Church leaders chop up baby on altar and eat it. Pope Francis participates. The truth is bursting free and cannot be stopped!

Public Information Update from The Prosecutor’s Office of The International Common Law Court of Justice

Posted on April 17, 2014

Bulletin No. 3: Thursday, April 17, 2014 – 10 pm GMT
In the Matter of the People v. Bergoglio, Pachon, Welby and others charged with global child trafficking and ritual murder
The Court adjourns for two weeks after the first round in the Prosecutor’s Case discloses the startling testimony of eight witnesses.

Two separate witnesses describe their alleged rape and ritual torture by chief defendant Jorge Bergoglio (alias “Pope Francis”) in 2009 and 2010.

The Chief Prosecutor establishes a link between the British, Dutch and Belgian royal families and the disappearances and killing of Mohawk children at the Church of England’s Brantford Indian residential school in Canada.
Jesuit records are introduced as evidence detailing the so-called “Magisterial Privilege” decreeing papal involvement in “Ninth Circle” ritual murder of newborn children. The same records identify Joseph Ratzinger as a member of the “Knights of Darkness” S.S. sacrificial cult during World War Two.
ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett is scheduled to testify before the Court during its second round of sessions in early May to corroborate witnesses’ testimonies from his own work and experience.

A prominent Vatican official initiates back channel communication with the Court and offers key evidence, as Magistrates consider extending closed Court sessions during May.
The Court and its affiliates will issue an Easter Proclamation this Sunday, April 20 and endorse public actions at the Vatican and Catholic churches across the world. Rev. Kevin Annett will lead a public ceremony of “exorcism and replacement” at a prominent Catholic cathedral on that day.

The Details:
Following eight days of Court procedure and the commencement of the Citizen Prosecutor’s case against the three chief defendants, the first Common Law adjudication of evidence concerning global child trafficking has adjourned for two weeks, until 10 am GMT on Monday, May 5, 2014.

Commencing on Tuesday, April 8 after an opening Court session the day before, the case by the Citizen Prosecutor’s Office presented evidence directly linking all three chief defendants with the planning and execution of child trafficking networks within the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, and with the practice and concealment of the ritual rape, torture and killing of children.
Along with considerable documentation, the Prosecutor introduced notarized affidavit statements from eight eyewitnesses to these crimes, including videotaped interviews with two adolescent women who claim to have been tortured and raped by chief defendant Jorge Bergoglio, alias “Pope Francis”, during the spring of 2009 and 2010, at horrific cult functions connected to the “Ninth Circle” child sacrifice network.

“Survivors of these rituals describe newborn babies being chopped to pieces on stone altars, and their remains were then consumed by the participants” described the Chief Prosecutor to the Court.
“The survivors during the 1960′s period were forced to rape and mutilate other children, and then cut their throats with ceremonial daggers. Former Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, Dutch Cardinal Alfrink, and Prince Bernhard were among the cult participants, according to these survivors. But significantly, the more recent incidents in 2009 and 2010 involved exactly the same kinds of ritualized murder of newborn infants in rural Holland and Belgium.”

Other witnesses described their personal knowledge of efforts by the defendants to conceal the involvement of not only the Catholic and Anglican church, but the British, Belgian and Dutch royal families, in the ritual killing of Mohawk Indian children at the Brantford residential school in Ontario, Canada.

These killings span over seventy years and include the period between 1942 and 1945 when exiled Dutch Queen Wilhemina and her family lived in Canada, and participated in Ninth Circle rituals at the Mohawk Indian school.

Introduced documentation* indicates that, to assist and conceal such involvement of Dutch “royals” in these cult killings, the Canadian government and Privy Council Office in London granted “extra-territorial exemption” to the Dutch royals from all criminal, civil and military jurisdiction while in Canada. (* The Canada Gazette , Issue No. 232, December 26, 1942, Ottawa)
Dutch and Belgian royal participants in the rape and killing of Mohawk children and newborns included Bilderberger founder Crown Prince Bernhard and King Hendrick, consort to Queen Wilhelmina of Holland.

