Matt Campbell replies to comments denying his brother Geoff died in 9/11

Matt Campbellsaid… 
Also to address some of the nonsense written on

Firstly I’ve taken down the video of the song my daughter sang about Geoff & 9/11. That’s not on at all.

When I spoke on the 12th Sept 2013 it was the first time I had ever spoken about 9/11 & Geoff in public.
So unnatural, uncomfortable yes.

It was also the day after the memorial services, so I was emotional (even for a Brit).

I don’t really understand the abuse I’m getting (esp. since it’s from people who DO NOT believe the Official Conspiracy Theory).

Got to go now and visit my fake family victim Mum and fake family victim grandma (who is a superb liar about Geoff and 9/11 at the age of 97). And I must say goodbye to my fake family victim daughters and wife first.

Please drop the nonsense about my brother being a fake, it’s disgusting.

Matt Campbell

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  1. Anonymous says:

    see @ 17:00 + FOR THE TRUTH


  2. Anonymous says:

    9/11 World Trade Center Attack – YouTube Banned this Video World Wide


  3. Anonymous says:

    DEAD ‘Marshall planned to expose CIA crimes’
    by PressTVGlobalNews

    THE BIG BAMBOOZLE: 9/11 and the War on Terror by Philip Marshall
    by MahealaniPrincess


  4. Anonymous says:

    every single person visiting this blog should read this

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jeff Rense & Deborah Tavares – Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars
    Jeff Rense


  6. Anonymous says:

    i would like to make rothschild tony blair and all the other jew crims drink monsantos roundup
    nice one eh ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Matt Campbell, being called a fake a liar and a dreamer is the stock accusation of the 5th columnist, the NWO supporter and the scheister.
    Every whistleblower you can think of matt. Christopher Bollyn, Chris Spivey Chris cooper kevin field t stokes, pete wilson and maud dib have all been accused in this same launguage, as soon as i hear it, i know its bullshit,
    “by their fruits shall ye know them “

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to change the subject Tap
    but please watch UKColumn
    Brian Gerrish april 21st
    Its on sunconscious manipulation of Common Purpose techniques on Civil servants.
    My pal Ian Borman was a postman in Kings Lynn Norfolk, a town witha very high crime levels, he said his boss postal manager Mick Thompson took a common purpose course and beacme over night a real racial and sexual bully.
    One postman went to the police because he collected signed statements from every woman who worked there about severe and prolonged sexual harassment, the police told the manaer and the whistleblower was sacked and had shit thrown at him

  9. Anonymous says:

    apologies but i have been 5 months in france and this was on my PC
    did this happen while i was away ?
    Darkness Descending in England
    By Pamela Geller
    The arrest of over 53 people in the United Kingdom is the beginning of the end for once-great Britain. Several of these were dissident radio broadcasters and bloggers.
    The leaders of the English Defence League (EDL), Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, were among those arrested, as well as Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party (BFP). I spoke with Kevin Carroll about his recent arrest and that of Robinson and Weston, and he told me the appalling details.
    Carroll told me that British authorities tried everything in the book to stop him from running for police and crime commissioner (PCC) for the Bedfordshire Police Authority. Nonetheless, he officially won the right to run for PCC last Friday. But then, the very next day, British authorities carried out these mass arrests of EDL and BFP members, stripping them and forcing them taking their clothes, and making them wear white paper overalls like those given to incarcerated terrorists. None of the 53 were allowed no phone calls, some people said the radis were countrywide and the numbers were actually far higher.
    Meanwhile, British police raided the homes of Carroll, Robinson, and three others who had been arrested. “They absolutely ransacked mine,” Carroll told me. “They smashed the door off and wrecked my home. They took my only vehicle, with all the tools of my trade inside, and impounded it, as well as Tommy’s car.” The police, the bomb squad, forensics teams, and sniffer dogs spent seven and a half hours stripping Carroll’s van to the bone. “When they finished,” he said, “they found nothing! They loaded it up with bugs and GPS monitors and threw everything in the back; it looks like it’s been in a blender.”
    After smashing the door to Carroll’s home off its hinges, police officials repaired it, got a locksmith to put on a new lock, and left with the new keys, leaving Carroll locked out of his own home. When Carroll was released, still wearing his white paper prison suit, it was dark and raining; true to form, police officials offered him no transportation, even though it was late at night on a Sunday, leaving him to walk home in the rain in a paper suit.

