Washington wants war with Russia. Chinese government planned to shoot down MH370.

TAP – This suggests sanctions are a blind.  Washington’s real business with Russia is war.  You can be sure the UK will be on Russia’s list of potential targets, and Russia won’t be as easy a game as Libya was.   Other blog posts suggest that China could suffer a military coup overthrowing the Rothschild puppet politburo (see below).  That would suggest a decapitated China would support Russia.  This could be no minor firework  party.  The story being given out is that there were three Chinese military figures on the Malaysian flight to Beijing.  The Chinese government planned to shoot it down, but the flight was tipped off.  (See below)


The Failure Of German Leadership – Merkel Whores For Washington

By Paul Craig Roberts
March 13, 2014 “Information Clearing House – Washington, enabled by its compliant but stupid NATO puppets, is pushing the Ukrainian situation closer to war.

German Chancellor Merkel has failed her country, Europe, and world piece. Germany is the strength of the EU and NATO. Had Merkel said “No” to sanctions on Russia, that would have been the end of the crisis that Washington is brewing, a crisis unlikely to be ended short of war.

But Merkel has signed away the sovereignty of the German nation and assigned the fate of Germany to a province in the American Empire. Thus has Merkel and the weak
German leadership consigned the world to war. Already blamed for World War 1 and World War 2, now Germany will be blamed for World War 3.

Washington’s mismanaged Ukrainian coup has cost Washington Crimea, which Washington wanted most of all in order to deprive Russia of its warm water naval base on the Black Sea. In addition, the mismanaged overthrow of an elected government in Ukraine is threatening to also lose the Russian cities of eastern Ukraine. Like Crimea, eastern Ukraine consists of former Russian areas that Khrushchev stuck into Ukraine in the 1950s.

In what is clearly a fruitless and pointless effort to get Crimea back, Washington is demanding that Russia interfere in Crimea and prevent Crimea from seceding from Ukraine. If the Russian government refuses to follow Washington’s orders, Washington has announced that it will inflict “damaging sanctions” on Russia. Initially, EU countries expressed an unwillingness to go along with Washington, but with bribes and threats, Washington has conquered Merkel and has its European puppets lined up following orders.

Washington understands that economic sanctions are a far less threat to Russia than the loss of its Black Sea naval base. Washington also understands that Putin cannot possibly abandon the millions of Russians in eastern and southern Ukraine to the mercy of the anti-Russian and unelected government imposed by Washington in Kiev. As Washington knows that its threat of sanctions is empty, why did Washington make it?

The answer is in order to drive the crisis to war. Washington’s neoconservative nazis have been agitating for war with Russia for a long time. They want to remover one of the three remaining restraints (Russia, China, Iran) on Washington’s world hegemony. Washington wants to break up the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) before these countries form a separate currency bloc and avoid the use of the US dollar.

Russia will respond in kind to Washington’s sanctions. European peoples and Western banks and corporations will suffer losses. It would be at least two or three years before Washington has in place means of delivering US natural gas achieved by fracking and contamination of US water supplies to Europe to take the place of Russia’s cutoff of energy to Europe.

The Western presstitute media will dramatize the Russian response to sanctions and demonize Russia, while ignoring who started the fight, thereby helping Washington prepare Americans for war. As neither side can afford to lose the war, nuclear weapons will be used. There will be no winners.

All of this is perfectly clear, just as was the obvious conclusion of the march of events leading up to World War 1. Now, like then, the people who see the outcome are powerless to stop it. Delusion rules. Arrogance and hubris overflow. Statements and actions become ever more reckless, and then there is hell to pay.
Americans and Europeans, if they had any awareness at all, would be in the streets violently protesting the coming war toward which the insane criminals in Washington are driving the world.

