Disinfo about MH370 takes over the alternative media


Seems my post to you the other day concerning Freescale semiconductor patent holders on Flight 370 and Rothschild may have been disinfo. I do try and research background information before posting to you. Apologies to all.


One of the stories being promoted by the alternative media is that four patent holders of a new fabrication technologyand employees of Freescale Seminconductor were on board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. This turns out not to be the case.  Even though it is true that several employees from Freescale are listed in the manifest none of the aforementioned patent holders are listed.This is important to point out because it appears as if a bunch of these stories detailing a conspiracy to kill the patent holders to benefit the Rothschild family and others is at best poor journalism or at worst disinformation.  If you look at the official Flight 370 manifest supplied by Malaysia Airlines and an even a more descriptive passenger list provided by New York Daily News, it is clear that none of the patent holders names are listed.
It is quite possible that this business surrounding Freescale, patent holders, the Rothschilds etc.. is just a manufactured rabbit trail to distract alternative researchers.  A hat tip to Dahboo7 and his YouTube channel for exposing this.  Check out his video on the same topic below.

Kind regards,

TAP – I wouldn’t take it too hard, Gordon.  They’re obviously 
using the plane’s disappearance as a way to sow endless
 stories until alternative media look ridiculous.  The more 
objective look from veteranstoday written by the Malaysian 
lawyer sums it up best, that this comes into the realm of 
operational activity above government level.  The details don’t 
matter.  You just need to know that the same forces that did 
911, 7/7 and numerous others – are at it again.  It can take 
years for a coherent analysis to emerge.  Full marks for
 trying.  That’s all any of us can do.  Don’t give up the 

When Jim Stone started dropping off indications he’d 

analysed the attack, it looked like we were going to get a 

quick analysis from one of the best.  But the characters like 

Phillip Wood didn’t ring true, and it seemed as if he wasn’t 

quite the Jim Stone of old.  That notion is today confirmed by 

the CIA pointing out to alternative media that they used him in

 the Boston bombing theatre.  This makes me believe that 

Jim Stone is no longer acting as a free agent, and he’s writing 

under duress, or it’s not actually him.  They’re going for it in

 terms of trying to discredit alternative media, which shows

 how much we bother them, and how they’re convinced

 people will stop bothering to visit our websites. 

It won’t work.  People hunger for the truth, so we/they can put

 stories in the news to bed, and move on.  That’s why we blog 

– not to tell, but to ask.  What’s going on?


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10 Responses to “Disinfo about MH370 takes over the alternative media”

  1. shirlz007 says:

    It would seem, the only motive for this comes from the US Pentagon, and not Israel (or any Zionist Bond villain).

    This has not been blamed on Iran, or any ‘Islamic terrorist’, no-one seems to have gained financially…
    the main motive seems to be ensuring US/Pentagon/NSA superiority over China in terms of electronic warfare.
    The ‘freescale’ employees (and other electronic experts) seems to be the key…

    Sometimes it seems the CIA is blaming too much on Rothschild, Israel/Zionism…
    If The Powers That Be in America (CIA) where to abandon Israeli Zionism… the first tool they would use is the ‘Alternate Media’.

  2. Anonymous says:

    America intel is ruled by the jews
    Brit intel similar.
    lord rothschild admitted this when he controlled churchill in 2 word wars for jewry
    I have several family members in GCHQ who speak of this and
    In fact as we speak the boss or overseer of all the brit intel facilities is zionist jew Malcolm Rifkind known to freinds as
    “malcolm the poof “

  3. Anonymous says:

    Malaysia Airlines and the Impending Israeli False Flag


  4. Anonymous says:

    I’d be interested to hear Wasp’s view on this subject. His objective viewpoint most often offers food for thought

  5. Nollidge says:

    Tap:- I’ve followed JimStone closely on MH370.He didn’t originate the “Rothschilds to profit from patents” story.It was sent in to him & not being a patent expert he had no way of checking it.He simply put it forward as a possible motive.But now he’s writing about MH370 being uased to smuggle the very latest US drone controller to China.Taliban got it from a crashed US aircraft & sold it to China.Was being transported in 6 parst in MH370.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Problem is Gordon, the MSM are fully involved in dispensing silly information as truth.
    It’s only through this blog and its contributors, that we get nearer to the Truth.
    For some reason we are fed lies and are expected to believe them, these events do not happen by Chance.
    I think Chemtrails are the Elephant in the room, yet how many know about them. It’s frightening.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Take a look at this. CNN anchor Erin Burnett who is also on the US Council of Foreign Relations gives the alleged jew Mossad agent Sarah Bajc, girlfriend of Phillip Wood 7 minutes air time saying the plane was hijacked by military. When do CNN give air time to conspiracy theorists without attacking them? Come on folks …. alternative media isn’t always as it appears … source lots of different sites (especially pro Goyim sites) for the real truth.

    “Sarah Bajc, girlfriend of Malaysian Flight 370 passenger Philip Wood, claimed on CNN Friday that she was told about eye witness reports that MH370 was spotted “accompanied by fighter planes” prior to its ‘disappearance’. Bajc also told CNN that she and other passengers family members are confident that the plane is not only still intact, but that the passengers have also survived.”


  8. Stroppy Me says:

    Tap I have tried to find support for your statement: “That notion is today confirmed by the CIA pointing out to alternative media that they used him in the Boston bombing theatre.”
    Please provide a reference to the source…..

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