Ben Fellows, now living in Lanzarote, goes on hunger strike

Regarding: The Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke MP

Dear Prime Minister
I very much hope you are enjoying your family holiday in Lanzarote. I am also in Lanzarote but for other reasons which will become clear.

I am writing to you now regarding a most serious matter concerning that of an institutional paedophile ring operating in Westminster politics and my own allegations which involve Cabinet Minister The Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke MP.

The Metropolitan Police in particular Operation Fernbridge under Detective Chief Inspector Paul Settle, refuse to arrest Kenneth Clarke for sexually assaulting me some twenty years ago when I was in Ian Greer’s office. The Police have stated formerly that Mr Clarke has no alibi and that he is “above the law” and cannot be questioned or arrested. I made a 14 page detailed statement to the Police regarding Kenneth Clarke MP resulting in my persecution by the Police, so much so that I no longer reside in the United Kingdom.
This is exactly the same situation victims were put under regarding Jimmy Savile. Victims were routinely pressured, bullied and frightened into withdrawing their statements against Savile and “others”.

The Police arrested me and attempted to accuse me of perverting the course of justice which they failed to charge me with. The Police call this a demoralisation exercise and I have learnt that the Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit use this tactic to frighten victims into not pursuing allegations made against the political establishment. The Metropolitan Police’s Operation Fernbridge have stated that “child abuse is the gold standard for intelligence gathering” meaning that if you have evidence on a politician abusing a child then that person is easy to control for political purposes.

Now other victims are coming forward and making statements regarding alleged abuse by The Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke MP and this is a situation which calls for your immediate attention.
As you may or may not be aware that in my case, I allege that I was sexually assaulted by Kenneth Clarke MP whilst working for the Cook Report Television programme, posing as a fifteen year old assistant to a businessman. The incident was filmed on hidden cameras and the footage has subsequently gone missing from the storage facility where the tapes of the programme were kept, according to Met Police and Jack Malvern of the Times newspaper.

The Metropolitan Police have stated that there is a high level political conspiracy regarding the whereabouts of the Cook Report tapes as it involved prominent Conservatives who were involved in the “Cash for Questions” scandal as well as the Kenneth Clarke incident.
One of your former colleagues at Carlton Television alleges that in fact it was you who was given the task of acquiring and destroying the Cook Report tapes whilst you worked for Carlton Television in the 1990’s. Due to political and police corruption involved in this case it’s now clear to me that justice for victims, who have been abused by politicians, is non-existent. Under this current government paedophiles are operating across all parties.

What I am calling for is for politicians to be treated like any member of the public would, had someone made a 14 page statement against them regarding abuse allegations.
They should be arrested and questioned under caution and no investigation should be stopped due to political pressure.
When the police fail you, when the justice system can be perverted by a corrupt political class, when victims are silenced and abusers are given trophies and plaudits and afforded state protection making them “Immune from prosecution”. While children are taken away from their families by Social Services in closed court rooms and put into a paedophilic machine to feed the appetites of depraved men and women in government like Sir Cyril Smith MP, then it is clear that Operation Fernbridge is not fit for purpose. If you the Prime Minister continue to allow paedophiles to operate in Westminster gathering children from children’s homes from around the United Kingdom, then you will be personally culpable.

If The Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke MP was telling the truth that my allegations were mistaken identity or that I am a liar, then why hasn’t he sued me? This has now been going on publicly since 2012
In order to bring my case and others regarding paedophile’s in Westminster to the fore it is my intention as of the 15th April 2014 at Midnight to begin a hunger strike until the Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke MP is treated like any other member of the public by the Metropolitan Police and arrested.

Yours sincerely
Ben Fellows

Hi Tap
Please can you feature this post.  I’m attempting to break the deadlock and address the paedophile situation in the UK head on. We really need this to go viral so any help is very much appreciated. As of midnight 15th April 2014 I will be starting a hunger strike. The Prime Minister David Cameron is currently on Easter holiday on the island of Lanzarote which is where I am now living. It’s a tiny island and I think once this gets out there he will be forced to deal with the situation one way or another. 
Thank you my friend

Ben Fellows
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18 Responses to “Ben Fellows, now living in Lanzarote, goes on hunger strike”

  1. Anonymous says:

    We ned to sweep out the political stables and allow no more perverts into office
    read this

  2. Anonymous says:

    UK MP: Queen may derail March 2014 Brussels trial with Pope by arresting Kevin Annett for sedition
    Alfred Lambremont Webre

    In law, sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that is deemed by the legal authority to tend toward insurrection against the established order.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Despite our absolute need to rid ourselves of these satanic perverts and protect the most vulnerable amongst us BF still makes me uncomfortable – if his incident with KC is real I am genuinely sympathetic.

    And I do not wish to denigrate in any way the suffering of the millions who have been tortured, sexually abused and murdered over the aeons that these creatures have ruled us.

