Ukraine. Russia keeps calm, while the West overreaches. It’s not too late for the UK to reign in Washington’s race to bring about WW3.

By Paul Craig Roberts
“America does not at the moment have a functioning democracy.”
Former US President Jimmy Carter
March 26, 2014 “Information Clearing House – I doubt that the Ukraine crisis precipitated by Washington’s overthrow of the democratic government is over. Washington has won the propaganda war everywhere outside of Russia and Ukraine itself. Within Ukraine people are aware that the coup has made them worse off. The Crimea has already separated from the US puppet government in Kiev and rejoined Russia. Other parts of Russian Ukraine could follow.
In Kiev itself where the unelected, imposed-by-Washington dictatorial government resides, extreme right-wing Ukrainian nationalists, whose roots go back to fighting for National Socialist Germany, are at work intimidating public prosecutors, media editors, and the US imposed “government” itself. There is an abundance of videos available on the Internet, some made by the extreme nationalists themselves, that clearly reveal the intimidation of the imposed and unelected government installed by Washington..
In Kiev US bribes contend with naked neo-nazi force. Which will prevail?
The murder of ultra-nationalist Right Sector militant leader Myzychko by police of the acting Interior Minister of the American stooge government in Ukraine on March 25 has resulted in another Right Sector leader, Dmitry Yarosh, demanding the resignation of Arsen Avakov, the acting Interior Minister and the arrest of the police who killed Muzychko. Yarosh declared: “We cannot watch silently as the Interior Ministry works to undermine the revolution.” Right Sector organizer Roman Koval in Rovno, Ukraine, warned: “We will take revenge on Avakov for the death of our brother.”
How this will play out is uncertain at this time. The violence provided by the Right Sector and other ultra-nationalist groups was essential to the success of the Washington-backed coup in overthrowing the elected democratic government. But the Right Sector has emerged as both an embarrassment and a threat to the unelected coup government and to its Washington sponsors who are selling the Washington-installed puppet government as a progressive exercise in democracy. This sell is difficult when ultra-nationalist thugs are beating up the imposed government.
Could civil war break out in Kiev between the Right Sector and the government installed by Washington? We know that the Right Sector was sufficiently organized and disciplined to take over the protests. We don’t know how well organized is the Washington puppet government or what force this group has at its disposal. We don’t know whether Washington has provided mercenaries to protect the government Washington has installed. It is not clear at this time where the power balance lies between the Right Sector and the US stooge government.

The American, UK, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, EU propaganda machine has blamed Putin for all the trouble. But so far the Russian government has not had to do anything except comply with the self-determination of the people in the Russian areas of Ukraine. Much of Ukraine, as it exists or existed today, consists of Russian territories added to Ukraine by Soviet rulers.
When Ukraine became independent with Russia’s agreement when the Soviet Union collapsed, had the Russian territories first been put back into Russia from whence they came, Washington’s coup would not have resulted in the same level of crisis.

Instead, under Washington’s pressure, the Russian territory was retained by Ukraine, and in compensation Russia was given a 50-year lease on Sevastopol, Russia’s Black Sea naval base.
The purpose of the Washington financed and orchestrated coup in Kiev was to put
Ukraine, with its artificial boundaries, into the EU and NATO and to evict Russia from its
warm water port and ring Russia with US missile bases. Washington and its European puppets described this as “bringing democracy to Ukraine.”
Ukraine already had democracy, a young one trying to put down roots, and Washington
destroyed it. As Russian President Putin observed, overthrowing a brand new democracy destroys democracy. Washington’s coup established for Ukraine the precedent that force and propaganda rule, not democracy.
But Washington cares not for democracy, only for its agenda. And Russia, China, and Iran are in the way.

The neoconservatives, who have controlled US foreign policy since the Clinton regime, concluded that the Soviet collapse meant that History has chosen America as the socio-economic system for the world. They declared the US to be “exceptional” and “indispensable” and above international law. Washington had a free pass to invade, murder, destroy, and dominate. The neoconservative claims of “American exceptionalism” sound like Hitler’s claims for the German nation. When the White House sock puppet expressed in a speech the claim of American exceptionalism, Putin replied: “God made us all equal.”
Washington’s opinion is that the exceptional and indispensable nation–the US–is above not only all other nations but also above law. What Washington does is legal. What anyone else does in opposition is illegal.

Washington’s intervention in Ukraine has unleashed dark forces. Yulia Tymoshenko, the criminal Ukrainian oligarch, who braids her hair or hair piece over her head like a crown, was released from prison by Washington’s stooges and has not stopped putting her foot, or both feet, in her mouth. Her latest in her intercepted and leaked telephone conversation is her declaration that “it’s about time we grab our guns and go kill those damn Russians together with their leader.” She declared that not even scorched earth should be left where Russia stands.
Tymoshenko was sentenced to prison by Ukrainians, not by Russians. Contrast her extreme language and Russophobia with the calm measured tones of Putin, who reaffirms Russia’s interest to continue good relations with Ukraine.

