US Company Tesla bringing out new generation of high ouput batteries. Takeover by electric beckons.

The US company Tesla, which has already produced some exciting (but low-volume, high-cost) electric cars, is planning a monster five-billion-dollar “Giga-factory” to produce high-volume batteries.  It’s a huge gamble — I fear that today’s battery technology may soon be looking obsolescent — but it could bring a viable electric vehicle closer.
Certainly a lower-cost, mass-produced battery would make the economics of electric vehicles more attractive.  I believe that Tesla is also pursuing the question of re-charging infrastructure and distribution.
Roger Helmer’s newsletter – UKIP’s energy spokesman
TAP – The Tesla car uses incredibly small amounts of power.   Will this battery effort be stopped like all other attempts to break away from current technology.  The smell of diesel fumes around town where I live is sickening.  Twenty times the particulates of petrol yet everyone buys the damned things thinking they’re saving money.  The pennies they save when weighed against the loss of their health and everyone else’s is madness.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    the fibonacci engine is about to make headway in production, because other revolutionary engine inventors have been murdered his discoveries are all protected , good luck in killing him mr rothschild and your filthy mate rockefeller
    you jew bastards

  2. Anonymous says:

    One of the reasons why diesel engines are so filthy is that its German inventor designed it to run on vegetable oils, which were then abundant in the British farming communities.
    In one of the best articles i ever read on the net, it tells of how the rothchilds killed him
    to sell their own dirty diesel oils, i cant remember for the life of me who wrote the article, but i remember the guy who revealed it got hate mail and threats for revealing the info.
    As the item above states how long with the new fibonacci engine deginer be allowed to live ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The missing airliner had engineers onboard who were developing an electric car battery. Hmmm i wonder.

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