Ukraine non-member of NATO asks NATO for military ‘aid’

Ukraine Invites NATO to Hold Meeting in Kiev

  • RIA Novosti
  • Mar. 07 2014 09:28
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BRUSSELS — Ukraine’s interim prime minister has said he has invited the NATO Council to hold a meeting in Kiev over the recent developments in the political crisis in the country.
“I invited the North Atlantic Council to visit Kiev and hold a meeting there,” Arseny Yatsenyuk said Thursday during a visit to Brussels, where he met with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and EU officials.
“We believe that it will strengthen our cooperation,” Yatsenyuk said.
He also reiterated Ukraine’s request for additional military aid from NATO “to strengthen the country’s defenses on the technical level.”
Ukraine earlier appealed for assistance from NATO, asking the alliance to use all possible measures to ensure the country’s territorial integrity and protect its people following the approval by Russia’s parliament of the deployment of military forces in Ukraine.
The political crisis in the former Soviet republic has led to the current standoff between Russia and the West over the fate of Crimea, an autonomous Ukrainian region with a majority ethnic Russian population.
Crimean authorities have refused to recognize as legitimate the new central government in Kiev, which ousted President Viktor Yanukovych late last month, and on Thursday they announced a decision to become part of Russia.
Yatsenyuk said earlier Thursday that the Crimean parliament’s vote to secede was an “illegitimate decision” and again accused Russia of undermining Ukraine’s territorial integrity as thousands of “local militia” allegedly under Russian command have taken control over Ukrainian military bases across Crimea in the past week.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Television footage in Russia of one of the “protesters” who was returning to Russia and stopped on the border undergoing questioning, shows him stating under no duress, that there were 50 Americans involved and that he had counted them. During the height of the violence there is also television footage of men running around shouting instructions in English.
    The violence is not over in Ukraine. The US/CIA/NATO/EU are growing desperate and having problems getting the Ukrainian people to accept that the murderers and neo-nazis are now their new leaders. Almost no one accepts their legitimacy, except of course western lackeys and politicians who are in on the coup.
    The Ukrainian people know there was no popular uprising. A delay in an EU agreement which in fact meant nothing was not something that brought the people out into the streets en-mass, however it was the ridiculous pre-planned pretext that the choreographers had planned.
    The goal of turning Ukraine into NATO territory is first on the agenda and later today NATO is expected to push NATO membership documentation through the Verhovnaya Rada. This has to be done before their puppets are all arrested or the people rise up and take their parliament back.
    The nazis are having problems on other fronts as well. Recently their “Foreign Minister” made a ridiculous statement to the United Nations that charges from the Soviet Union against the Bandera nazis at the Nuremburg Trials were not legitimate and the Ukrainian Nazis were basically just normal Ukrainians who as the EU recently stated, expressed “real European values”.
    The Ukraine scenario is almost identical to the Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya scenarios on the black operations side. The only difference is that air support has not been used, yet. 300 US mercenaries from the former Blackwater/XE/Greystone Limited a subsidiary of Vehicle Services Company LLC, are now in Ukraine to provide illegal “non-state” military support to the thousands of mercenaries already in the country.
    Greystone Limited mercenaries are part of what is called “America’s Secret Army.” They are called in when there is no legal basis for an American military intervention and no basis for NATO or other surrogate armies to intervene or provide air-support to their initial illegal internal takeover force, this time the Bandera nazis who have been training for 10 years.

    RT reported about the “Russian invasion of Crimea” and the collusion of the western media as follows: Ukraine’s statement at the UN that 16,000 Russian soldiers have been deployed to Crimea has caused a frenzy among Western media which chooses to ignore that those troops have been there since the late 1990s in accordance with a Kiev-Moscow agreement. Western media describes the situation in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea as if a full-scale Russian invasion were under way, with headlines like: “Ukraine says Russia sent 16,000 troops to Crimea” and “Ukraine crisis deepens as Russia sends more troops into Crimea,” as well as “What can Obama do about Russia’s invasion of Crimea?”It seems they have chosen to simply ignore the fact that those Russian troops have been stationed in Crimea for over a decade. Russia’s representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, reminded on Tuesday that the deal surrounding the Black Sea Fleet allows Russia to station a contingent of up to 25,000 troops in Ukraine. However, US and British media have mostly chosen to turn a deaf ear.”

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  2. shirlz007 says:

    Concerning Flight MH307! Rupert ‘Elliot Carver’ is writing the news before it happens again!!! :I Tweeting bullshit as usual!

    WHOA WHOA!… pipe up Rupert ‘Elliot Carver’ Murdoch! Talk about ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’!!! Writing headlines before the ‘facts’ have been released…

    -Incidents like this have happened before in the region. Korean Flight 007 in 1983. Shot down by Soviet Air Force, after venturing into ‘disputed’ Soviet Airspace. Problem was, the air traffic radar reading AND the cockpit readings where completely different to where the plane actually was when it was shot down (indicating a third party had ‘hijacked’ both the planes and air traffic control systems… and steered the unsuspecting plane off course without anyone none the wiser). Senator Larry McDonald was on board, many believe may have been the main reason for it’s downing (plus blame the Soviets!)

    Concerning MH307… find the ‘clear’ motive, you can be 95%certain of who the real perps are.

    -Who was on board?
    Apparently some quite important Chinese Officials where on board… anyone from Intelligence community? Maybe even journalists?

    -Geo-political reasons?
    Who’s being blamed? (wait for what authorities and media spin!). A ‘covert’ attack against The Chinese Communist Party? Is someone attempting to stir up Military/Naval tensions in the region? Disputed Chinese territories?

    -The black box emits a signal which can be picked up hundreds of miles away… still no sign of wreckage more than 36 hours after disappearance from radar
    -no adverse weather conditions
    -no kind of distress signal sent
    -the pilot has (had) over 18,000 hours of flight experience, since 1981
    -the plane model has no significant history of safety or mechanical failures
    -stolen passports needs investigating (though this could be a coincidence and related to immigration)… let’s face it, stolen passports from years prior usually indicates Israeli Mossad involvement! 😀

    Im suspecting the flight was lead off course by radar manipulation by unknown third party. If the wreckage is discovered 100s miles away from where it’s expected, (taking into account tides, currents and weather)… Id be suspecting foul play (as another commenter said ‘statistically crashes occur during take off or landing’… planes don’t often just drop out the sky!

    Any US/NSA spy vessels in the area!
    Air force activity (Chinese or US?)

    Either shot down, or bomb explosion… and if the wreckage is not where they are looking, it’s leaving ample time for a third party to plant evidence/recover evidence

    Either that… or an accident! (they do still happen ya know!)… The fact old Elliot Carver is tweeting makes it all the more suspicious! Muppet!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Actually evryone sees what’s going on in Crimea. The Russin soldiers have insolently occupied the territory of an independant state. It’s simple.

    All Russian president Putin’s lies about peacemaking, nazis’ bacchanal, violations of human rights in Ukraine are just a cinic propaganda to prove his insolent aggression. Even now he lies that there is no conflict and no Russian troops.

    Uhm… “the Crimean self-defence” armed with Russian assault rifles, driving Russian battle rtucks… Russian battle ships blocking Ukrainian forces are self-defence to? Putin treats all the world as idiots.

    Who’s next? Moldova? Lituania? Or maybe Great Britain which is now showing cowardeous inability to fulfill it’s guarantor’s promisses to Ukraine?

    If West won’t stop Russia now than it will never stop it anymore. Aggressors would act unpunished showing all the world that the West worth nothing today. And this is gonna be the beginning of the end.

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