Instead, the German chancellor, the French president, the British prime minister and the Western presstitute media continue to lie: It was legitimate for the West to steal Kosovo from Serbia and to steal the Ukrainian government, but it is not legitimate for the Russian population of Crimea to exercise self-determination and return to Russia. Washington and its EU puppets even have the audacity to declare falsely, after overthrowing an elected government in Ukraine and installing an unelected one, that Crimean self-determination violates the Ukrainian constitution, which no longer exists because Washington destroyed it.

The criminally insane government in Washington has pushed the Russian bear into a corner. The bear is not going to surrender.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. His latest books are, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and How America Was 

This is also doing the rounds

Thursday   March 13, 2014




by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

Chinese Politburo
UNITED States of America – It can now be reported that elements of the Chinese military are set to decapitate the current Chinese government aka their Politburo.

Elements of the Chinese military have evidence linking the current Communist Chinese Politburo to a major financial ponzi scheme involving the Central Bank of Japan, the U.S. Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank (ECB).

Chinese yuan and Japanese yen


The current Chinese Politburo has sacrificed Chinese treasury funds (using a stooge CIA proprietary account named Hampton Lampoon with a link to HSBC of Hong Kong).

The current Chinese Politburo has stolen and put into their pockets massive proceeds from from manipulation in concert with the Central Bank of Japan and U.S. banking giant JPMorgan in the aforementioned manipulation of both the Japanese yen and the Chinese yuan for the purpose of keeping the German Nazi Deutsche Bank-ECB euro denominated derivatives solvent.

Malaysian Airline flight

P.S. We can now report that the Malaysian aircraft that had as its final destination Beijing, China did turn around and actually land in the nation of India. It was the heroic Vietnamese Air Traffic Control and their Air Force that communicated directly with the mystery flight out of Malaysia and told them that if they did not turn around the Chinese Air Force would shoot the plane down.

FACT: The recent attempt by the Chinese Politburo, CNN cable news network and the U.S. Nazi Paperclip NSA to put out disinformation aka false evidence about the Malaysian flight crashing in the China Sea confirms that the Chinese Politburo and the U.S. Nazi Paperclip NSA were preparing to shoot the Malaysian aircraft out of the air …….


TAP –  This version seems a little bit hysterical.  I’m not sure my instincts believe it entirely.  For what it’s worth…..

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  1. Chris Jones says:

    One of Craig Roberts’ best articles so far. To the point and rational

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap
    My name is John Boscome, me and my brother run the conspiracy evenings in the Kings Head, where we are quite well known.
    There has always been a lot of interest in conspiracies in this area. There has been a lot of talk about the mud slinging at Kevin Field Maud Dib Ben Fellowes Chris Cooper and Chris Spivey and one name keeps coming up, a chap who was caught doing this a while back.
    Anyone know anything about an Ellis Taylor ? hes supposed to be some sort of uccultist please email this site or me at home
    Thanks Tap

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree Washington wants war its planned for it geared for it and hungry for it, its just like London prior to W W 2.
    RE John Boscombe, the Southampton.Portmouth/Gosport area also has a thriving alternative community, i used to listen to Kevin fields conspiracy hour regularly, and no way is this mana fake as suggested after his death, Chris Cooper ? his vids have al gone from Youtube so if he wa sfake they would still be up , right ?
    I remember reading something by an Ellis B Tailor a while back
    where he was attcking Trevor stokes, dont know much about Trevor, but this Ellis guy or whatever his real name is had to keep changing it as he kept getting the wrong bloke, first he got the Quack medium Doris Stokes son, then a plasterer from clapham with marital /alcohol problems. As long as people whistleblow there will be people who do this muck stirring.
    Anyone on the Southampton area is welcome at our meetings please come along. all welcome

  4. Anonymous says:

    look i am sick and tired of all these people who as soon as they whistleblow or talk about this stuff and said to be fake, david icke has this constantly,
    my opinion and i said this about Chris Spivey, look at the quality of hs work, this tells you as its 100 genuine Chris Spivey is right on the button, next week it wil be someone else.
    I wa sinterested to see this about the currency, if its true it is frightening.

