I forged Obama’s birth certificate, says whistleblower Nancy Ruth Owens


 My name is Nancy Ruth Owens (Jones) and I forged Obama’s birth certificates and helped forge the SS document in 1985. www.iforgedobamasbirthcertificates.com

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31 Responses to “I forged Obama’s birth certificate, says whistleblower Nancy Ruth Owens”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well this confirms what we have been told before, full marks for belated honesty, Nancy Ruth Owens.
    Yet, we can do nothing, because the Freemasons run all the Legal system.
    The only chance humanity has, is the exposure of Paedophiles.
    Freemasons are so embedded into the Paedophile circuit, when they fall the tower falls.
    It’s no good going on a summer holiday when the tower is vibrating.

  2. Congress has placed a foreign King on the American throne. Congress has rendered itself obsolete. What better way to bring down a defunct, corrupt political system than to prove that they have committed the ultimate betrayal of crowing a foreign entity. My guess is that this is 911, Jimmy Hoffa, Adam Walsh, John F Kennedy, Jr. revenge because I can assure you I never saw it coming. Just think of it as a major criminal sting operation and see if that doesn’t bring clarity to this ludicrous situation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is Obama an Indonesian? Take a look at:

    The REAL Obama – An INDONESIAN, Muslim, Socialist Puppet


  4. Anonymous says:

    Nancy, thank you for your quick reply.
    Problem Number 1. In the US people can stand for election using a pseudonym.
    Example, Jessie Ventura was the Governor of Minnesota, his children are called Ventura.
    First thing you have to do is change the law on Pseudonyms.
    If you don’t know the names of people you elect, you are going nowhere.
    Support the exposing of Paedophiles, not many people like them.
    It’s the thin end of the wedge theory.

  5. Nollidge says:

    Well Tap,I listened to,& downloaded this vid,but the best I can say is to copy & paste a comment from the vid’s page:-
    “Nancy, I really want to listen, however, I get lost in your rambling. Maybe if you organized and wrote this down it would be good. There is so much skipping around that I have trouble following you.”
    And that’s how I feel.I’ve been following US matters for some years,but even I encountered things on here that had me scratching my head & wondering just what she was referring to.Still,better this than nothing. 

  6. Kidromulous says:

    You nuts need help really. You believe this you are a fucking idiot.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nancy, try and take with a pinch of salt what Nollidge says, he has been University trained, so will be lacking in common sense.
    According to what I have read, up to
    40 of your 100 Upper House Politicians are actors, and have Pseudonyms for names.
    If you look at Obama’s election form sponsors, you may find they are pseudonyms.
    So what you have, is an actor, signing for an actor, as a real person. Not very logical !!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Kidromulous, have you got any Kettles at your house.

  9. Dear Nancy, Thanks and respect for coming forward with this. Only time will tell if anyone is really interested anymore or will the corrupt establishment allow this to go any further? or is ANYone able to act upon this and bring this disgraceful saga to an end. The “free world” as well as America demands this at least!

    So, Your admissions and comments would indicate the so-called “investigations” are merely smoke and mirrors. Are you categorically saying that Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Mike Zullo and the cold case posse are controlled govt. assets and deliberately diverting the people’s attention away from this?. Does Dr. Orly Taitz, or Seymour Hersh know of or have they seen your disclosures?
    Have you considered the possible legal ramifications of confessions of forgery and your confessions to murders? And are you prepared to provide further & full disclosure? Please do not misunderstand my motives for asking all these questions. Am not in any way connected to any govt. or their agencies, am only an interested person of We the People. What you have disclosed is truly mind-blowing and am still trying to comprehend the depths of deceit perpetrated by western govts. upon common people per se. Stay safe.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Kidromulous…I’m intrigued! Do you have any evidence or information you can share that clarifies this not to be true? Anything at all that will help get to the truth?
    I’m not dismissing Nancy’s claims but if you know something please will you share it with us.
    Thank you

  11. smrstrauss says:

    She also claims to have killed Pablo Escobar.

  12. Nollidge says:

    Dear Anon of 7.04.No,never – thank god – been to any university.But do have a very good level of net studies,over quite a few years.Now,if someone wants to put out this kind of info,they have to understand that so much will be utterly new,even to those who have studied the subject,that they have to make a plan before videoing.First,marshal all the facts in order to a timeline.Next,try to work out what will be unknown to all but a small group of insiders and must thus be clearly explained so that outsiders coming to such a video will not be wondering what fits where.EG,she talks about Florida.This is the first time I’ve heard of Florida in connection with the Obama fraud,& I’ve read a great deal on this.And an adoption by a doctor who isn’t named.And a town in Florida never before mentioned in the Obama story.& finally,has she really no idea of where Obama came from,or who he really is?.

  13. Yes, I MAY have evidence. That evidence, if it hasn’t been dug up by others, is an article of Adam Walsh (or the other boy’s)clothing. However, the land that it is buried on is protected by the cartel. Otherwise, I would have known for certain one way or the other years ago.

