialist centres for MERS treatment.
The three hospitals can accommodate 146 patients in intensive care, he said in comments carried by local press on Sunday.
Many Saudis have voiced concerns on social media about government handling of the outbreak, and last week King Abdullah sacked the health minister.

In Jeddah, some people are wearing facemasks and avoiding public gatherings, while pharmacies say sales of hand sanitisers and other hygiene products are soaring.

(Reporting by Angus McDowall; Editing by Kim Coghill and Sonya Hepinstall)

Should be good for the pharmaceutical business for a while then.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Henry and readers.
    My eyssight is not good, and like manhy people who read your sight i am very elderly, just at the end of W W 2 and into the 50s we had very similar stories to this doing the rounds.
    We are also seeing the poverty now we had during that period.
    At the wars end the newspap[ers kept saying there was food and enough for everyone, but there wasnt, if you had money to buy from the jewish black marketers you had enough food and if not you went hungry.
    My father wrote to Osawld Mosely several times and he came to visit us once in our little east london teraced house, but he said he did not have the manpower to do more than was already doing for familes like us.
    The 2 little girls next door said when people came to visit their mother would send them into the garden to pick up stones which were put into old sweet papers
    and left on the mantle piece to show we had the money to buy luxeries, and the girl next door said they often went hungry but granny would go to the wall and rattle saucepans and knives and forks, so the people next door thought we had food.
    I remember all this and i see it happening now, i saw an shabby old lady in a supermarket put a loaf of bread in her coat, and the fear on her face as she walked through the checkout, i stood by in case she was caught i would pay for it.
    Henry i am almost pleased i wont see this coming war and the hardship the jews wil cause the people in their grasping thieving ways, we had children die in the war not through bombs or guns but becuase we could not buy food from the jews, please be to god the people do not let this happen again

  2. shirlz007 says:

    YA SEE TAP!!! When you choose ‘Love’ over ‘Fear and Hate’, and positively apply your intellect 😀

    Spend a few days researching ‘Atlantis’ and Lost Civilisations… Brown’s Gas!

    ”Browns Gas: One of the Greatest Discoveries in Free Energy of all time. Yull Brown takes us on the trip to explore this amazing energy source – water! It is around us everywhere. The most amazing thing is not that it is Free Energy, but that it is around us every were, and free for us to use. WHY HAVE WE NOT BEEN TOLD ABOUT THIS FREE ENERGY IN HIGH SCHOOL!!! – Read On to find out why… ”

    Surely ‘Brown’s Gas’ is a much more Scientifically plausible explanation of how Ancient man was melting rock and metals?… And it could also be the future viable energy source for humanity! (it can also apparently detoxify nuclear waste, burn hazardous waste, countless other possibilities)… Brown’s Gas!

    not got into the ‘Acoustic technologies’ of Ancient man yet… I will!

  3. shirlz007 says:

    People want to know what caused me to have a complete re-approach to all this?
    Jacob Rothschild and MH-370.

    As I much as I despise Jacob Rothschild, and the Rothschild clan… I don’t like to see anyone accused of something they didn’t do!
    There’s NO evidence that Lord Jacob Rothschild had anything to do with acquiring the ‘patent’ involved in the mystery of missing flight MH370… but yet the alternative (even some mainstream) media ran with it… Anonymous (CIA Psy Op) released a video naming him as being solely responsible.
    … proves to me the CIA (and whoevers running the US) has turned on The Rothschilds.

    The most serious and credible discussion on who was responsible came from Matthias Chang…

    MH370 Make It The Last False Flag -Matthias Chang

  4. Anonymous says:

    We do know that we have informers working for the NWO inside the 3 biggest real news websites, we know that they have dossiers on the big names, but there are now so many of us, that many just dont care.
    recently BIGMAC offered 100 pounds for who it was, we know its a man and he pretends to be one of us and he knows a bit about the occult
    any ideas ?

  5. Nollidge says:

    Jimstone says Mh 370 is/was on Deago Garcia.No reason to doubt that.

  6. Céline says:

    MERS is MURS: Micronized Uranium Respiratory Syndrome

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