  5. Anonymous says:

    rockets fired from gaza into israel fired by disguised israeles


  6. Anonymous says:

    I know John Boscombe and have been to your evenings with my ex great stuff.
    This article is about disinfo agents all working for mossad, some paid some not, but all to rubbish whistleblowers

  7. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, I don’t know if are are aware of the fact that Tony Benn has died at the age of 88.

    Tony Benn, veteran Labour politician, dies at age of 88
    Veteran Labour politician Tony Benn has died at home today at the age of 88, his family has said in a statement.
    The former cabinet minister died this morning at his home in west London surrounded by family members.
    In a statement his children Stephen, Hilary, Melissa and Joshua said: ‘It is with great sadness that we announce that our father Tony Benn died peacefully early this morning at his home in west London surrounded by his family.


  8. Anonymous says:

    yesterday one of the biggest jewish organisation admitted that no jews were boiled down as soap,
    the Berlin tram systen was not run of the grease of jewish bodies and human skin was not used for any bags wallets chair backs etc.
    This shows the holocaust myth is collapsing bit by bit.
    At last !!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks tap i had mixed feelings about tony benn he seemed to want socialism and democrasy at the same time, he knew the major comie spies but never said anything on record.
    I expect now hes died a load of shit mongers will creep out and say he was a poof a commie and a fake lol

  10. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, Lord Ballyedmond Top Tory donor worth £500million ‘among four killed’ after helicopter crashes in thick fog near his Norfolk stately home

    Lord Ballyedmond, also known as Dr Edward Haughey, is reported to have been on board the civilian helicopter Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2580477/BREAKING-NEWS-Helicopter-crashes-Beccles-Norfolk.

    Lord Ballyedmond: Chairman of pharmaceutical company Norbrook Laboratories.
    Worth Looking up the others also.

    Follow us: @DailyMirror on Twitter | DailyMirror on Facebook

    NHS reforms D-day: 40 peers have “financial interest” in NHS privatisation, Mirror investigation shows

    DAVID Cameron’s bid to dismantle the NHS and open it up to greedy profiteers faces its final hurdle today with a House of Lords vote.

    DAVID Cameron’s bid to dismantle the NHS and open it up to greedy profiteers faces its final hurdle today with a House of Lords vote.

    But as a worried nation puts its faith in peers they hope will bring the PM’s dangerous reforms to a shuddering halt, it was claimed yesterday 40 members of the chamber have a vested interest in seeing hospitals privatised.

    People hoping for a fair and objective vote based on what is best for patients could be in for a ­disappointment over the ­revelations that lords and baronesses carry out a variety of work for health firms that could cash in on the changes.

    Just Look at the list of the others, feeding from the NHS TROUGH.

    Should be of interest in view of the latest NHS negotiations.


  11. Nollidge says:

    WRT the still-ringing phones of relatives of the Missing airliner,there’s a long discussion about it here:-

  12. Nollidge says:

    WRT the still-ringing phones of relatives of the Missing airliner,there’s a long discussion about it here:-

  13. Anonymous says:

    Trouble with David Icke is that he is so believable.
    He wonders about from one subject to another as a complete expert.
    Never have I heard him say anything bad about Jews or Israel, he never goes in that direction, he is big buddies with Alex Jones.

  14. Tapestry says:

    I’m reading Icke’s new book The Perception Deception. You need to follow up on his sources to get the full picture which takes time. He covers all religions, and Israel. So not true.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Tap since you are reading Icke’s book about perception and deception, could you give a summary to us, so we don’t have to go through the fog.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Sat-Nav is accurate to 10 feet, the system ‘ Classic Aero ‘ fitted to flight 370 should be accurate to 10 inches.
    Classic Aero is a satellite system monitored by Immersat of London telecommunications.
    Was there any ‘front running’ involved in the sale of Immersat or Zigbee shares.
    Zigbee is the parent company of Freescale who the missing design engineers worked for, just sayin ?

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