Deadly MERS virus leaps from Saudi Arabia to Egypt. Situation escalating.

The deadly MERS virus is spreading out of control across Saudia Arabia, and now it has made the leap to Egypt, becoming an international superbug pandemic.

Infectious disease experts worry that this may be the start of a global pandemic for which western medicine has ZERO solutions: no drugs, no vaccines, no treatments whatsoever.

Here’s the latest on this rapidly escalating situation:

Vermont just handed Monsanto and the biotech industry a massive defeat! Now mandatory GMO labeling will be required in Vermont, and the GMO industry is panicked:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well all the pharma drugs don’t work anyway but there are numerous anti- microbial, anti-viral herbs available that do work.
    Garlic for instance is a strong anti- pathogen – it purifies the blood hence mosqitos and vampires never bite someone that’s eaten garlic.
    A Turkish lady told me that (made me wonder about the vampires though! She also said the oil capsules work just as well if you don’t like garlic and there is no smell with those
    I do know that people that eat garlic regularly suffer less from coughs cold flu and viral infections

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