Hypocricy defined

So IDS is proposing that benefit cheats must repay any monies they have obtained fraudulently and may even have to sell their houses to do so under tough new measures. 

That frankly is is as it should be. However, it further highlights the gulf between us and THEM in the aftermath of the latest MP’s fraud posted in the MSM these last few days relating to maria miller.  An elected officer of the people who STOLE 45,000 pounds from the taxpayer and not only gets to keep her illegal gains (apart from 5,800 pounds) but keeps her job as an MP as well?!!!  She has admitted her mistake and made a full “unreserved apology” so according to cameron and the rest of the pirates it’s all ok and we can all move along!  

Who do these people think they are fooling?  It’s way past time when all of the trough guzzling criminals masquerading as our representatives where taken out, tarred and feathered and run out of town! 

I only hope the voters remember every single incident of politicians thievery, fraud, acts of callous indifference which have caused the suffering and misery of millions, whether it’s due to service cuts or job losses causing them to fall into poverty, and not to forget the deaths of our armed service personnel due to inadequate equipment directly attributed to govt. cuts, while our fat-cat politicians eat highly discounted meals and enjoy soviet-esque privileges and these criminals STILL believe they are somehow untouchable and above the law?! 

The clock is ticking and the people are waking up.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t know Iain ‘never had a proper job’ Duncan Smith had already started in his new career as a stand up comedian. I thought he was going to spend a little more time making the poor poorer, watching them slowly starve to death or commit suicide whilst being denied their rights to benefits, paid for by most with decades of Income Tax and National Insurance before he took up his new position. Maybe he should take Maria Miller on as his new assistant they’ll make bundles as a double act as they are both hilarious!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was getting housing benefit for a while, paid directly to my landlord, I was informed that I’d been overpaid & had to pay it back but not the landlord, where does that make sense?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Michael Tellinger has a good idea to rid the planet of money called ‘Contributionism’ of which he has put into practice in Africa
    He’s taken the banks in south Africa to court and received harsh treatment in the process as you can imagine, (more info on that in the second link)
    Below is a video from his website explaining how ‘Contributionism’ works


    This second link is a vid about the so called Ancient Gods of ‘old’ in Africa and the remains they left behind.
    It covers free energy they used and the corrupt banking system of today also.
    Fascinating information here that covers corruption and slavery of us all and a variety of other info too.
    It’s 2 hours long but worth it.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Ian DUMBcan Smith won’t be setting the rules as of next year. The cons won’t win another election.

  5. Anonymous says:

    In the 60s an author who claimed to be a tibetan monk Lobsang Rampa wrote some splendid books
    and in one he said after W W 2
    the jews who ran the UK through the war planned a “race of tan “
    and he said Englishmen were deemd goy rubbish and had to have their genes diluted down with african DNA, the jews hate blacks, and importing them in en masse after W W 2 was seen as a way of killing 2 birds with one stone.
    The jewish word for lower races is untermensch or under people,
    and english people were descxribed as goy untermensch.
    and lobsang rampas prediction of
    a mixed race of tan coloured people s eems to be bearing fruit
    the BBC have a police of employing homosexuals or mixed race actors

  6. Anonymous says:

    Untermensch is not a jewish word it’s a German word meaning under man.
    It was used by the Nazis referring to Jews, blacks, and poles etc

  7. Lucy Kelly says:

    Re Tellinger n ubuntu, or contributionism as Tellinger calls it, it doesnt use money. If you want to leave your community, your gains will remain behind in it. Its like a prison. Money is transportable n allows freedom n the power of the individual. Ubuntu is like informal democracy. Very open to abuse. Certain to be abused.

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