Margaret Hodge’s Son-In-Law To Head Islington Abuse Investigation

Keeping it in the family, Cllr Joe Caluori

Keeping it in the family, Cllr Joe Caluori
Islington Council dismissed calls for Joe Caluori, who is married to Mrs Hodge’s daughter, to step aside from his post while its investigation is ongoing. The council insisted there was no conflict of interest and that the council’s director of social services would report directly to the Department for Education rather than to Mr Caluori.
But victims, lawyers and whistle-blowers are demanding an independent inquiry.
Demetrious Panton, who was repeatedly abused by Bernie Bain, the former head of an Islington children’s home in the late Seventies, said: “An independent police investigation into Islington is crucial. I know so much. Yet, throughout all the 13 inquiries into Islington, I was never once asked to give evidence.”
Mr Panton, who is a lawyer, added: “We still don’t know the full extent of Islington’s corruption. There are a lot of individuals who I know, abuse survivors, who have not yet contacted Islington or the police about what they know. There is a real lack of trust.”
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  1. Anonymous says:

    you. couldn’t make this up …What a piss take….Lets Stop this come on people …In the name of children protest against this Abuse …

  2. Anonymous says:

    these jews say they are gods chosen people and its ok for them to nob our kids
    i say it isnt
    how about you ?

  3. Zoompad says:

    Does anyone know if Daniel Hodge of Stafford Emotional Wellbeing is related to Margaret Hodge? The office is at the old tax centre in Stafford and the rason I’m asking is because they are getting referrals from GPs in Staffordshire from Pindown child abuse victims and they’re not really doing anything to help them

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