THE New American Dream Radio Show. March 6th 2014.

With hosts:
Chuck Gregory in Fort Lauderdale 
& Mike Palecek in Duluth 

Thursday, March 6th
6 PM Eastern Time
The Revolution Radio Network

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This Week’s Guests:


(New York City author, activist)

(Conspiracy researcher, in Spain)

(Legendary American journalist, in Coral Gables)

… it’s not what you think
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Please consider helping 
KICKSTARTER book project 
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We are producing a book to tell the truth about Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombings, 9/11, the death of Osama bin Laden, JFK, RFK, MLK, so many other lies … so that our children are not raised on lies.
This is a vital book that needs to get done in order to save this country. 
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Yep, no joke. This is serious business. If we don’t know what is happening because of government lies, “they” are able to manipulate us, take advantage of us. Do you want that? Nobody wants that.
Only by knowing the truth will we be able to go with confidence toward the future. 
Contributors to this book to include Barry Zwicker, James Fetzer, Kevin Barrett, James Tracy, Clare Kuehn, Ole Dammegard, Karen Kwiatkowski, Susan Lindauer, Don Fox, Shelton Lankford, John Hankey, Barry Kissin, Craig McKee, Sheila Casey, Chuck Gregory, Mike Palecek.
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Programming Notes:
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And, finally …
Chuck’s business page, the old New American Dream page, Chuck & Mike’s books page, where you can find the radio show archives, Mike’s Amazon page.

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