    Carroll’s bail hearing is set for November 30, which gives him just two weeks after the November 15 elections to prepare his defense. Anyone who can vote for Bedfordshire police authority commissioner and who loves freedom should vote for Kevin Carroll; it could be your last hope to preserve the freedom of speech and the principle of the equality of rights for all people in Britain.
    Clearly the establishment elites in Britain are extremely worried that Carroll might win and upset the entrenched culture of accommodation the Jewish NWO syllabus. in fact, one of the briefs in Carroll’s case actually stated that this was why he was arrested — because he is running for PCC. The dhimmi elites understand that this could be the beginning of their end. “The police,” said Carroll, “are out to finish us all on behalf of the establishment.”
    This is a defining moment in British history, as significant as any major turning point. It is in many respects like what happens in Soviet Russia. With these outrageous and politically motivated arrests, Britain has entered a dark and dangerous new era. Said Weston: “The full power of the State appears to be concentrating on shutting down any political dissent. This does not really feel like a democratic country anymore.”
    Carroll is organizing a demonstration outside Wandsworth prison this coming Saturday morning. All free citizens in Britain should be there. And is there no one is the political establishment in the U.K. who has any decency, integrity, or spine? No one who will stand up against these outrages?

    • Anonymous says:

      They all work for MI5 ..what cock and ball next will they come out with ..They All work for yr Government. paid up members ..

  10. Nollidge says:

    Tap:-A few hours ago I posted a comment on this thread.It was about the slandering of truthseekers in general & 9-11 in particular & how Israel was inserting their “reliable” Jews into the mix to misdirect their efforts.I mentioned the suspicious death of one such man who,as I said,”made the mistake of allowing a Jewish guy to ‘co-operate’ with him”.It never appeared.Am I now persona non grata here for this reason?.If you don’t want me,just say so & I’ll go.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well Matt, some might say you protest too much.
    How do we the public, know you are telling the truth.
    If you have some Family photographs, why not tell us where to see them.
    There are many Government agents involved in the disinformation, many were at hand as experts in the first few hours.
    Let us be the judge of information which may be disgusting.

  12. shirlz007 says:

    so… apparently Peaches Geldof had joined a Satanic sex cult, but was complaining she wasn’t getting enough…
    well… last night was her lucky night!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Nollidge, it may be that your comments failed the ‘robot test’.
    As soon as you have made a comment, check to see if it’s passed.
    Sometimes the test may take two or three goes.
    We always like to hear other comments, from Knowledgeable people.

  14. @ Anon 6.47pm

    Of course I have family photos, however given Simon’s ‘analysis’ of a couple of photos and a few numpties pulling apart my first time ever speaking in public about my brother and 9/11 (at the reinvestigate911 meeting on 12th Sept 2013), I have ZERO confidence in him doing any real vetting or analysis of ANYTHING I offer up as proof.

    He’s apparently got hard evidence I’m both a fraudster and a spook and my brother is a simulated victim?
    Show me, the burden of proof is on Simon NOT me.

    I think Simon owes Caroline, me and probably many other vicsim family members an apology AND his forumites and website readers who have been let down by his sloppy, lazy research into me and my brother, which is almost as pathetic as the Official Conspiracy Theory itself, which has resulted in his website being shut down (NOT what I asked for – indeed as far as I could tell Simon actually complied with MY requests to the ISP to remove the defamatory, abusive comments. Even though he did that (within 24 hours), after 48 hours the ISP appear to have taken the site down).

    I will meet any “Geoff Campbell Vicsim believer” & Simon Shack (or whatever his/her name is) in PERSON (as I suggested to SS when I was speaking at the 9/11 debate at Kent University last Tuesday), under these following conditions:

    1) Clear criteria on what proof is needed

    2) Independent verification (from a mutually agreed person or people)

    And when I convince 2) I want:

    A VERY PUBLIC, HUMBLE APOLOGY from Simon Shack (or whatever his/her real name is) to Caroline & myself AND to everyone who ever believed that I was a fraudster and a spook and Geoff was a simulated victim. And to PUBLICLY admit he has let himself down and everyone who knows him as a REAL person.

    I’m not a paranoid person, but as I waste my time writing these comments rebutting nonsense, I can’t help feeling that people or entities like Simon Shack (or whatever his/her name is) are paid trolls to waste people’s time who do NOT believe the Official Conspiracy Theory (like myself) AND distract us/me from ever getting anyone (INCLUDING the main stream media) in a court of law for what they’ve done on the biggest lie (the OCT of 9/11) foisted upon this or any other generation.

    Matt Campbell (brother of Geoff Campbell murdered on 9/11).

  15. Anonymous says:

    nollidge…it did appear in the comments, I remember reading it

  16. Anonymous says:

    Are you not aligned to a group set up by celebrity MI5 whistleblower Annie Machon. Anybody who thinks she has anything to do with the truth on this should seek psychological evaluation. The spy in the bag tells you what happens to spys who know to much, yet Annie Machon is allowed to go about setting up groups that are getting to the truth of 9/11. No chance.

  17. Nollidge says:

    Matt Campbell:-Please don’t be too hard on “SimonShack” or any of the other such types.They work bloody hard for their shekels.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Are you not also connected to architects and engineers for 9/11 truth. A group that gets as much msm media coverage as justin bieber. They have even been on fox news which would be impossible if what they were saying was even partially true. 9/11 is the biggest media hoax of are time.

  19. I am not aligned with anyone. A&E give me a platform for me to reach out re 9/11 & my brother.

    If I were to get interviewed by MSM media (like the BBC) now it wouldn’t mean I’m aligned with them.

