Farage delivers Clegg knock-out. But why does he support Fracking? New nickname beckons.

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Farage’s performance last night makes it much harder to keep him out of the GE2015 debates

April 3rd, 2014

Unless Dave agrees he’ll be accused of running scared

The big consequence of last night’s widely perceived victory by Farage in the debate with Clegg is that it’s going to be a lot harder keeping the UKIP leader out of the leaders’ debates at GE2015.
Quite simply Clegg is now not in a position to object while Ed Miliband has already indicated that he wouldn’t oppose such a move.
So the ball will be in Cameron’s court and it will be a tricky one to play.
The initial plan was to rely on Farage’s exclusion because UKIP is not likely to be deemed by the Electoral Commission a “major party” at the general election. This means that the broadcasters don’t have to pay the purples the same attention as that given to the old three parties.
But after last night that is going to be a lot harder to sustain even if, as is highly likely, the EC refuses to give a party that didn’t win any MPs at GE2010 that status. Of course in the meantime UKIP could have won a parliamentary by election.

    So the PM would have two choices. To go ahead with debates on the same basis as 2010 with the leader perceived as the loser last night included but the “winner” not there or to oppose the whole concept of debates

Whichever way he plays it Cameron will be accused time and time again of running scared of the UKIP leader and using the Commission as an excuse. That could become an issue itself in the run up to polling day.
Whatever it gives UKIP a great peg to argue on which will reinforce its argument about the whole system.
The genie is now out of the bottle.

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9 Responses to “Farage delivers Clegg knock-out. But why does he support Fracking? New nickname beckons.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great new article from John Kaminski. Pity Farage doesn’t talk about ANY OF IT.

    The furor over Barack Obama’s birth certificate is really just a karmic signifier — only an alien could totally erase Constitutional protections, canonize homosexual perverts, and murder people without ever explaining why he’s doing it. Unrestrained immigration has polluted the population with uneducated immigrants who believe free lunch is their God-given right. Our leaders deliberately spend so much money on ostentatious foreign vacations and get filthy rich on illegal under-the-table deals that Americans can’t help but learn that corruption is the American way.

    There can be only one answer, and one name for the usurpers who have polluted every aspect of both American life, and the life of the world, where everyone now lives in fear of a government knock on the door, and worries when the moment will come when everything they have ever worked for will be snatched away on some trivial technicality — or even for no reason at all — as the powers that be use every unjust law at their disposal to impoverish every single person who has not agreed to be a sniveling pawn in support of their ruthless conspiracy against humankind.

    That one answer can be nothing but the Jews, who dominate and pollute every aspect of human existence, from the self-destructive pig music that turns our children into rutting vandals contemptuous of everything that has provided them with good lives, to the empty words of politicians who force us to believe their obvious lies, and teach our children that this is the way to live — to conspire in the lies that rob others, as long as we don’t get caught. This is, after all, the Jewish philosophy.

    The single most egregious lie I’ve ever heard in my life was Barack Obama, the current U.S. president turned overt dictator, describing Russia’s recent reuniting with Crimea as worse than the tragic U.S. invasion of Iraq. What a sacrilegious joke to tell about the thousands of American lives — and millions of Iraqi lives — that have been wasted over the lies that American citizens failed to challenge, even though they knew they were lies, but were too impotent and cowardly to oppose.

    There’s a lot more …


  2. stedra rulz says:

    Michael’s comment from the Daily Mail article sums it up nicely:

    “Farage is saying what everyone else is thinking, unfortunately Clegg is so absorbed by Liberal political correctness he fails to see this.”

    I’d suppose that this commentator is a Liberal supporter.

    Clegg is a hollow man; if he had any substance, he’d never be allowed to become leader of the Liberals in the first place. All he can do is mouth worn-out pro-European platitudes and take cheap shots at Farage.

    Putin has been running rings around the West’s leaders, so far. Affirmative action hires are not necessarily the best, I would hope that Obama is not doing a good job for his employers!

  3. Anonymous says:

    one of my faves comments from the mail

    Nigel Farage buried Nick Clegg yesterday. There we no mourners at the graveside – just a tired old priest standing in he rain …. and Nigel Farage with a pointed stake and a hammer.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “the times they are a-changin” thankfully at last we are witnessing much needed and long overdue truly earth shattering events.

    The opinion polls demonstrating clearly the feelings and wishes of the british people in relation to our non-representative criminal cabal known loosely as “politicians” and also the admission this week by the canadian govt. that after 17 years of dogged exposure and digging by Kevin annett, there really has been thousands if not hundreds of thousands of native children’s deaths in so-called “residential schools’ set-up by catholic, anglican churches and THE CROWN to pursue and execute what can only be termed GENOCIDE of a native people. The queen, ratzinger and others have already been prosecuted in a Common Law court in Brussels…..more prosecutions will follow and ultimately those satanic establishments they represent will be consigned to the dustbin of history. God Bless Nigel Farage and Rev. Kevin Annett for being the truth messengers and awakening the people to the evil amongst us, so bring on the new republics of England and Kanata. reiverdave

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cleg sure took a beating



  6. Anonymous says:

    Anon @2:24….Actually it’s a big fat 2 – zero now.
    Clegg is so transparent & the archetypical career politician who reads from scripts ‘coz they don’t have any experience of real life or working conditions and are so far removed from what people think and believe it would be funny if not so tragic. WE are all to blame as we have allowed these morons, pedo’s, etc. to usurp our country.

    Bring on the republic and power to the people!!

  7. Andrew T says:

    Is it just me who thinks that the BBC website has shut down comments on all articles relating to the Farage vs Clegg debate? Can anyone see any remaining comments pages?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Farage is at least saying some truths, he could expose more about the utterly corrupt EU.
    What worries me is that he endorses FRACKING!


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