On March 23 Tymoshenko was interviewed by the German newspaper, Bild, a mouthpiece for Washington. The crazed Tymoshenko declared that Putin was even more dangerous than Hitler.


Russia has observed Washington’s strategic moves against Russian national interests and Russian sovereignty for two decades. What does Putin think when he hears the vicious anti-Russian propaganda based 100% in lies?

This is what Putin thinks: 

The Americans promised Gorbachev that they would not take NATO into Eastern Europe, but the Americans did. The Americans withdrew from the ABM Treaty, which prohibited escalating the arms race with anti-ballistic missile systems. The Americans arranged with Poland to deploy anti-ballistic missile bases on Poland’s border with Russia. The Americans tell us the fantastic lie that the purpose of American missile bases in Poland is to protect Europe from non-existent Iranian ICBMs. The Americans change their war doctrine to elevate nuclear weapons from a retaliatory deterrent to a pre-emptive first strike force. The Americans pretend that this change in war doctrine is directed at terrorists, but we know it is directed at Russia. The Americans have financed “color revolutions” in Georgia and Ukraine and hope to do so in the Russian Federation itself. The Americans support the terrorists in Chechnya. The Americans trained and equipped the Georgian military and gave it the green light to attack our peacekeepers in South Ossetia. The Americans have financed the overthrow of the elected government in Ukraine and blame me for the anxiety this caused among Crimeans who on their own volition fled Ukraine and returned to Russia from whence they came. Even Gorbachev said that Khrushchev should never have put Crimea into Ukraine. Solzhenitsyn said that Lenin should not have put Russian provinces into eastern and southern Ukraine. Now I have these Russian provinces agitating to return to Russia, and the Americans are blaming me for the consequences of their own reckless and irresponsible actions.

The Americans say I want to rebuild the Soviet Empire. Yet, the Americans witnessed me depart from Georgia when I had this former Russian province in my hands, thanks to the short-lived war instigated by the Americans.
There is no end to the American lies. I have done everything possible to respond to provocations in a low-key reasonable manner, offering to work things out diplomatically, as has my Foreign Minister Lavrov. But the Americans continue to provoke and to hide their provocations behind lies. The Americans brazenly bring to me a strategic threat in Ukraine. They intend to put Ukraine in NATO, the purpose of which expired with the Soviet collapse. They intend to put more missile bases on Russia’s borders, and they intended to evict Russia from its Black Sea naval base, its warm water port
Americans have no intention of working anything out. They intend to subjugate Russia. Washington wants Russia powerless, surrounded with ABM bases that degrade our strategic deterrent to uselessness. These Americans will not work with me. They will not listen to me or to Russia’s Foreign Minister. They only hear their own call for American hegemony over the world. My only alternative is to prepare for war.

The government of China, having read Washington’s war plans for war against China and being fully away of Washington’s “pivot to Asia,” in which the “indispensable nation” announced its “safe-guarding of peace” by surrounding China with naval and air bases, understands that it has the same Washington enemy as does Russia.

What the entire world faces, every country, every individual regardless of their political orientation, is a Washington-engineered confrontation with Russia and China. 

This confrontation is enabled by Washington’s bought-and-paid-for European and UK puppet states. Without the cover provided by Europe, Washington’s acts of aggression would result in war crimes charges against the government in Washington. The world would not be able to enforce these charges without war, but Washington would be isolated.

The European, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, and UK governments have betrayed not only their own peoples but also the peoples of the entire world by lending the support of Western Civilization to Washington’s lawlessness.

The propaganda that the West represents the hope of the world is a great lie.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. His latest books are, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and How America Was Lost.

NOTE: This is the type of Ukrainian violence against the Russian population in Ukraine that could end in Russian occupation of the Russian provinces of Ukraine:

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4 Responses to “Ukraine. Russia keeps calm, while the West overreaches. It’s not too late for the UK to reign in Washington’s race to bring about WW3.”

  1. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, this is a very good article, but it would appear they don’t think much of the Puppet Obama. I think they will try & provoke a revolution, this would then provoke Putin to intervene, then enter the Yanks. The Neo-Nazi Vatican Rent a Crowd, however, won’t see it that way, & like various other Vatican Rent a Crowd Organisations, the Yanks could well have “bitten off more than they can chew,” & not for the first time either.

    Ukraine’s Puppet Leader has been shown to change his opinion to meet the circumstances. R.T. did a commentary on several of his interviews, relating to this.

    I left you this link, in my last post, if you are interested in the reaction to Obama’s Speech:-

    Obama: Well That’s Embarrassing, No One Clapped: 25_03_14

    What’s that a sign of I wonder?