    I’m actually withholding payment of my TV licence under Section 15 Article 3 of the Terrorism Act as we all should do.

  20. Anonymous says:

    If you go to the home page of (a group set up by celebrity super spy annie machon) the top article is about you. At the bottom of that page a list of contacts is listed They seem to be more interested in selling books,t-shirts, dvds , theatre tickets and collecting donations. 9/11 was a media hoax, if your brother was caught up in the whole thing and died, thats a tragedy and you have my sympathies but your on the road to nowhere with them people. The only thing they are trying to get to the bottom of is other peoples wallets.

  21. @ Anon 11:12

    Top article about me? That’s just the ‘latest’ story they’re covering, I will be duly shifted downwards when the next article goes up.

    The contact details were for that press release (they don’t normally make it on to the published copy).

    I’m not on their general contact/email-us page.

    As for making money, like most 9/11 researchers, they’re working for nothing, giving tons of their time up for nothing.

    The minimal merchandise is more about creating awareness of their goals (which I do support).

    Likewise the theatre productions (not connected with them as far as I know).

    Make money? Bottom of people’s wallets? I don’t think so. I think they charged £2/£4 entry fee at the meeting they held on 12/09/13 and sold a handful of t-shirts and books.

    As for 9/11 being a media hoax. There are elements of 9/11 in which the media certainly played more than a complicit role (both live and ever since).
    But the whole thing a media hoax?
    Something brought the towers down and it wasn’t planes/fuel/fires OR video fakery of the media.

    9/11 was however supported by a media hoax.

  22. Anonymous says:

    There time might be free, the books, t-shirts, dvds and theatre tickets are not. Someone must be banking the profits. How many t-shirts and books do you have to sell to get to the truth. the theatre tickets being advertised on the website cost about £10, but dont take my word for it check it for yourself.Which parts do you think the media faked? Fake witnesses? Fake images? Storys about fake terrorists? Obviously something brought down the towers, but do you think that the media showed us the real collapse of the towers?

  23. Anonymous says:

    September Clues is the nearest anyone has got to the truth surrounding the enormous 911 scam.
    The so-called 911 truth movement is a front.
    Any news of William’Last Man Out/The Keymaster’Rodriguez former magicians assistant?

  24. Amanda Price says:

    No comment is it then Matt, now you have been asked a few questions. Is that your favourite picture of your brother?

  25. rawrunner says:

    @ all the people (trolls or otherwise) who are desperately clinging to their ‘theory’ that my brother was a simulated victim and that I am paid spook:

    I have emailed and issued my challenge to ‘Simon Shack’ et al of September Clues.

    I am STILL waiting for a response.

    Simon will NOT rise up to the challenge because he’s knows that once his favourite pet theory of VicSims (of my brother at a minimum), to which he is very much emotionally and by reputation attached to, is exposed as a sham, based on shoddy, lazy ‘research’, it will cast massive doubt (whether fairly or not) on the rest of his ‘research’ at September Clues.

    From the outset all I requested Simon do was to remove the defamatory comments about me and the hurtful lies about my brother from his website/forum. I made no judgement on the rest of the content of his site.

    If Simon et al actually decide to take up my challenge they will lose and

    “maxim Falsis in Uno, Falsis in Omnibus”

    will apply.

    That is why Simon will NEVER take up my challenge.

    I’ve found this whole exchange surreal.

    When I set out to go public with my firm belief that the Official Conspiracy Theory [OCT] is a lie, and my goal to reinvestigate 911 AND reopen my brother’s Inquest, I expected perhaps some flak from other victim family members, and maybe from the odd persistent main stream media believer of the OCT, but I NEVER expected it to be from other non-believers of the OCT, nor did I expect them to be so disrespectful in their accusations/attacks.

    I am still waiting for Simon to rise to the challenge.

    So instead of leaving more puerile comments here, why not contact Simon, offer to be one his “Geoff Campbell Vicsim believers” and BRING IT ON.

    I will not be responding to any more puerile questions & accusations.

    I’ve got far better things to do; like actually trying to get into a court of law with real evidence contrary to the OCT.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Bring it on then. Answer a few questions or provide the proof that would counter the claims that have been made against you. Is that not what you posted for or maybe you thought you would just talk about memorial services and how hard it has been and we will all believe you. There is hardly any point posting again if your not going to answer any questions or provide any proof matt campbell, if that is even who you are since your using 2 accounts it seems.

  27. seu bobo says:

    anyone should be able to provide incontrovertible evidence that they had a sibling, however, the evidence that the cambells’ have provided to verify the brother’s existence has been anything but.

    so given that the imagery of the planes hitting the towers and the 9 second and 11 second collapse footage are cartoons; i have no choice but to assume that matt cambell is just another clown buttressing the farce called 911.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always found it very difficult to beleive that we have heard so very little from the tens of thousands of ‘loved ones’of the quite well-to-do,well connected ‘victims’.And I don’t beleive for one moment that that they would all accept the ridiculous official version of events.

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