David Cameron’s most famous one-liner – ‘we’re all in this together’ – innit.

Cracking story for the attention of the intrepid and daring Times investigative team

The financial affairs of David Cameron were under the spotlight today after a top Conservative journalist revealed he is making a mint on renting out his London home while living in Downing Street for free.

Respected journalist Melissa Kite wrote in the London Evening Standard during the height of the Maria Miller sleaze scandal that: “A quick glance at the property portfolios of the Cabinet shows that there is much more for the public to be peeved about than Ms Miller’s profiteering.
“David Cameron himself makes an estimated £6,000 a month from renting out his London home while living in Downing Street.”
Ms Kite also revealed that the Prime Minister’s expenses claims included billing the taxpayer 7p for “a bulldog clip and 38p for a staple- remover.”
Mr Cameron has faced previous criticism for maxing out the mortgage on his Oxfordshire constituency home to enable him to claim huge sums in mortgage interest from the taxpayer. During the last parliamentary expenses scandal it was revealed that he claimed £21,000 a year in mortgage relief on a giant loan despite being from a hugely wealthy family and having no mortgage on his London family home.
A UKIP spokesman said: “If what Ms Kite says is correct and we have no reason to believe that it is not then the Prime Minister is receiving more than £70,000 a year in rent while living for free in Downing Street. What was that line about us all being in it together? Anyhow, it is a cracking story for the Times to get its teeth into, that’s for sure.”
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  1. Anonymous says:

    We in the USA see our whistleblowers treated very badly indeed, most people do not know the name John Kiriakou, the CIA operative who exposed to the world the horific tortures used by the USA
    read this

  2. Anonymous says:

    Original whistleblower who exposed michelle obama wa sa man in drag goes missing beleived dead


  3. Anonymous says:

    Stand up for our Christianity, David Cameron tells UK

    ‘Healing power’
    But Mr Cameron said: “We all believe in many of the same principles,” adding that churches were “vital partners”.

    He said he had “felt at first hand the healing power of the Church


    In March, the PM visited the church in Bethlehem situated where Jesus is said to have been born

    Britons should be “more confident about our status as a Christian country”, Prime Minister David Cameron has said.


  4. Anonymous says:

    The prime minister charged the nation 7 pence for a bulldog clip ?
    i find this so petty, this obsession with pennies is typical ofa jewish prime minsiter, and for him to speak about christianity and Britain, i am disgusted
    Sue Foster

  5. Anonymous says:

    If I remember rightly it was decided 3 years ago that when politicians were found to be renting their main homes out while using second residences for work purposes and claiming expenses on them they were deemed fraudulent and had to pay the money back. Cameron lashed out at Labour for this but he thinks it ok for himself to do it?
    The media want to hang him out to dry on this one

  6. Anonymous says:

    reading the comments on whistleblowers, i must tell the you folowing amusing story.
    In my twenties i was as straight and as establishment as they come apart from an interest in astrology.
    I went to the freinds meeting rooms in Londons Euston rd for a talk on the subject, but a few minutes in i realised this was some twaddle about W W II and its aftermath from some old cold war dinosaur, i decided not to leave as it was raining hard outside
    and sit it out, but this old guy could really grip an audience
    and at the end i was clapping furiously, as we walked out and chatting to the man on the door i realised i had the wrong T stokes
    i would never have hone there in a million years to hear conspiracy stuff, but i came away a beliver and have been ever since
    Brian Palmer

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Real Battle For Ukraine
    Brother Nathanael



  8. Anonymous says:

    Do not formone moment imagine that this is ‘investigative’ journalism: this story would not have got out without Murdoch’s specific approval and is a shot across Cameron’s bows to ensure that he complies with something imminent, whatever that may be. The Times is an Establishment outlet.


  9. Anonymous says:

    allan @ aberdeen you are so right and to reinforce what you say
    i work next to an up market london beutique, and they closed it for a VIP to walk round on her own,
    we kept looking out of the windoww, and it wasnt a VIP,
    it was Cherie Blair, war criminal tonys ex wife.
    Word went round and when she left her her minder ran to the car where a cheauffuer driver hurried them away and all the while being belted with an array of shoes, some even ran after it still throwing them.
    It wasa wondrous event and all caught on my camera, i rang in total 17 times to get it intoa newspaper but each one was a Murdoccch one and no mention of it appaered on any news

  10. Anonymous says:

    We must get rid of all the shirtlifters from power and return the country to normal decent people

  11. Anonymous says:

    “We the People” are all in it together. As for the scum, the traitors, the pedophiles and the corrupt who brought us to the abyss, they will be cast out of our midst to enjoy their own sordid company, together!
    We will ultimately regain our pride, freedoms and status as a free people under Common law but THEY will never again be allowed to usurp any powers because they will never again be granted any! I swear THEY will be purged most violently and totally from our society and our nation. If anyone thinks i’m being foolish or “over the top” just give it some more time until the well of tolerance/patience flows over especially when the supermarkets run out of food. Remember that Coucescu and Mussolini were 2 dictators who simply outstayed their welcome and did not recognize the time to leave their countries had passed!! One spark is enough to start a raging inferno. reiverdave

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou reiverdave i needed to hear that, i am upset about Mike Ruppert, but they are using every weapon the can to stop us from ridicle lies and using paid informers to killing us

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