Ukraine update. Beware the Ides of March.

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Be mindful of events in Ukraine today and referendum day tomorrow. The dirty tricks campaigners are out in force and are already interfering with Russian communication satellites, hacking Russian websites and threatening Russian journalists.

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The situation in Ukraine. Chronicle of events. March 15

  March 15, thirty past two p.m. UTC +4
operation to free hostages in Kharkov completed

AP Photo / Ivan Sekretarev
In Kharkov clashes residents and fighters of the “right sector.” Two people died and two others, including a policeman, were injured.
The Russian army will take into their ranks Ukrainian military units stationed in the Crimea and Sevastopol, which want to join the armed forces of the Russian Federation in the case of accession of these territories to the Russian state. 
14:12 MSK  For the past days on the territory of Ukraine did not miss 480 citizens of Russia,Ukrainian State Border Service reported .
14:08 MSK  in Odessa because of the difficult socio-political situation canceled scheduled for March 15 Music Festival “Manifesto of the World.” Organizers decided to avoidprovocations and conflicts. 
13:39 MSK Crimea is ready for a referendum. This opinion was expressed by ITAR-TASSmembers of the Inter-Commission Working Group of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation for International Cooperation and Public Diplomacy.
13:35 MSK  Site preparation for voting at the forthcoming referendum in the Crimea is calm,said the coordinator of international observer mission, the director of the European Centre for Geopolitical Analysis Mateusz Piskorski.
13:30 MSK In Ukraine gunmen hinder the work of Russian journalists, told the Ministry of Communications . 
12:42 MSK  Russian army will take into their ranks Ukrainian military units stationed in the Crimea and Sevastopol, which want to join the armed forces of the Russian Federation in the case of accession of these territories to the Russian state. This was told the State Duma deputy from the faction “United Russia” Alexei Zhuravlev.
12:20 MSK  telecommunications provider “Will” from March 16, plans tomake the broadcasting of Russian TV channels paid. This decision was made “in a survey conducted recently among subscribers.” Results of a survey published by the provider. 
12:00 MSK  refugees in the Rostov region of Ukraine are ready to provide housing and jobs, in particular, teachers, doctors, workers of agro-industrial complex, with Posted in General reporters Governor Vasily Golubev.
11:10 MSK  Donetsk Regional Administrative Court refused to prohibit the holding in March 15 and 16 mass actions. Thus, the court rejected the claim of Donetsk City Council to ban rallies because of their danger to citizens. 
10:45 MSK detained militants from the “right sector” in Kharkov detained in the district department of internal affairs. His buildings are nationalists opposing defenders Kharkov, who do not want to prevent the release of militants. “We fear that they will be released,” – said one of the residents correspondent.
9:51 MSK  Foreign Ministry did not leave aside the recent events in Kharkov. “Nobody canceled Ukraine’s international commitments to combat racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia – Russian Foreign Ministry announced commissioner for human rights, democracy and the rule of law Konstantin Dolgov. – They must be executed.” Arrest militants neo-fascists in Kharkov should initiate a large-scale action to neutralize and punish unbelted extremists, the diplomat said. 
8:59 MSK international observer mission began work in the Crimea on the eve of the referendum, told Itar-Tass Director of the European Centre for Geopolitical Analysis Mateusz Piskorski.
7:39 MSK  operation to free hostages in Kharkov completed . About 30 detainees taken to the District Department of Internal Affairs of Kharkiv.
6:58 MSK  Warriors “right sector,” started shooting in Kharkov, began to withdraw from the locked headquarters building .
5:28 MSK  In Kharkov, militants from the “right sector” took three hostages . According to the mayor of the city, one hostage was able to release as a result of negotiations
2:55 MSK in the headquarters building of the “right sector” in Kharkov are 40-50 militants.Police cordoned off the building. Mayor talks with radicals.
2:42 MSK  U.S. authorities issued a warning to its citizens gathering in Russia in connection with the events in Ukraine.
The notification of the State Department indicated that specific direct threats to Russia, he does not see, but considers it possible to “strengthen public demonstrations and anti-American actions” in connection with what is happening in the Crimea.
2:12 MSK  Pentagon refute reports that in the sky over the Crimea captured U.S. drone. 
2:09 MSK U.S. Department of Justice issued a statement that the U.S. government request to Austria to extradite detained Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash .
2:09 MSK  in clashes in Kharkov  , killing two people . Mayor arrived on the scene, what is now the police operation to neutralize radicals. Shooting and explosions continue.
1:51 MSK  Police officers cordoned off clashes between citizens of Kharkov and militantswho came from western Ukraine. Police pushed supporters “antimaydana” from the building in which entrenched radicals from the “right sector.” It is reported that on-site works antiterrorist unit of the MVD. Law enforcers have brought out of the building and two people were taken from the scene.
00:51 MSK  Ministry of Communications reported that for television satellites of the Russian Federation in the west of Ukraine tried to use electronic warfare . The ministry noted that “people who make such decisions should think about the consequences.”
00:28 MSK  In Kharkov clashes, being fire from automatic weapons .According to some reports, the defenders of Kharkiv confront militants believed to be from the “right sector.”The fire was out of the windows of the house where the headquarters of the “right sector.” From the second floor of the building throwing stun grenades and Molotov cocktails.
00:01 MSK  comes in Crimea “day of silence” before the referendum on March 16 .According to the information minister of Crimea, on March 15 in the Crimean media, including television, there will be no campaigning “for” or “against” joining Russia.
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