  14. Nollidge says:

    To Nancy Ruth Owens:-Well,up until now,before you spoke up,the favourite theory is that his real father was the black communist (& FBI informer),Frank Marshall Davis.Indeed,his likeness to Davis & a known son of Davis by a white wife,is uncanny.Also,the main city connection has always been Chicago,where he was sponsored & financed by wealthy Jewish families,such as the Pritzkers.And unless he had a trusted sponsor,he would never have got a look-in to the Chicago political scene.(Anyone who just walked into the Dem party offices to offer to help,was immediately asked “who sent you”).Also,in the 90’s,he was a member of the American Socialist party (or suchlike),which was a thinly disguised communist front.
    Finally,there was the statement by an American businesman that,at a party on Moscow in the early 90’s,a drunken wife of a party member boasted about how,soon,America would
    have a black president,& his name is Obama.Of course,none of this ever came out in the
    MSM,& one newsreader was anonymously quoted as saying that the topic of Obama’s
    ineligibility was NEVER to be raised in any way whatsoever – OR ELSE.

  15. Anonymous says:

    An email just received from USa has advised me this story is faked.

  16. Anonymous says:

    An anonymous poster with zero credibility has just received an email from US(a)? advising that this story is faked, but for some reason did not post a link to the email, or even copy and paste text from it.

  17. Nollidge says:

    “An email just received from USa has advised me this story is faked.”
    What kind of source is your e-mail from?.Can you tell us?
    Well,Obama’s birth certificates certainly were fake.On the short form,shown on “fightthesmears” when he was first running for office,his father’s race is given as “African”,but in those days it would have been entered as “Negro”.In the longer form,given out during his 2nd election campaign,whoever faked it didn’t know that an old typewriter moved along a fixed distance for each letter,but a computer’s word-processor squeezes op the letters such a little i&l to make more room on each line.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Obama Bombshell: New Birth Certificate a Forgery



    Any value?


  19. Anonymous says:

    Dr. Corsi Details Obama Fraud & Family Lies



    More clarity?


  20. I killed Pablo Escobar October 2, 1990 with a butcher knife, cutting out his heart just eight weeks after the birth of my first child (procreation which was forbidden by Pablo) Crystal Rose and six weeks after the University of Florida Gainesville slaughters. Here is a video that you have to see wherein the navy seal who previously claimed Pablo and Osama Bin Laden’s kill has now disclaimed them. 911/Clinton investigations folks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkqFJ2lVMA0

  21. Anonymous says:

    Nancy, did you read my blog of 9:47pm.
    What have you to say about actors like Jesse Ventura holding Public office as a Pseudonym.
    This means you don’t know who they are, just like Obama, who is a British subject.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Anon @ 3:19…i cannot and will not disclose my source (without permission) except to say it is a person of some public presence inn USA noted for their efforts to bring this issue to the attention of the public and bring court proceedings against what many of us presented with the evidence thus far, believe to be an imposter masquerading as president.
    As for my credibility….thats your problem related to your own perception and therefore not mine! BTW, i did not say i agreed with the claim the video is false, only that my source did!

    This story has been running for years and doubtless will run for a few more, protected and cocooned in the web of deceit, deception and disinformation by the guilty parties involved.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Kidromulous I am sure I have seen your photograph before.
    Were you at the 99% demo in Washington.
    Just sayin.

  24. @Anon. All I know for sure is that I was told he is my half brother and he lived in Harlem, Clewiston, Florida. There are so many Obots out there pushing false info against those of us telling you the truth. Even this article in Before Its News is losing ground due to the naysayers posting false info and I don’t have the money, support, or resources to fight back. I would like to thank the writer of this article for sharing. This is no joke. You can’t think of Obama as white or black. You have to think of him as Mexican/Cuban/Colombian. When you do, all of his moves will make sense. I’ve even posted on my pages the theft of my arrest records by a website claiming to do arrest reports but that has a disclaimer as to accuracy at the bottom that few will bother to read. Here it is for anybody who’s interested. Again, that is not me in the photo and I certainly have no control over their databases. OMG!! They’re even stealing my arrest records so that you don’t find out the truth. Now, Clewiston, does this look like me?

  25. Look at it this way, the Obots already have accounts set up at all of these sites including Before Its News and just as something begins to catch fire, the Obots are there to quickly put it out. If any of you can see that there is little doubt that the girl in the photo is me, set up an account at BIN and post something anti-Obotic. Seriously, who’s going to create over 140 videos trying to get the truth out to those who need it? I can think are far better things to do with my time than this. Hoffa, 1980. JFK, Jr, 1980. People have built castles by keeping this stuff all hush-hush and they’re not used to being exposed. It is making a difference but it is too slow.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Nancy, i applaud you for your courage in coming forward and agree the prosecutions are suspiciously slow even after many disclosures of these false-flag, bankster fraud, child abuse & murder, genocide and overall evil practices being perpetrated on common people globally by the ruling criminal cabal.

    Wherever you live today we are in the fight of our lives just to preserve our existence and future.


  27. Anonymous says:

    Nancy, you seem to be speaking in legalese.
    I’m going to ask you again, what do you have to say about people like Jesse Ventura standing for Public office as a Pseudonym ?
    Let’s try and keep it simple, then we can move on.
    If Jesse can use a false name so can Obama.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Looked at a few of your Video’s Nancy.
    You are talking Tripe.
    Either answer Anon 8:32 or Fall on your sword.

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