Global government advances. Resistance is nothing like strong enough.

UK Column report followed by Natural News

Monsanto has been ordered by the South African government to stop making false advertising claims about GMOs.
At least some countries can see through their false propaganda:
150 scientists are now openly condemning the politically-motivated retraction of the GMO Seralini study:
As Obama celebrates the claim that 7 million people “enrolled” in Obamacare, we have to ask why this is worth celebrating if it was FORCED upon people with threats of IRS penalties? Isn’t this the opposite of free choice?
The Malaysian government now admits to altering Flight 370 pilot transcripts and hiding evidence from the public. What are they hiding? And why?
The Hunger Games is no longer fiction! A new reality show seems ripped right out of the sci-fi novel:
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One Response to “Global government advances. Resistance is nothing like strong enough.”

  1. TMWKTMBNE says:

    Here’s an interesting story from BiN:

    Re your off-world ET theories TAP, after my request that you present the evidence for your own comment, at the bottom of my piece about Robert Graves:

    “…but the evidence for a takeover of the moon by Saturn and its use as a broadcasting base is strong.”

    ..I am not sure that referring me to chapter 9 of ‘Perception Deception’ by David Icke satisfies the request for evidence.

    Do you have a PDF copy of this book you could email to me? I’ve looked on line, can’t find a copy myself.

    If not, maybe you could present the evidence as a post / article on your blogsite?

    Excuse me if you think I am haranguing you – but I’m very intrested in testing ideas and theories to get to the truth.

    If what you (or David Icke) say is true, then I would like to know all about it, as I will have to acknowledge truth and then change my world view accordingly, no matter how painful.

    Too many people campaign, aruge and fight ‘truth’ that they have not fully investigated for themselves.

    Test it ’till it breaks.

    If it don’t break, you might have some real truth!

    A rare commodity indeed, in this fallen world!

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