Hitler died in Argentina, not in Berlin

FBI Quietly Opens Secret Files That Attest HITLER WENT TO ARGENTINA Rather Than Commit Suicide…

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Newly declassified FBI documents prove that the government knew Hitler was alive and well, and living in the Andes Mountains long after World War II.
On April 30 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker. His body was later discovered and identified by the Soviets before being rushed back to Russia. Is it really possible that the Soviets have been lying all this time, and that history has purposely been rewritten?
No one thought so until the release of the FBI documents. It seems that it is possible that the most hated man in history escaped war torn Germany and lived a bucolic and peaceful life in the beautiful foothills of the Andes Mountains.
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12 Responses to “Hitler died in Argentina, not in Berlin”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Get back on the meds you mentalist

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh! And what side of the bed did you get out of this morning? Where is your evidence to the contrary? Bring it on!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The troll is back, he wants proof of every thing. To bad he couldn’t look up the proof him self. I wonder how many sites a day he visits, wanting proof?

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Freemasons look after their own people.
    When the facts don’t fit the evidence, Freemasons are about.
    Just google https://www.biblebelievers.org.au/33rd.htm
    This list is frightening, read after a stiff drink.
    Well done Anon 6:19pm, well spotted.

  5. Anonymous says:

    He spent the rest of his days in Argentina and lived into old age.

    He lived a quiet life. Shaved his hair off and his moustach and changed his name. He had few friends but they were very close friends.
    A few of the locals that new him have photo’s of themselves with him that have been taken through the years he lived there.

    My father who passed away over twenty years ago was in the airforce during world warII told me when I was a child that Adolf survived and was transported to Argentina. My father new this through a mutual German friend of his who new Adolf personally.
    I’ve always known he went there and so did Churchill and all the rest of the British Intelligence knew

  6. Nollidge says:

    ASdolf Hitler is only “the most hated man in history” because a certain tribe who were very angered at his success at breaking free of their banker buddies now control the MSM,publishing,airwaves,T.V.,etc,& ensure that we goyim are fed unending “Hitler was evil” stories.

  7. Anonymous says:

    if true does this mean david irving was working for the tribe all along.

  8. Nollidge says:

    “if true does this mean David Irving was working for the tribe all along.”
    No.It means that sometimes you learn a truth so incredible that if you publish it without absolute cast-iron unarguable proof,you’ll be ridiculed from dawn to dusk.So,if you’re a serious researcher who wishes your work to be believed,you sometimes have to go along with the “official” story.Unless,of course,events transpire to prove that you were right all along.(See David Icke for an example of what I’m saying).

  9. Anonymous says:

    FAO of Gordon. Any idea who this “John” is who purports to be a ‘Sir’ with connections in high places? Here’s an example of his promises. http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2014/04/a-promiscuous-mother-and-childhood.html?showComment=1398081804809#c1670437362323240907
    He seems to be the source behind the blog but not the actual owner of the blog – that is ‘canauzzie’. He also posted on tdarkcabal.blogspot.com. He claims to mix in royal circles and extols the virtue of her maj – says she lives on a stipend from the state.
    He has also extolled the virtues of Barclays as a safe haven for our money. Those two alone are cause for concern. The question is is he what he claims to be or is he just suckering some gullible sheep to feed his ego and pass the time?
    What would a knight of the realm be doing on a canadian/american blog other than having a larf at someone else’s expense?


    Not A Troll

  10. paul maleski says:

    I heard through the grapevine that the Registrar in Hawaii wrote out his birth details, on the Original sic. certificate, of whatever his real name is, the Manchurian Candidate will suffice–using Anne Frank’s stolen bent biro. At least I admit I am a troll on patrol!

  11. Roy Wright says:

    What else didn’t happen in ww2 huh?

  12. paul maleski says:

    Roy–You are right! The History of WW2 has to be completely rewritten in an objective manner. The ‘impartial’ sic. narrative we are presented with and ‘deliberately muddled/muddied’ throughout the Western media; well, the bulk of it is farcical nonsense which serves the interests of a tiny elite. And I believe I know who this elite is! They definitely know who they are. It is now a criminal offence to question the official version of the 6 million Zyclon B Holocaust myth in 17 countries. Why?

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