    However BF, and anyone advising him must know that an incident that is, in the overrall scheme of things a relatively minor over-clothes grope, that is 20 yrs old and consists of ‘he said – I said’testimony, is not one that ranks as top of any police force’s crime list nor stands much chance of securing a charge let alone a conviction.
    And now he is holidaying with our wonderful PM and going on hunger strike.
    After his last report of Templar support and secret coins you can definitely say he is definitely not low key nor wanting for dramatic effect.
    Maybe it’s the acting background.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ben Fellows is at it again, I wondered when he would crawl out of the woodwork once more.

    I believed his allegations when I first saw his on the UK Column, but his subsequent actions and chicanery leave me questioning everything that he has alleged.

    Is he a ‘plant’, there to discredit genuine victims?

    For one thing, G4S didn’t exist until 2004 , so Kenneth Clarke didn’t say anything about the Dollar sign being above the number-4 on the keyboard (1994).

    His actions during against his supposed ‘Walk Against Corruption’

    Then that supposed ‘assault’

    You are probably trying to help Mr Fellows with the best of intentions but I think he is either mentally ill, or working for the politicians et al.

    The UK Column still hail him as being a hero- it makes me dubious of them also.

    Trust me, I believed what he had to say, I’m cetrtainly not ‘out to get him’, he needs help…


  5. Anonymous says:

    Well Ben, although I am a supporter of yours and appreciate what you have done.
    A Hunger strike is a step too far, back off for now.
    There will be a time in the near future when we can all call a National Strike.
    When the Strike is called you can be our leader.
    Think about it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hunger strike …get in the real world ..get organization together protest. outside number 10 everyday if must be …..against child Abuse and pedophiles rings …And police corruption ..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Please excuse the pun, but Ben is full of hot air!

    Come on, people; your ‘hero’ is in dire need of being sectioned under the Mental Health Act. It did wonders for Frank Bruno. It will help Ben get in touch with reality, and the fact that his (child) acting career is over now.

    I honestly hope that Ben gets better, there are worse things in life than Kenneth Clarke copping a feel of your willy; that’s if that really happened!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Frank Bruno ..Jimmy SoViles friend just sayin .

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s a pity that piece of crap Savile never got the psychiatric help that he needed.

    I heard he went with his dead mother, what a twisted individual (to say the least).


    I feel Ben Fellows would benefit greatly from good, psychiatric help. There are so many corrupt doctors out there, but they’re not all unscrupulous.

    Going on hunger strike is a sign of a person who is a danger to himself, Mental Health Services are an absolute joke, no-one is helping him. He might ‘self-harm’ next (although going on a hunger strike is harming him, too)!

    Ben, walk into a hospital and get some help…

  10. Anonymous says:

    When Ben Fellow plucks up the courage to “come out…”, he will be a LOT happier.


  11. Anonymous says:

    On hunger strike in Lanzarote? Wonder what he’s doing there apart from that. Holiday or work? It looks as if his girlfriend is working there, at least. Her Facebook page has photos of her and others on a boat wearing a T-shirt marked “crew” and with the logo of a Lanzarote company that does catamaran excursions. He appears with her in other photos, apparently in Lanzarote, e.g. standing with her outside the airport (apparently arriving in December), and sitting alongside her in what could be a bus or small plane.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The whole wife/girfriend thing is really weird. One minute he was on the UK Column… goes “missing” a few months later… his wife (Julia) makes an appeal on the UK Column… he turns up at the Bilderberg event…

    …Goes on his “walk against corruption”… videos himself with his new girlfriend- Hannah Remington… sharing a tent at Stonehenge.

    Then all of that bullsh!t once he arrived at Parliment- Hannah got out their tent, and they were told to pack it away and move on…

    Then the “assault” incident that wasn’t.

    Then his “kidnap” (arrest) by the police…

    Ben Fellows is a DRAMA QUEEN- he and Hannah solicited funds via website called:…

    Now they’re holidaying in Lanzerote! I really think that he is either some kind of disinformation agent, or just a dellusional (Schizophrenic)attention whore.

    In this video, he treats his girlfriend (Hannah) like absolute crap, absolutely disgusting:

    (Copy/paste into address bar)

    Well, more fool her.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Eighteen days now…

    … how’s the “hunger strike” going, Benjamin?

    Come on, it’s about time we called a spade a spade…

    … Jonathan Pitt aka Ben Fellows is an agent, and the UK Column are in bed with him…

    … so to speak??