    One further Link that might interest you:-


    This gives them no other option, but to accept E.U. Membership, & be for ever in DEBT?

    I told you way back, that Putin was the Puppet, who became the Puppet Master, & that Khodarkovsky, & Tymoshenko, were Jesuit Coadjutors. Both were educated by the Jesuits & are Jews, it would appear. I use the term Jesuits, advisedly, whilst a small number of Jesuits are Jews, the order is composed of a multitude of those of other Religious, & Pseudo Religious Orders who many think are Catholics

    It is, therefore, incorrect to use the “Blanket Term Jews” when referring to The Jesuits who use the Jews as a FRONT, for their activities. I will further qualify this in the near future. Unlke many of you I do not have a Lemmings Instincts, but like the Bull Dog, I never let go, & I don’t waver, as the Vicar of Bray did.

    Very few of you display anything like the abilities to emulate the characteristics of locking your Jaws onto anything, like that animal, & are more like Gerbils lead by Lemming’s.

    There is too much happening at present, to sort out any Posts, as I have spent a great deal of time, searching for my own benefit, resolving my own questions, on other stuff, I am interested in, related to Fringe Religion, The Occult, & associated Physics w/r/t Energy Levels, & Correspondences.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Point taken WASP but one has to consider Putin’s talk and actions on the international level.

    Admittedly, at one time Putin may have been affiliated to the Illuminati and in so being was the great friend of the US-UK NWO dictators but those days are gone, Putin is a changed man and has seen another light and taken another road. Putin is a more caring and sharing man now than he has ever been and his popularity in Russia outstrips that of any western leader by far.

    Are we witnessing the Gog Magog scenario being played out? I don’t know, but for sure the west is in crisis and the east is just trying to protect themselves and their citizens.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Ivan the Great” was the term used to describe a former Russian giant so i think it’s appropriate nowadays to refer to Vladimir as “Putin the Strong” as he has amply demonstrated statesmanship, calm resolve, strength and consistency in the face of xenophobic western media hype, lies, & vicious profiling as opposed to the western politicians et al who display a complete lack of the aforementioned qualities. It’s a faint hope but if only he manages to read the alternative press and the blogs to see the reality of who we common people in the west actually are as opposed to our collective politicians, those weaklings, liars and shameful self-serving opportunistic traitors dancing to the all-to-familiar rothschilds tune. What a great shame we cannot put a foreigner into no. 10 downing st. as am sure many people in the West today will listen to Putin and say to themselves…”he could be speaking for all of us..for his message and behaviour is exactly what we feel and what we would say ourselves” The difference between ourselves and the criminal cabal holding the entire world to ransom is that “We the People” only want to have a life free from oppression, freedom of speech, and the right to lives our lives in peace while nurturing and providing our children with the tools necessary to progress in the world in peace and harmony with all mankind & at one with nature. Maybe we could persuade Vladimir to run for PM ‘coz if the americans can “elect” a kenyan/Indonesian etc. why should we hesitate on Mr. Putin? What a (dream) team Putin and Nigel would make! At least we would have representatives who speak clearly and sincerely instead of the total lies and doublespeak we are routinely subject to. Reiverdave

  4. Anonymous says:

    Brother Nathanael has the new Ukrainian Prime Minister sussed. From 10 March 2014

    KIEV’S COUP-IMPOSED prime minister, Yats the Yid, Nuland’s Yiddeshe banker boy, is coming to Jewmerica this Wednesday.

    After schmoozing with Jewry’s Schwartza in the White House, Yats the Yid will sit shiva while shrieking for nuking Russia with Jewish shills McCain and fagella (what Jews call queers) Lindsey Graham.

    It’s a Nudelman PR event aimed at giving legitimacy to an illegitimate regime posing as Ukraine’s government.

    Putin will have none of these Jewish passion plays.

    He just rejected Kerry’s Jew-ridden State Department’s proposal for resolving the crisis due to it being framed “as if there were a conflict between Russia and Ukraine.”

    Kerry’s “conflict” narration fell flat with Putin’s denial of sending troops to Crimea, affirming that local pro-Russian forces took control of state installations on their own initiative.

    Upon announcing his trip to Jewmerica, Yats vowed that Kiev would “not budge a single centimeter” from Ukrainian land.

    “Let Russia and its president know this,” threatened Yats the Yid.

    Problem for Yats and all the Yids supporting him, Putin is the one who will not “budge.”

    The Yids and Yid-enslaved Jewmerica are actually going out of their minds. Why?

    Because Mr Putin doesn’t dance the hora to Hava Nagila, that’s why.

    JEWS SHIVER in their shuls over Vladimir…a devout Russian Orthodox Christian…which to Yids conjures up phantoms of pogroms.

    Bring on the real pogrom Mr Putin!

    Show the Yids that Russian Orthodox Christians do NOT bow before Christ-slayers!

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