As part of the Prosecutor’s corroborating evidence, secret archives from the Jesuit Order were introduced into the Court record that describe in detail the so-called “Magisterial Privilege” compelling the participation of every new Pope in the Ninth Circle sacrifice of new born children.

The records suggest that the Ninth Circle was established by the Jesuits just prior to their staged “disbandment” in 1773 and their establishment three years later of the so-called Illuminati cult, although references are also made to organized child sacrifice rituals at Catholic cathedrals in Rome as early as the year 1528.
The Chief Prosecutor told the Court,

“These archives clearly indicate a premeditated plan for centuries by the Jesuits to ritually murder kidnapped newborn babies and then consume their blood, born of a twisted notion of deriving spiritual power from the lifeblood of the innocent and thereby assuring the political stability of the Papacy in Rome. Every Pope was expected to and did in fact participate in these monstrous rituals … These acts are not only genocidal but systemic and institutionalized in nature, and indict the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuits as a whole, and every Pope since at least in the year 1773.”

The same collection of Jesuit archival records make reference to a child sacrificial cult known as The Knights of Darkness, established by the Nazi Waffen S.S. Division in 1933 with Jesuit backing. The archives identify former Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, as a member of the Knights and as an S.S. Chaplain’s assistant at the Ravensbruck concentration camp in Germany, where he participated in sacrificial rites using children transported to the camp or kidnapped from political prisoners.

The latter practice was a common Jesuit undertaking in Spain, Argentina and other fascist regimes, and one implicating chief defendant Jorge Bergoglio while he was a priest, Bishop and front man for the military junta in Argentina during the 1970′s.
ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett is scheduled to appear as a witness during the second session of the Court commencing Monday, May 5. Annett will provide thorough corroborating evidence and personal testimony to support the Prosecutor’s case and the evidence concerning the Brantford killings, gained over twenty years’ work with residential school survivors in Canada, including during his targeted persecution by church and state. (www,
Meanwhile, in startling related news, a senior Vatican official initiated a back channel communication with the Court last week in order to offer key evidence to the Prosecutor’s Office concerning its case against the chief defendants.

The Vatican official has requested strict anonymity and security, prompting the Court Magistrates to consider extending the closed sessions of the Court during its next round in May.
Finally, this Easter Sunday, April 20, the Court and its affiliates in twenty one countries will issue a Public Proclamation to be read at Catholic churches in Rome and dozens of other cities.

Rev. Kevin Annett will lead a public ceremony of “Exorcism and Replacement” at a central Catholic facility on that day, and similar ceremonies will be held at the Vatican and at many other catholic churches. Details of the event will be posted this Sunday evening GMT .

Stay updated regarding further Court and related news at .
Issued by The Public Information Agency of The Office of the Citizen Prosecutor.
The International Common Law Court of Justice, Brussels.
17 April, 2014
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27 Responses to “Church leaders chop up baby on altar and eat it. Pope Francis participates. The truth is bursting free and cannot be stopped!”

  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    There is an agenda to bring the Roman Catholic church down and then to follow the Christian church to enable the new one world religion

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anon@ 7:31..”the author has gone too far”
    Not bloody far enough! would be the response of those countless unfortunate victims if they could be heard! Judging by your statements here the ONLY Credibility in relation to your comments is your OWN! Read the background to the abuse conducted against indigenous children in Canada which initiated 17 years of harassment of Rev. Kevin Annett and the survivors. I’m sure you are not bothered as to the veracity of anything, only your own clearly obvious disinformation agenda.
    Why would the jewish holohoax/holocaust be mentioned in this report when a genocide or holocaust is proven to have taken place in Canada against Native peoples. reiverdave

