Chemtrailing kills 20,000 a year in UK alone

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I think this article should be in reference to chemtrailing. Have you ever noticed the number of photos like the one below that are put out to make us think of air pollution but the reality is that what is coming out of those stacks is steam while the real culprit is chemtrailing.

Yesterday was a relatively clear day here in the Borders and the sky somewhat blue, (ish) and as I was talking to my neighbour, knowing that she is an artist, I reminded her that she would know that the sky directly above us should be dark blue. I asked her to move slightly to the left so as  not to get the sun in her eyes and showed her the white murk above us explaining that what she was seeing was the effect of nano-particles having been sprayed into out atmosphere the day before.  

Her reaction was WOW!
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11 April, 20:47  

Air pollution contributing to 29,000 deaths a year in UK, says government

Air pollution contributing to 29,000 deaths a year in UK, says government

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The air we breathe may be seriously damaging our health, say the latest government health figures. Public Health England has found that long-term exposure to particle air pollution contributes to tens of thousands of deaths in the UK each year. Tim Walklate has more.

It’s seen by many as the most comprehensive examination of the threat posed to our health by the air we breathe.
According to the government agency Public Health England, long-term exposure to air pollution plays a part in 29,000 deaths a year in the UK.
The government’s public health body suggested that in some areas of the country, one in 12 deaths of people aged over 25 were connected to air pollutants.
The damage is cumulative, over many years, but ends up reducing the average British person’s life expectancy by six months.
Roy Harrison, professor of Environmental Health at Birmingham University, says there’s been research going on for years now into the loss of life expectancy of people living in high pollution aeas. “When you take into account other risk factors such as being overweight, such as drinking too much, smoking, there is still an effect of people dying more rapidly at a younger age in the more polluted cities. They’ve taken that information and used it goether with population statistics and air pollution figures in the UK to come up with these numbers.”
This review worked out the impact of air pollution on the population of every local authority area in the UK.
It found that although rural areas had relatively low levels of pollutants – in areas of London the percentage of deaths linked to pollution was as high as 8.3 per cent.
Frank Kelly is professor of Environmental Health at King’s College London. He says that air pollution poses a significant risk to public health: “It’s pretty obvious now that air pollution is now the second biggest risk to public health and that’s following tobacco smoking. It’s a greater risk than obesity; it’s a greater risk than alcoholism; all of these other risks which the public are generally much more aware of.
“This really comes back to the fact that modern air pollution in big cities across most of the world – a lot of it comes from traffic and a lot of it is so small that it’s not visible to the naked eye and therefore you don’t really appreciate that it’s having this rather sizeable effect on your health.”
Jenny Bates, pollutions campaigner at Friends of the Earth, says that these findings show that more needs to be done to tackle this issue.
“These figures are a wake-up call for local authorities and also gives them fantastic ammunition because it makes people realise how serious this issue is,” she says. “We’ve got to get cleaner vehicles but it’s also [about] cutting traffic levels. You have to design places when you regenerate; you need to make sure that amenities are within easy walking distance; and we need much more investment to make walking and cycling easy.
“And also public transport – there’s a lot more that can be done to make that accessible and affordable for people. We need to consider strengthening measures like in London we’ve got a congestion charge and a low emissions zone but there could be a network of low emission zones around the country for other big cities.”
In spite of this highly critical report, Public Health England said that air quality across the country has improved ‘considerably’ because of advances in clean-air technology and tighter legislation.
It suggests that it’s down to local authorities to do more.
A spokesperson for the Department for the Environment said that this latest report “will help local authorities prioritise air pollution amongst other public health issues” and that the government was committing billions to improve air quality measures.
Environmental campaigners hope that in future, thousands of deaths are prevented by lower emissions.
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9 Responses to “Chemtrailing kills 20,000 a year in UK alone”

  1. Anonymous says:

    some years ago i attended a lecture and i learnt that at the english norwich hospital, a doctor with no specialist knowledge called Dr harrison was put in charge of the norwich hospital chest clinic, this mans duties were to moniter all chest diseases in east anglia and put the blame on pollution, farm chemicals and global warming.
    however documents held by the lecturer proved beyong any doubt that the culprit was chemtrails.another document showed that the US airbases knew what they were spraying and that the purpose was population control

  2. A10Sean says:

    Good Article Gordon.

    I’m discussing ChemTrails more and more – but its still a mysterious and difficult topic.

    My current thoughts are that populous areas only are being sprayed – NATO countries clearly – but what about the others ? I guess that they may even introduce them publicly as part of a SRM ( solar radiation management ) program to combat AGW . However , I’m already firmly in the camp that believes AGW to be a hoax , therefore , the spraying must be for other more malicious reasons . EG all the Al is causing Autism and Alzheimers . Also , if the spraying was really for SRM , would they not cover the planet equally – or why not spray the ocean areas first ?

    And of course we all face the same nagging disbelief that anyone would do this. We are so heavily brainwashed. Alright , perhaps some of you aren’t , but you still need to be careful with information which is presented. Especially from ANON sources.


  3. John Dudley says:

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  4. Anonymous says:

    A cover up for the chemicals being sprayed from our skies. Governments would love nothing more than to reduce the living age of the population to below pension age, it would save them a fortune.

  5. Anonymous says:

    They say we are living longer and longer but statistically if you live to 70 thats a good in ings
    in some parts of the uk average ages on men are down to 57
    some areas not much higher, they want our pension money to ship in more immigrants and that why they are stealing the homes of the elderly

  6. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if a certain middle eastern country built by asiatic khazars on the back of our tax money gets chemtrailed?

    Surely that would be the proof of the pudding?

  7. A10Sean says:

    I wouldn’t be too sure of that ANON 10.28 – I don’t think that those responsible have any particular care for Israelis – I don’t believe that the Israeli population are treated any better than others. A better test might be Iran ?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I heard from a guy who lives all over in a motor caravan that there are no SPRAYS and no aircraft allowed over any of the rothchild mansions so he lways tries to pitch up near one

  9. Anonymous says:

    A10sean, they spray over the Ocean on a regular basis, just look on ‘ planefinder ‘.
    All the sea’s are turning acidic and all the fish are in trouble.
    The Coral which keeps CO2 is dying off.
    There should be a Global cooling, yet the false Global Warming is melting the permafrost and releasing Methane, which is far worse than CO2.
    Just to prove the Poles are getting bigger, google it.
    We are being taken for a ride.

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