Washington thinks it can ‘win’ a nuclear war. La la land.

How far will the confrontation in The Ukraine go?  All of Washington’s moves are predicated on an assumption and that assumption is that the ‘West’ can ‘win’ a nuclear war against either Russia or China or both.

Journalists are keen to draw parallels between the current situation in Ukraine with that before the First World War which conveniently brewed up exactly one hundred years ago.  But what similarity can there be between a war of men running against machine guns, flesh against metal – and one of thermo-nuclear blasts and HAARP destroying whole cities?

Which cities are the ones the West is willing to lose, and which ones will be protected?  How many US cities will be lost before the President realises his mistake and throws in the towel?  Will British cities be taken out, or European cities like Berlin or Paris?

Or is Moscow unable to deliver the necessary payloads through HAARP missile defences?

If the war is to be one of merely tactical nuclear weapons, and of air power or drones, does NATO believe Russia can’t shoot down planes?  Remember the loss of the supposedly invisible bomber over Kosovo.  Drones are falling from the skies over Crimea on a daily basis, and landed whole, with control from Nevada or South Wales  presumably intercepted.

Russia has a brand new submarine fleet which could manage to drop a nuke on London or New York. Does nobody seem bothered?  It is exactly like the start of WW1 from that point of view.  The world is again sleep-walking towards catastrophe, with Washington arrogance committed to self destruct at the earliest possible moment.  Obama and his entourage had better take to their DUMBS.  Lookalike Prime Ministers and Presidents will be appearing on the scene very shortly.

Putin looks like he’s coming into Ukraine, and the threats from NATO will have to be substantiated.  When will someone in the military with the ability to make a realistic risk assessment be found, and the idiots running the US and the EU be made to see that they too will shortly be toasted unless a road to peace is established.  Somehow I can’t see Putin settling for anything less than an EU/NATO withdrawal.  You wonder if James Bond is working for the other side these days, and the fools in Whitehall have got locked into a delusional state of grandeur that he can no longer tolerate.  Hubris is usually followed by nemesis.  When will a sense of reality start to appear?  All people can talk about today is Ireland winning the rugby.

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3 Responses to “Washington thinks it can ‘win’ a nuclear war. La la land.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can only hope they have some nuclear missiles for The City Of London and Buckingham Palace.
    That is my last wish if we enter into nuclear war.
    The ones who are left will have a word with the Politicians, obviously it won’t be a nice word.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I don’t think any side will start hurling nukes around in reality. It’s surely the same M.A.D. as in the Cold War. No point. Mutually Assured Destruction. The EU should back off Ukraine.

  3. Ian R Thorpe says:

    I’ve heard from a source I can’t identify (but he’s in a position to know a lot more than most of us about such things) for the past 10 years while Uncle Sam has been distracted by pointless local wars Russia, China and Iran have been busy developing the weapons envisaged by Nikola Tesla when he proposed his scalar wave technologies.
    If true his takes the scale of a possible conflict into unenvisioned dimensions.

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