  5. Anonymous says:

    S.S. is the third order of the occult fraternitas Astron Argon (A.A.). It means silver star.
    The third order is the highest grades of occult magus (magician).
    Those in this order have obtained the highest degree of occult knowledge and ritual work.
    The Catholic religion is a combination of ancient belief systems two of which includes the ancient Babylonian Goddess – Babalon and the son of Osiris – Horus. Catholics are not aware of this

  6. Anonymous says:

    The old testament talks of jewish child scarfice, this continues today in jewish law, this has ben admitted many times
    so maybe the christians which is really an offshoot of judaism
    can do the same ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Christianity developed through ‘Christ’ (hence the name Christianity). Prior to that there various forms of God worship mainly of pagan nature some of which were incorporated into Chrisianity.

    The child sacrifices in the old testament was predominantly a ritual of the Babylonians pagan worship to Moluk the bull God.

    The old testament is the english translation of the Jewish Torah which is the history of mankind and creation, the pentatuech (5 books of moses) the story of the exodus so yes it will be about jews (true descendants from Judah) not the Khazar jews of today. as well as cannanites, levites, Babylonians ( which is Iraq) etc.
    The Israeli’s of today are not the original Israelites. Do not confuse the two

    Back in those times there were many different Gods worshiped by different tribes and villages (too many to name here) as were there various cultures with different ideas of acceptable behavour (much like today).

    Just as there are differences between shiite muslim and sofi muslim, orthodox christian and non orthodox christian there are differences between secular jews and talmudic jews. It is helpful to readers when refering to such-to be specific as to which are meant – the secular or talmudic

  8. Anonymous says:

    It is time to burn the Bible and all the Bible Grippers along with it. All Religions are a lie, they are an extension of Government, they are for mass mind control, for mentally retarded humans. Jesus of the Bible never existed, the name was change from Iesus in the original King James Bible to Jesus after the letter J was added to the English Alphabet in 1634. The Jesus of the Christian Religion is Zues, Ie Zues, Hiel Zues the Sun God. And Santa Claus is Satan’s Cause, Christians have no idea what they even worship, they are like stupid children.

    • Anonymous says:

      Jesus died for sinners like you. Like me too. If he were to walk the earth again ALL organized religions would try to kill him AGAIN. What he represents spells their end

      Now if you feel hatred for him you need to examine your spirit. People who hate him are giving a “reverse” testimony to his divinity. What I mean is how can a carpenter who existed or not existed 2 millenia ago bring out such hatered in people? I will tell you why. His name has power like no other because he was and is the fulfillment of the Old Testament


  9. Anonymous says:

    You can’t quote anything from the Bible, you cannot quote from any religious documents because they are all based on lies. The Church Leaders know this, and this is why they practice a different religion than the one they teach, they worship Saturn, the Black Sun. The fact that the Vatican controls all religions on earth, all religions take orders from the Vatican proves it is all crap for humans that lack the capacity to think for themselves.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “British, Dutch and Belgian “

    NEVER let it be forgotten

    that the Belgian ‘King” Leopold
    brokered the ‘meeting’
    between his pathetic nephew Albert in Germany

    with Victoria of Great Britain

    who in turn produced all the emotionally deprived children

    who today pose as EUROPEAN ROYAL FAMILY.

    I have long been aware of a lowly ‘count’ of Bielefeld aka Bernhard, who married a Dutch heiress to the ‘throne’.

    Then there was Claus, another German.

    And now it is an Argentinian wife to the Dutch ‘throne’, whose father is persona non grata

    due to his role in the dictatorship of Argentina.

    Do the sums people!

    Where did all those forged passports take the so-called NAZIS????

    Meanwhile in Australia, the dumbed-down masses are worshipping at the feet of Wills and Kate, not realising they (the worshippers) are JUST as precious as these two, who are doing nothing more than feathering their nest in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

    -The Family Firm- is just an integral part of global Big Business to which we are all supposedly lowly serfs/servants/slaves.

    God Bless Kevin Annett.

    May the end of the ‘royal’ scam soon be over.

