Who exactly is Annabelle Fuller? WASP checks her out.

Was Mr Farage set up with a Jesuit coadjutor?

Hi Tap, I decided to look into this, to try & find out what the score was. w/r/t Farage & his Aide, Fuller
It appears to be a very mixed bag, though I must say Nigel picked himself a very nice ‘ BIRD ‘, to be his assistant, but  ” ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD”  

she now it would appear has decided to QUIT:-
I have no objection to him “knocking her off”, or what ever else he is doing, at least he sticks to women, & leaves children alone, but what I do object to is if he is doing it, subsidised by Taxpayers Money.
But first of all  TMWKTMBNE:  as a comment on  “This person has no education at all, and has probably has never read an entire book in his life. It turned out that he thought the Jesuits and the Jews were one in the same – he thought Jesuit was another name for Jew..! I tried to explain.”

“Lazy thinkers believe everything that appears in corporate newspapers and on TV. They are just too lazy to find out for themselves, or don’t care enough. Many people do because they are subliminally controlled, even my kids who all have 1 : 1’s & 2nd degrees tend to believe the Corporate Media.”

The problem is a vast proportion of the population, don’t think there is anything wrong with the ‘ MACHINE ‘
they just accept everything that is throw at them, like those who think we live in a Democracy, they won’t seek that which they think they have, will they?

I have read & referenced hundreds of books, & pdf’s. Many even though well written just add to the disinformation.
I can quite understand how such confusion might arise, in such a case, as even many who, are educated haven’t got a clue either, let a lone how the Machine was Produced & Controlled by Coercive Persuasion via Perversion, & held together by Paedophilia 
The Extreme Jesuit Oath, should be referenced w/r/t Jews & Jesuits.
As they Jesuits are even told to take the identity of those as lowly as Jews.
For Jesuits are told to take up all identities, that would be most suited to destroy The Heretics, to lie & cheat, & believe Black is White if the Jesuit General so informs them. They are told that there is no one with greater authority than the Jesuit General, whom they must obey regardless of what he tells them to do.
I will shortly return to this subject, to resolve it,  once & for all, as I can Post far more interesting technical stuff, with the Jesuit / Jew  stuff out of the way
Now to continue with the FARAGE SAGA
Providing Farage, is not in The Jesuit’s Pockets, & this Bird isn’t a Coadjutor they have set him up with, they can’t ask him to do them a favour, & she doesn’t owe them one either, so he should be safe. But if this Female is one of theirs they will Shaft Him.
Remember I told you they initially help, those who they think will be useful to them. They also tell them they might ask a favour of them, at some stage, but on the other hand they might not.
Remember Strauss Kahn stepped out of line, & they had his Bollocks Between Two Bricks.
As did Silvio Berlusconi, as well as many others., who were replaced with other Temporal Coadjutors
It appears to be a very mixed bag, though I must say Nigel picked himself a very nice ‘ BIRD ‘, to be his assistant. who now appears has decided to QUIT:-
Nigel Farage’s ‘mistress’ Annabelle Fuller to quit as she wants her life back

Miss Fuller, 32, who vehemently denies an affair with Farage, 49, attended interviews for other jobs this week as she plans a future away 

rom UKIP

Steve Bainbridge

Denial: Annabelle Fuller

Nigel Farage’s alleged mistress is to quit her job as a UKIP spin doctor.
Annabelle Fuller has told friends she has found it “virtually impossible” to continue as a media adviser to the party boss after the claim they had been lovers.
Miss  Fuller, 32, who vehemently denies an affair with Farage, 49, attended interviews for other jobs this week as she plans a future away from UKIP.

 She is now on holiday.

Miss Fuller confirmed today that she was planning to quit but did not comment further.
A friend said: “Annabelle thinks it is best for her and for the party 

that she moves on.

“Leaving is in no way an admission on her part that she has done anything wrong. But the events of the past few days have been really difficult.
“Annabelle simply wants her life back.”
We can also reveal that ex-UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclaire – who this week asked Farage why he used public money to pay Miss Fuller – was snubbed for the job his alleged mistress was given.
Mark Croucher, who was UKIP’s director of communications between 2001 and 2007, confirmed he interviewed her for a job in the party’s press office.
She was turned down because of her “abrasive personality” and Miss Fuller was recruited instead. UKIP insiders say it raises the prospect that Sinclaire asked her explosive question as an act of revenge.
The source said: “Nikki has never got over the fact Annabelle was chosen above her to work for the party. She is a woman scorned and that has come back to haunt Nigel 

this week.”

A UKIP spokesman added: “The comments by Sinclaire are beneath contempt and that person has abused parliamentary privilege. Sinclaire has been saying the same thing since 2006.”