  14. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think he’s an agent, just someone who’s desperate for attention/adulation, as he has a habit of popping up with his own amazing stories prompted by things he’s apparently seen in the media, e.g.
    – News stories about Madonna’s adoption plans > Ben tells media [Telegraph] he’s her friend and knows about her adoption plans
    – News story about female Olympics whistleblower [Daily Mail] > Ben goes to indy media in US [Alex Jones} and claims to be blowing the whistle about security at the Olympics
    – Savile abuse stories > Ben claims to have been abused by celebs
    – Lee Rigby’s killing in Woolwich > Ben claims [in interview with Bill Maloney] he was threatened with same kind of death by masked man standing outside his flat

    He has also claimed to have been mentored by Stanley Kubrick (article seeking funding in Birmingham Mail) and to be disabled and suffering from pericarditis and fibromyalgia and planning a round-the-world solo flight for charity (Stage32 website, Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund website). There was also the “walk against corruption” to London in summer 2013, with fundraising via Gofundme.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I hope that Ben Fellows reads this, here’s some help for him (from Mayo Clinic):

    Signs and symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia may include:

    Auditory hallucinations, such as hearing voices
    Delusions, such as believing a co-worker wants to poison you
    Emotional distance
    Self-important or condescending manner
    Suicidal thoughts and behavior

    With paranoid schizophrenia, you’re less likely to be affected by mood problems or problems with thinking, concentration and attention.
    Key symptoms

    Delusions and hallucinations are the symptoms that make paranoid schizophrenia most distinct from other types of schizophrenia.

    Delusions. In paranoid schizophrenia, a common delusion is that you’re being singled out for harm. For instance, you may believe that the government is monitoring every move you make or that a co-worker is poisoning your lunch. You may also have delusions of grandeur — the belief that you can fly, that you’re famous or that you have a relationship with a famous person, for example. You hold on to these false beliefs despite evidence to the contrary. Delusions can result in aggression or violence if you believe you must act in self-defense against those who want to harm you.
    Auditory hallucinations. An auditory hallucination is the perception of sound — usually voices — that no one else hears. The sounds may be a single voice or many voices. These voices may talk either to you or to each other. The voices are usually unpleasant. They may make ongoing criticisms of what you’re thinking or doing, or make cruel comments about your real or imagined faults. Voices may also command you to do things that can be harmful to yourself or to others. When you have paranoid schizophrenia, these voices seem real. You may talk to or shout at the voices.

    When to see a doctor

    If you have any paranoid schizophrenia symptoms, seek medical help as soon as possible. Paranoid schizophrenia doesn’t get better on its own and may worsen without treatment. However, if you’re like most people with paranoid schizophrenia, you may not recognize that you need help or that you even have symptoms. This is because your delusions or hallucinations seem very real to you. Family and friends or people at work or school may be the ones who initially suggest you seek help.

    Getting treatment from a mental health provider with experience in schizophrenia can help you learn ways to manage your symptoms so that you have the best chance of leading a productive and happy life. If you’re not ready to seek treatment, try to work up the courage to confide in someone, whether it’s a friend or loved one, a health care professional, a faith leader or someone else you trust. They can help you take the first steps to successful treatment.

  16. Tapestry says:

    If you saw the video of Ben’s police interview on youtube before it was made to disappear, you would realise that everything he claims is true. The Police are protecting Ken Clarke and refused to interview him. I hope someone kept a copy by mirroring or whatever. It told the Ben Fellows story better than any writing could.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen the video (in two parts)- lots of people have ‘mirrored’ it.

    I believed Ben Fellows’ story at the time- I’m not saying that he is lying about everything- but his behaviour over the past year or so has been very bizarre.

    If you look at his allegations against Kenneth Clarke carefully, you’ll not that he mentions a conversation that allegedly took place between and Clarke.

    That conversation could not have taken place circa 1994 because “G4S” had not yet been formed.

    I too have noticed that Ben Fellows seems to copy other people’s situations and makes them his own.

    I find it disturbing how he seemed to have dumped his wife Julia, and ran off with Miss Remington.

    He had people worried for his safety, then turned up at the Bilderberg fringe ‘circus’- like Jesus Christ (not that I’m religious- no way)- just drawing an analogy.

    I must admit that I wonder why these politicians/actors don’t file law suits- but then again, it might all be ‘revelation of the method’ (they want us to know)- Fellows might be playing his part.

    Why would they want us to know? Well, we can’t do anything about it…

    I just don’t trust Ben Fellows- look at the video of the “assault” near to parliament (the “Heritage Warden”). They were determined to make an issue out of nothing and into the bargain- play the “victim”.

    How can one trust someone like that?

    He hasn’t even taken the lie detector test (Bill Maloney) video. I believe that Fellows doesn’t trust the company that would have administered it. Well, choose another on then?

    Ben Fellows talks the big talk, but never follows through with his promises/threats.

    That’s just my opinion- I just wish people wouldn’t believe every word that comes out of his mouth.

    People need to stop looking for “heroes”- and critically analyse everything that hear- instead of swallowing it wholesale.


    Again, I think Ben Fellows is there to discredit genuine victims…

    … I hope that I’m wrong.

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