    NOTHING special about their blood or DNA
    NOTHING to do with DIVINE RIGHTS to rule
    NOTHING to do with LOVE

    and MOST OF ALL




    It’s all about the money, honey!

  11. Anonymous says:

    The criminal Governments along with the criminal Religions of Earth will not even let us have free energy devices that are thousands of years old. They will not even let us have the cure for cancer that some people are able to obtain from outside the status quo of the Government system. They will not even tell us what is really going on in their secret space program or the secret weapons the world militaries poses. The Church will not even acknowledge Chemtrailing or illegal wars like Viet Nam or Iraq. But you the mentally retarded people believe every thing they tell you about your religion. So, turn off the television and stop going to Church, if you want to pray, do it at home or go for a walk in the woods, don’t waste your time going through criminals to speak to your creator. The criminal religions do not want you to do that because then they can not control your brain any more.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You are the one that is full of hate, when we tell you the truth that Christianity is based on previous pagan religions, you take this as an offence and start saying it is all about hatred. I do not need your false Messiah or your false religion to be a more intelligent and loving human being than you ever thought of being. Your Jesus Religion is responsible for the murder of 100’s of millions of humans.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Jesus Christ= The crux of Zues, this is all astronomy. All religions arose from astrological observance. Christmas is based on the heliocentric cycle of the sun, the winter solstice December 25, Pagan worship. It has nothing to do with the birth of any human being.

  14. Anonymous says:

    some good cooments here and all valid in their own way
    but no one mentioned that jews used to sacrife children- sen at-
    According to the Hebrew Bible, God commands Abraham to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice. (Genesis 22:5 and 22:8). After Isaac is bound to an altar, the angel of God stops Abraham at the last minute,

  15. Anonymous says:

    Changing the Catholic Church for the Christian Church for the World Religion is like changing aspartame for amino sweet, they are still the same thing.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Christians fighting Muslims in the Middle East, the Iraq War, and the planned war against Iran proves that all Religions are based on Hatred. All wars are Religious, that is why they were created. Divide and conquer. And Democracies were created for the same reason also. Divide the population by means of politics, religion and race. This is how a world population of less than 20 million Jews are able to control 7 billion humans, the Hegelian Dialectic.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Anon 1:14 This guy’s daughter wasn’t so lucky

  18. Nollidge says:

    “There is an agenda to bring the Roman Catholic church down”
    There hasn’t been a true Catholic church since that church approved of usury,sometime in the 1500’s.At that moment,you knew it had been infiltrated & overtaken by the members of a certain tribe.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Anon 1.16,,,, They are not changing the catholic church for the christian church for the world religion. The agenda is to bring down the catholic church first then the collapse of the christian church will follow. Then when these are broken down a new religion comprising elements from all religions will be brought in.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I follow Jesus,not any organised religion.The catholic church was infiltrated around the third century.Martin Luther was spot on,he saw the church in Rome for what it was,a corrupt evil money making machine.All this Zeus stuff is bull,the church replaced pagan holidays with christian ones because they were of the occult

  21. Anonymous says:

    Easter gains its name from the Pagan Goddess Eostra. It seems the Christians were unable to make up any of there own holidays so they just continue to copy cat the Pagans. Celebrating the Pagan Christmas holiday was banned in some American States back in history, but slowly gave way to Satan’s Cause with the Hohoho(666). Indoctrinate the worlds children into the system of the Beast at an impressionable age, there by preparing them for the next big con, organized religion.

  22. Tapestry says:

    Ishtar was the goddess who genetically created human beings 200,000 years ago. Happy Easter! Never mind the bunny. It’s the first humans that she created.

  23. Tapestry says:

    Ishtar was the goddess who genetically created human beings 200,000 years ago. Happy Easter! Never mind the bunny. It’s the first humans that she created.

  24. Tapestry says:

    Ishtar was the goddess who genetically created human beings 200,000 years ago. Happy Easter! Never mind the bunny. It’s the first humans that she created.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Crypto Paganism

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