So who is this  Nikki Sinclaire, well thats where it gets interesting this one was the 

‘sex-change parliamentarian’

 & this individual wanted the job as aide, & now stands accused of  fraud, hence e the ” ex ” West Midlands Police arrested her in February last year as part of a probe into allowances and expenses but  denies the allegations. & remains on bail.

But it gets even more involved as Fuller, has a very interesting profile, in more ways than one.
Annabelle Fuller has a track record of lies and self serving dishonesty – many will remember when she was fired from UKIP and working under Farage – based on her corruption, dishonesty and utter incompetence.

Some may even remeber the pack of lies she promoted to raise her personal profile even conning Nigel Farage into telling lies to The Media – who were well aware her stories were fantasy but as they were salacious published them anyway.  ………..

Despite bowing to pressure and sacking Fuller, Farage then quietly put her back on the payroll, knowing that no MEP or NEC member would have the guts to stand up to him. She remains on his parliamentary payroll to this day

Ukip’s new London headquarters 

Former employees say that the office in Mayfair is often full of workers’ pets, while staff regularly take their clothes off and compile lists of people they would like to have sex with.

Nigel Farage’s wife, who works as a secretary for Ukip, has reportedly described the office – which the party moved in to last year as part of its push to become a major political force – as a ‘freakshow’.

The revelations about the bizarre atmosphere inside the headquarters were revealed after The Times spoke to a number of people who have worked in the building, which is located behind Claridge’s hotel.

Every good story has a Bimbo, & that would appear to be Annabelle., + many others, So what has she been up to,  well quite a lot it would appear, as she is no stranger to causing perturbations.

Woman who claimed MP Andrew Bridgen sexually assaulted her speaks out

Annabelle Fuller waives her anonymity

Annabelle Fuller (pic: Steve Bainbridge)

The woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by a Tory MP yesterday broke her silence and said: “My life’s been destroyed.”
Annabelle Fuller, 29, spoke out to defend herself over the rumours that have swirled since Andrew Bridgen was arrested over the ­allegation he groped her on the balcony of his Westminster flat.
Parliamentary aide and former charity worker Annabelle, who has now fled abroad, revealed she never wanted the case against the North-West Leicestershire MP to go ahead. She said she didn’t even phone police, claiming it was a security guard working at the MP’s block of flats who made the call.
The events that led to Mr Bridgen’s arrest unfolded on June 8, when ­Annabelle and the MP met at a pub near the Houses of Parliament and ended up back at his ­Westminster flat…….

Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party has enjoyed a poll boost following claims he had an affair with a former aide.

UKIP is up three points to 30% and on course to come out top in May’s Euro elections, our Sunday Mirror/ComRes poll found.
Support for Nick Clegg’s Lib Dems has plunged by more than half. The findings come after married Mr Farage, 49 , was accused by an MEP formerly in his party of having an affair with 31-year-old Annabelle Fuller.   

Nigel Farage was handed 7 Up bottle as reward ‘for bedding Latvian woman SEVEN times in one night’

Surrounded by his UKIP pals, Nigel Farage roared with laughter as a bottle of 7 UP was thrust into his hand.
They told their leader the fizzy drink was a prize for allegedly bedding a 25-year-old Latvian woman SEVEN times in one night.
He placed the bottle on a desk in the parliamentary office in Brussels – and told his party troops to get back to work.


Tuesday, 28 September 2010
Annabelle Fuller is back in UKIP
I scanned the long list of Mr Farage’s nominating supporters published recently on his web site. It contains most of the usual suspects and sycophants and is compulsory reading for those wishing to fully understand UKIP’s often bizarre actions.
At the top, and his proposer, was Malcolm Pearson the former leader proposed and heavily promoted by Mr Farage as the outstanding candidate at our previous leadership election. A bit incestuous one might think and Yes, the same Malcolm Pearson who went around the South West urging UKIP PPCs to stand down in favour of his Tory candidate friends and even went out campaigning for other parties! A man is known by the company he keeps or even his supporters and proposers.
More interesting is that near the bottom of the list of supporters along with two other Fullers the name Annabelle Fuller appears. Annabelle Fuller is a long time close friend and associate of Nigel Farage. She it was who had a laptop holding confidential videos of prospective UKIP MEP candidates media test interviews done by Clive Page. Amongst those interviews was one done by John West 
It would appear that there is a lot more that will surface, She could well be a Temporal Coadjutor, in view of her past record,but I don’t think it will make much difference as the UKIP is on its own course of Self Destruction.

I think I will stay A-Polititical, as the Parties are all the same it would appear:  



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